Your Bullet Journal Starter Kit

When dreaming about a better lifestyle, setting up goals and making plans to work on will be the best strategy to work on. Start today your Bullet Journal with the starter Kit.

In life having dreams is not enough, you might be tired of seen year after year your dreams do not come true, it’s time to get in action and make them happen!

Living a life with no goals and plans to work on will keep you in the same place, taking action and set a goal and make a good plan to work on will give you the strategies to work on and before you notice your life will change and you’ll be living the life you always dream.

The year is about to end and it’s the time to think about doing some changes, before you get into the Holidays mood, the first thing to do is to get your Bullet Journal starter kit and get everything setup to start 2020 with the right foot (plan)

Best Notebook To Write down your Goals and Dreams!

When you decided to start a Bullet Journal, you can start with a regular ruled notebook, you might have one half used at home, and it will be OK to start on it.

If you want to start on with a new notebook, you can get one with white paper if you want to focus on working with drawings or sketches, but if you think on your first Bullet Journal you might feel that you will need some help to draw straight lines a grid paper notebook will be perfect for you.

If you’re looking for a better looking notebook to start working on your Bullet Journal I will recommend you to take a look to Midori MD Notebook, it looks is the most minimalist manifestation of a notebook, which it makes it perfect for you to work on your own layout and drawings on your BuJo.

You can’t go wrong with this Midori notebook, it has 176 pages, so you will have enough pages to get organized and plan your life, its paper comes in light beige what it makes it more relaxing, and its quality is good enough so you can work on it with ball pens and with ink, it won’t bleed.

Get a Pencils To Write a Plan

Any pencil will be right to design the layouts you will be using on your BuJo, but if you need a more professional pencil I will recommend you the one I use all the time, 2B Staedler pencil, this pencil is soft and do not require you push too hard on the paper with the pencil to draw any line, from the lighter line to any kind of drawing I use this pencil all the time.

If you make a mistake while sketching your doodles or your new layout, don’t worry, any eraser will do a good job erasing this pencil out of the paper.

A Ruler will help you to trace straight lines for any layout on your Bullet Journal

Whether you use dotted, grid, or white paper, a ruler will help you to trace any line on the paper, you don’t need an expensive ruler, any 6 or 8 inches ruler will be perfect.

Having a Bullet Journal ruler will help you to draw any spread you want to add to your notebook with no problem and the best of these rulers is they all come with different stencil designs to help you to add banners, to do list or cute designs to any spread where you need them.

Gel Pens will help you to write a good plan and draw a few cute doodles

Any pen will work fine on your BuJo, you can keep it all in one ink whether is blue or black if you like a professional o minimalist but if you want to add some color to your text you can get a set of Bic soft fell ball pens, I got mine recently and ink works perfect on any paper and it comes in blue, navy blue, pink, red, green, black and purple!!

Colorful Markers

As you work on your Bullet Journal, you will get more confident working on the layout and design and you will temted to add some color, colorful markers will help you to add color in no time.

You can get a set of markers as Crayola markers and they work great on any paper, you can find a good set for just about a few dollars.

If you want to work with a more professional finish on your BuJo, you can try Bic markers, but you will need to place a white paper under your page as these markers bleed a bit on regular paper, if you have already a professional BuJo you’ll need to try out first these markers on the paper.

I discovered the Mildliner lately and today they are my favorite markers and highlighters to add color, highlight a task to work on or to mark any spread.

The Mildliner markers are not expensive and you can find them in all setup set for a few dollars.

The only problem you’ll have with the Mildliner markers will it’s to hard to pick just a couple of them, once you try them, you’ll want to have them all!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have your Bullet Journal Starter Kit you might want to start working on your new notebook and design the life you always dreamed to have.

Everything is possible and day by day you’ll see planning and working on the tasks you need to will make a big difference, little by little you’ll see changes happening to improve everything you have in your list.

Where to start? Here’s a list of 50 pages you can start with on your Bullet Journal!

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Bullet Journal supplies starter kit

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