How to finish your projects

How To Finish Your Projects

The purpose of this website is to help you to finish all those projects you need to work on, and some times it is so hard to keep at each one of them.

How many times you have started a project and within a few days or if the project got lucky you worked on it for a few days and then, it was left on somewhere and you never got back to it.


Life can be full of UFOS.

As a quilter, I know how easy it is to start a project, small or big and within some time, your closet can be full of UFOS (unfinished objects), and its not hard to picture a closet full with fabrics, projects, small and big quilts, and telling yourself, “one day I will finish it, but I just need to start a new one”.

What is the secret of people who start a project and keep on it until they finish that project, job or task.

There must be a secret and all those lucky successful people never shared it with the rest of us.

Day after day you might be thinking, how they manage to finish everything they work on?


How to finish your projects

It’s not a secret anymore!



One day I found lost in one of the closet a small quilt I was working on, lets say that moment it was 3 years ago, so I thought I should go back to it, as I liked the starting idea I got for that quilt, one year after that moment when I found this quilt again, I just about to finish it.

A quilt is not made in one day, and most of the projects that you might need to work on will demand from you to keep at it day after day, you can picture Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel, and the pope asking him “when are you going to finish it?” and Michelangelo every time answered to him “when I finish it!”, and he did, because he kept working on it!

You need to follow a few steps to finish any project you want to.



Select your projects.

Some times if you work on a job where the boss tell you what to do, you won’t have many options where to pick something you like to work on, some bosses are nice enough to ask you about it, if you’re lucky to have a boss like this, don’t be shy and tell your boss if you would prefer to work on something else. Happy employees make better jobs.

If you work on your own, be selective on your projects, before you start to work on something new, take some time to think about it, make a list of the pros and cons about this project.

Until you are fully sure about this next project if is for you and you have a few good reasons to go for it, go for it.


Make a Plan


Take the time to write about this project before you start it, now you have the perfect tool to make a plan for your next project, your personal planner!

Use as many pages to work on a plan as you need to, write down your ideas and time. this will give you a general idea of what you need to work on this new project.

Enjoy the process

Working on something you don’t like makes the work hard to do.

If you find a good reason to keep at it, it will make it easier to keep at. Just think about how many women don’t like to cook, and that is ok, everyone has the right to like a task or not.

To think about cooking for your family will make it easier, if you teach your children to cook, this might be nice, while you cook you will have a good company and good talk, you can finish your next meal in less time.

With every task, finding the way to enjoy the process will make it easier to finish it.


Make a reason to keep at it


When you started to work on your next project, if you did step 1 and 2, you know there is a reason why you wanted to do it.

Any moment you get frustrated on your project or you might get some hard times while you work on it, think on the reasons you want to keep at it.

Write about the hard times on your planner, don’t be shy, everyday everyone goes through many emotions, talking or writing about them will help you to get through.

Make the reason you want to keep on this project bigger then your hard times. You are half way to finish it, and one day is one day less to finish it.


Track your work and time


Your planner is your best tool for tracking your work and time, soon you will find easier to write about your work and how you made it, in your next projects if you need any motivation you can go back to your planner.

If you need some help to finish a new project, you might find the way you worked on previous projects and this will make it easier for you, don’t try to keep everything on your mind, most of the times we can forget about small details about how we manage to get a project done, your planner will never forget them.




How many times you finished a project, a job, a task and nobody said anything about your great job?

Don’t wait for someone to notice your work, you can celebrate yourself!

Write it down on your planner, say something nice to your self, every project, job or task you finish is a big accomplishment.

You deserve to celebrate.

Your planner will be soon full of great moments!

It took you one hour or 3 years to finish that project, it doesn’t matter how long did it take to finish something, it is your project and it is done. Go celebrate!

If you have any questions about this article, please leave a comment.

I would love to hear from you too, do you have a story to share about a project that you finished that it was hard to work on, and you found the way to keep at it?

Keep at it!


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