2018 Best Planners

2018 Best Planners to achieve your goals.

As 2017 comes to its end, it’s about time to take a moment to think what would you like to achieve in the coming year.

I’m glad you’re here because this means you want to work hand in hand with a personal planner to build up a better life for you and for your family.

We are so lucky, and I won’t stop talking about this, as we living in this time where we can find so much information about how to build up the life we dream and improve our lifestyle.

There might be many different ways to work on it out there, but I have found working everyday on my planner has made my life easier and better, one by one I can work on my plan and work everyday with less stress.

Before I make a small review on a few personal planners that will help you to work for a better life, I must say as you start working on a personal planner, anyone that you pick will make your life better as you learn how to work with it, some of the benefits that you will see are:

  • You can plan your next day the night before
  • You will get less on your mind as you write down every appointment for next day or for the coming week on your planner.
  • As you write down your goals to achieve, you can work on writing a plan and a strategy to get each of your goals done within the time you set for them.
  • You can focus on one task at the time, you can write the three important task for everyday, and your life will improve as you work on this.
  • You will find soon how easy  it is to get more free time for yourself and for your family as you work on the task you get on your personal planner.

The benefits you get by working hand in hand with a planner can be endless, everyday you’ll find more to add to this list.

What does make a planner the one for you?

If you’re thinking on getting your first planner, you might need to read a few planners reviews to find the right one for you.

If you get to work on your first planner and you see that it is not the best for your needs, don’t feel discouraged, you might need to work on two or three before you find the right one for you, your lifestyle and your professional work.

The Simple Elephant – Best Agenda Day Planner

Leverage positive psychology for productivity and happiness, this will help you to keep working with commitment, feel inspired and live a happier life everyday, you will work with mind map and vision board to drill in goals and fully engage with both sides of your mind, you won’t lack of motivation, focus and get results as you work with this planner.

The Simple Elephant system will help conceptualize your goals, organize priorities, and hold oneself accountable overcoming procrastination.

Over 670 reviews on Amazon.ca give this planner 4.5 stars.




The Path 1 Month Habit Planner

If you’re looking to work on a planner to get results month by month, the Path 1 Month habit Planner might be the planner you’re looking for, it will help you to break down your goals into a month plan, you will work on three daily task to achieve any goal.

Designed with proven midset success neuro-programming life into your PERSONAL COACH that is supporting you every day to achieve more.

If you want to break off on habits that keep you off the road and get the habits that will help you to achieve your goals, this planner includes a daily section to help you to keep on the good habits.

You can read about 200 reviews on Amazon.ca that will tell you why people choose to work with this planner to improve their lives.

2018 planners



Action Day 2018

This planner will help you to get everything done, with a practical weekly layout where you can plan your week work with task to do, task to delegate and goals setting.

You won’t miss any appointment with the help of the weekly layout as you can write everything on each day of the week by the hour.

You get a year goals setting layout, so month by month you can work on it make your plan and strategies to achieve any goals you want for 2018

EXTRA FEATURES: Expandable inner pocket, elastic pen loop, bookmark ribbon, elastic closure, 27 pages for note-taking

Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm ; 372 g

Shipping Weight: 381 g

2018 planners


Personal Diary Hard Cover Office Notebook Stationery

This small 365 Days Daily Weekly Monthly Planner Cute Personal Diary Hard Cover Office Notebook Stationery will help you to work according to your plans in order to achieve each one of your goals for 2018.

5 stars reviews on Amazon.ca will let you know people who have bought it and are pleased with it.

It has two page year layouts where you can plan your year goals month by month.

It’s hard back gives it a professional look and will help you to write on it wherever you are, the premium paper has great quality that reduces ink bleed through.

Great for keeping organised, planning tasks and keeping track of any goals you set yourself.

155 pages of 2 day columns containing 15 lines and a blank box with the date and day above to be filled in, it has also 30 free pages for you to take notes or write a plan or strategy.

It comes in 8 different color where you can pick the best for you.

2018 planners

Cavallini AG2018/SUC Succulents Weekly Planner 2018

If you’re looking for a 2018 small planner to carry in your bag or purse all the time, this is the perfect planner for you, with a weekly and full month layout and a section for notes and addresses, you will have this small planner to write down everything you need.

Planner details:

Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.2 x 1.3 c

Shipping Weight: 113 g

This is a pocket size planner, if you have small hand writing this planner will be perfect for you to keep it simple.

2018 planners



I hope I could help you to find the right 2018 planner for you, so you can work on it all year round and make every goal you have in mind a reality!

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Alejandra Balanzario

Alejandra is a creative artist and entrepreneur, she finds the use of her personal planner help her out to do more in her daily routine and still have time to live the life she loves.

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