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Easy And Cute Fall Doodles 2021

Fall is almost here, with a new season Bullet journalist, and planner lovers will love to do some easy and cute Fall doodles for your bullet journal and your planners weekly layouts.

There’s nothing more fun to do than to grab a pen and start doing some doodles on any piece of paper, let your hand to be creative and decorate any white space on that new page.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a new weekly layout or the new month plan to help you to achieve that goal you’ve been working so hard to do for some time, decorate it, a little fox face and some autumn leaves here and there will make your new plan look amazing.

As we all let out brain lead our hands, and starting to draw small doodles here and there on a piece of paper, this is how we can focus on what we write and it will be easier for us to remember what we wrote.

When you write on a notebook without doing any doodles here and there, the writing can become monotonous, and later is hard to remember what you wrote on any page.

Easy And Cute Fall Doodles

Fall Doodles – Bullet Journal

Fall for some reason it’s the favorite season for many, including me, it’s something about the color on the trees and the coziness of being at home and have a cup of hot pumpkin flavored coffee, or taking those beautiful color sweaters to keep us warm.

There are many things about Fall that makes it easy for journalist to draw a wide range of doodles on our notebooks while we all plan a new week or month.

Here some of my favorite icons to doodle this season.

Easy And Cute Fall Doodles

Fall Weekly Spread.

Nothing too complicated to draw, I could say it keeps the minimalist look, just with a few Fall Icons on the top, you can keep this spread white and black or just add some Fall colors on it, any color markers will be great to add the color to this spread in less than one minute.

You can check here what markers I’m using to add color to this Fall weekly spread.

My process is to start drawing the design of the new weekly spread with a soft pencil (2B) and with a ruler, and then I start adding some doodles here and there.

When I’m happy with the spread design, I trace the layout with a pigment liner, I allow the ink to wait for a few seconds before I erase the pencil with a soft eraser.

At this point, if I plan to use this spread for all the weeks during this season, I can make some copies from it to add them in my Bullet Journal, or just make one copy, in case I decide to make a different spread for the cumming weeks.

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Easy And Cute Fall Doodles

After making at least one copy, then I add some color to the spread, I make some holes with the hole puncher and I add it to my Bullet Journal and I’m ready to start work to make a plan for the next week.

Easy And Cute Fall Doodles

How about you?

Do you love to make doodles on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner to decorate the pages and make them easier to remember and work on them?

What would be your favorite Fall doodle to draw this year?

I thank you for stopping by and read my blog, feel free to copy my weekly spread, you can PIN it so you can find it later.


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Easy And Cute Fall Doodles