how many planners do you need

How Many Planners Do You Need

I wish I could have everything on just one planner.

As in life you need to work at different places or situations, I want to say in one day you need to be yourself, you need to be at work or at school, and maybe you might have some project to work on.

How to manage more than one.

As I get to learn how to organize myself, it’s never too late, right? I’ve discovered one is never enough.

I like to keep my life as organized as possible, and having one planner would be to put everything on just one drawer, can you image how this drawer will be after a week or a month.

It will be impossible to find one single thing in less than 30 seconds.

I can see you might be picturing that drawer in your mind, well same will happen with a planner, if I write everything on just one, there will be no place for anything in one week.

how many planners do you need?

Why you need a planner for each one?

As you need to get organize for your family or for your house, you need a planner where you can write down your plans to do for a regular day, week or month.

You also might need to get organized for Holidays, meals,  vacations or family special events like birthdays, anniversaries, remodeling and others.

A family by itself has its own needs, and you might one to get organize as much as possible so if something comes up you can have the flexibility to be in the moment and then go back to normal, believe me a planner can help you a lot in those moments, you can focus on the moment that requires your attention and not to think “where was I” o “well, now where or what I need to do now”, as soon as you open your planner you will know what’s next.

House chores.

Nothing like a planner to help you to get organized and do chores in less time and keep your house nice and clean.

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It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, it’s good to take care of yourself.

A life always can get better, I know something about that!!

I know you might be looking to make your life easier and better, or you might be looking to achieve some goals, there are so many ways to make a life better.

A personal planner will help you to keep you out of stress and to plan where do you want to get to.

Do you plan to go back to school and learn a new trade, get your personal planner and:

  • Make a plan
  • Write down every step you need to do to accomplish your goal.
  • Write down a list of things you need to work on or to get.
  • Write on a calendar how long it will take,
  • How many hours per week you need to work on this personal project.
  • Write down all the ideas that comes to your mind to make this project easier for you.
  • Read everything later and work on a strategy.

There are so many things you can work on a personal planner.

  • Get fitter – make an exercise plan
  • Lose some weight
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Learn a new language
  • Plan to visit a new place
  • And this list can go on and on, don’t stop yourself.


If you are dreaming about one day to be your own boss, and start your off or online business, you will need a planner for your business project.

Make plans, dream it and then work on it.

You might need to learn some about business, there’s so much information today about this topic on the internet, I’m sure you will find all the information you need to start your own business.

I might be reading your blog and learning from you soon!

Keep this project on it’s own planner, don’t let time go by without doing something to build up your dream into reality.

I was at this point three years ago, and today I’m glad you’re here reading this blog. I found Wealthy Affiliate and I’m still learning about affiliate marketing. So this way, while I work on my two part time jobs I can make some extra dollars on affiliate marketing.

I hope I could help you to clarify how many personal planners you will need, and the answer is you will need as many as the many projects you have in your life.

Do I take all of them with you all the time?

No, I only take with me all the time one small planner, so if I have an idea I can write it down at that moment. If I need to write down an appointment or if I need to be on a waiting room I can work on something and the waiting will be less longer.

small personal planner


Planners can make life easier, once you get used to work on them, you will find more free time for yourself, and you will be able to accomplish more of your goals and dreams.

If you have any questions about how I work on my planners, leave a comment, I will answer to you.

Do you have a favorite planner, write a comment and tell me more about it!





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  1. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if you know of a planner app for my phone that I could use for all three areas… personal, family, and business? I agree with you that it’s important and helpful to keep a planner, but I’d LOVE to have something electronic! Something color coded, that I could even share the “family” section with my husband? I tried the hand-written book-style planner for a while, but I didn’t find myself remembering to check it or fill it in EVER. Electronic should work though, as I’m on my computer and phone a lot (who isn’t, sadly)… but I just can’t find one that would serve all my needs. (Maybe you’re right – maybe I DO need three… seems sad in this electronic world though.) Any ideas?

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