105 Habit Tracker Ideas

105 Habit Tracker Ideas


105 Habit tracker ideas will help you find the habit you want to work on this month, this is a way to help you to break a bad habit and get a new habit to accomplish a goal.

Habits are an important part of our lives, they will help us to achieve any goal, but there are some habits that can stop us to get the life we all dream of, those are the bad habits.

Once you are aware of a bad habit in your life, that is the breaking point to change it or stop doing it, as you decide to work on it and stop doing it or change it to a new habit that will help you to get what you want in your life, a habit tracker will help you to work on it.

The best way to work on it, it’s not to try to change all those bad habits in the same month, work on one to three habits per month, this way you’ll get better results.

If you want to get a new habit that will require you to work hard on it, try to start slow and add an amount of time or work as the days go, if you want to run a marathon, start walking 15 minutes daily, by the second week walk 20 minutes, you won’t run the marathon in one month, but I’m sure you’ll make good progress every month and before you notice you’ll get stronger and soon you’ll be running that 10 K run. From that point you can keep training and running, and the marathon will be your next goal to achieve.

The same will happen if you want to keep your house clean and tidy, start with 5 minutes per day decluttering, the second week try 10 minutes per day, by the end of the month your house will look nicer, clean and pretty.

Want to lose weight, try to work on healthy eating habits, no bread for one month, no sugar for one month would be a good idea to try, but if you need to work on a specific diet, visit your doctor first and get his/her advice to follow a diet that is best for you, then work on it and record your work on this goal on your habit tracker, by the end of the first month you’ll see some good results. A diet will work better if you make a change of habits for life, a diet should be a lifestyle habit. Eating healthy can also be fun and good, but first visit your doctor or a certified nutritionist.

Keep your habit tracker on your planner or your Bullet Journal and work on the new habit every day, before you noticed you’ll be doing great and it will be easier to work on this new habit.

Habit Tracker Ideas

Small changes in a lifestyle can help us to live a better life.


1 – Water consumption

2 – Walking – Daily steps

3 – No sugar

4 – No bread

5 – No soda

6 – Medication taken

7 – Wake up early

8 – Meditate

9 – Exercise

10 – No junk food

11 – Meat free days

12 – Brush teeth

13 – Floss

14 – Vitamins

15 – Eat breakfast

16 – Go to gym

17 – Remove makeup before bed

18 – Dairy free diet

19 – Cardio

20 – Brush hair

21 – 8 hours sleep

22 – Eat 5 vegetables

23 – Eat 2 fruits

24 – No snacking

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25 – Laundry

26 – Vacuum

27 – Mop floors

28 – Wash sheets

29 – Wash towels

30 – 5 minutes declutter

31 – 15 minutes clean

32 – Chores (zone day)

33 – Clean bedroom

34 – Clean bathroom

35 – Recycle

36 – Clean cat litter

37 -Water plans

38 – Clean fish tank

39 – Take out trash

Habit Tracker Ideas


40 – Daily read

41 – Meditate

42 – Journal

43 – BuJo

44 – Pray

45 – No spend month

46 – Gratitude journal

47 – Daily doodle

48 -Transfer money to savings

49 -Time with kids

50 -Spend quality time with partner

51 -Miracle Morning

52 – No TV

53 – No internet days

54 – Car free days

55 – Walk the dog

56 – Speak to someone every day

57 – Smile to people

58 – Be nice to someone every day

59 – Hobby time

60 – Have some “Me” time

61 – Yoga / stretching

62 – Less than 1 hour Social Madia

63 – Leave work on time

64 – Call your parents

New to Bullet Journalism, find the notebook to start your own Bullet Journal.

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Job / Business

65 – Pay bills

66 – Keep income and expenses

67 – Backed up computer files

68 – Tidied work space

69 – Updated book – keeping spreadsheets

70 – Review your goals (weekly – monthly)

71 -Respond e-mails

72 – Tracking progress of when you worked on a product

73 – Reached out to other brands to collaborate

74 – Learn a new skill

75 – Study time

Habit Tracker Ideas


76 – Write blog post

77 – Reply comments

78 – Twitter

79 – Pinterest

80 – Instagram

81 – Facebook

82 – Backup website

83 – Comment on 10 blogs daily

84 – Broken links check

85 – Send an e-mail to your list

86 – Checked blog statistics

87 – Editing and proof-reading

88 – Watch a webinar


89 – Naughty behavior

90 – Last time they had junk food

91 – Potty training

92 – Reading time with your kids

93 – Quality time with your kids

94 – Brush theet

95 – Go to bed early

96 – TV time

97 – Homework

98 – Chores

99 – Children sleep hours


100 – Study time for exams

101 – Work time on assignment

102 – Homework

103 – Reading time

104 – Extracurricular activities

Thank you for stopping by and read my blog, I hope you found the idea to change that bad habit for a good one, the habit tracker will help you to work on it.

If you don’t find the habit you want to get here, you might get the idea from these lists and you can work on your new habit to achieve, there are more habits to work on, but these are some to start with.

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105 Habit Tracker Ideas




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