Best Bullet Journal weight loss tracker

Best Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker

Losing weight is the most popular New Year Resolution for many people, today I share some tips to achieve your goals before December 2018.

Year after year we can hear that this is the least resolution to be accomplished, many of us are already determined to fail in the short term, but if you like me don’t want to stay on this group, there’s a few things to do to keep this resolution alive though the year and reach our goals.

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Best Bullet Journal weight loss tracker.

One thing I love about my Bullet Journal is I can design the layout I need and I will be working on it to help me to keep on my plan to reach my goals.

A layout will not work by itself, that is for sure, it’s me who is willing to work on one goal no matter what, and my bullet journal is the best tool I have to keep me going.

This time I’m planning to work not just with a weight loss tracker, there’s more to work on to help me to reach my goal and if you’re interested to reach your own goal on this topic you can work the same way I will do.


First and very important, if you want to lose some weight for good and for real, you might need to get an appointment with your doctor and do a check up of your health and listen to your doctor instructions.

I’m not a doctor or nutritionist so the best advice I can give you is before you start any diet is to visit your family doctor or a certified nutritionist and follow their advises, tips and diet.

My purpose here is to share my bullet journal I will follow to reach my weight loss resolution for 2018.

As I have been “trying” to lose some weight and it didn’t work out the best for me, (you can read here: I didn’t reach my goal last year), I took some time to think why it didn’t work out if I wanted to reach my goal last year, I saw how the days went by day after day and my weight kept the same and sometimes it went up a little higher in the scale.

It was just a thought in my mind, it was just a dream!

You might read out there that a goal with no plan is just a dream!, it won’t work at all.

Why this year can work it out?

First, you already know I want to lose some weight, a few pound or more, but I want to succeed this time.

I will follow the S.M.A.R.T technique to set my goal

Specific: when setting a goal, be specific about what you want to accomplish, ask your self the questions answering; why, what, when, which, where.

Measurable: what metrics will you use.

Achievable: how important this goal is for you, and know exactly your goal and set up a goal you can reach.

Relevant: write down why this goal is important to you, it will give you more focus on your goal.

Time-bound: anyone can set goals, but if you don’t write a time to achieve it, a goal will be just like a dream, one day…

So I set my goal: 20 pounds in one year, to live a healthier life.

Bullet Journal layout that will help me to achieve this goal.

Best food diary bullet journal

Food diary.

I will start a food diary to keep track of what I eat, many nutritionist will give you this tip, because as you write down everything you eat every day for two weeks, you can take a look of what kind of food you’re having and keep you far from reaching your goals.

Once you have your food diary for two weeks, you can honesty work on it, if your wish to lose some weight  for real, you can high light up with a color for the food high in calories and that keeps your weight high (I use to do this with “red” color)

Yes I know, the first weeks will look Red spots everywhere!

But I also use “green color” to highlight the food good for my health and weight. This help me to take a look to my food diary and see if on a day I had too much food “red”, then I can take some steps to change that so next day I will get more “green spots” on my food diary.

I also use “yellow spots” for foods that are almost on the red color.

As you work on your food diary, you will know better what are your eating habits, and what changes you need to do, new habits will take some time to work on but results are always nice, soon you will reach your weight loss goals.

A good diet layout.

If you visited your family doctor or your nutritionist, then you already have your own diet.

One good idea is to keep that diet on your fridge door, so you can have it handy to read and follow the instructions, but another good idea is to make a copy and keep it in your Bullet Journal, sometimes it’s hard to remember what food is good or not according to your diet, if you use to take with you all the time your Bullet Journal, this will help you to take a quick look at your diet to help you to keep on track.

Grocery list.

As a part of your BuJo is a grocery list where you can in advance write down any food you need to buy to keep on the diet.

While you work on this, it will help you to get everything you need to keep on the diet, you will have all kind of healthy food at home.


weight loss tracker and colored markers

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Exercise tracker.

If you’re up to do some exercise as a part of your diet, you will need to keep track of your daily routine so you can reach your goal easier.

Weight control tracker.

You need to know how good you have been doing. As you design your weight control tracker you will know your own needs, you can take a look on the internet for some examples, but you can draw your own design for yourself.

Some weight control trackers have only weight lose per week, and some will add some measures of your body, as some weeks you will notice you won’t lose weight but you will lose some corporal volume, and both are good.

Don’t be disappointed if one week you don’t lose weight, when you gain muscles your weight can be the same or higher but your body will be stronger and your body measures will improve.

Some extra tips to help you to succeed on your weight control resolution (goal) for this year.

Write down why is important for you to lose weight.

Health, you want to be healthier, you want to live a healthier life, you want to live longer, etc.

Look better, yes this is also a good goal to achieve, while you work on your diet and reaching your goal weight you will feel better, self-esteem.

Long term goal: many diets fail because they are made in the short term, fast lose of weight can happen but then you will gain that weight again, it’s better to work on a long term goal and keep at it, some small changes on your diet and on your exercise will last better.

You might need to not only work on a “diet” but on a lifestyle, and this is part of living with a personal planner or a Bullet Journal.

Live better and reach each one of your goals!

While you work on reaching this goal this year, you will notice what day you’ll be out of track 100 %, go back to this page, where you wrote why you wanted to do it, and read it again, this will remind you why it’s important to you to lose some weight.

If you need to add anything to your “why” write it down, you’ll always find good reasons to keep at it.

girls working out to lose weight

(Photo rights – Bruce Mars)

Team up.

While you work on your diet, you might find it lonely on your own to do it, you always can team up with someone or with a group with the same goal.

Family: sometimes more than one family members are up on the same weight loss resolution, if you team up, together you can bring up all the support you need, sharing some good and tasty recipes, or going out for a walk together if you live in the same house.

Friends: I’m sure more than one of your friends are up to the same resolution, together you can make it!!

Internet Weight Control groups: now we can find many forums where you can join and find all kinds of support to keep you going on this resolutions.

Facebook weight control groups: if you have your own Facebook account you can join  a group where you will find great support from other members and you will get recipes and tips that will help you to keep going.

You can leave anytime these groups if you find that these groups aren’t on your own philosophy for weight control, some of them are made to  lose weight fast, or they go to extreme, find the group that is the best for you and your own weight control philosophy, stay there as long as you want to.

You will need to join a few groups before you find the right one for you, and this is ok.


Well, I hope I could give you some ideas on how to keep at it on your weight loss resolution (goal) for this year, I will post on my weight control journey. And be sure if I reach my goal I will share with you here a photo of myself!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Best Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker”

  1. I just started out on my weight loss program January 2. I have a list of foods to stay away from and my scheduled exercise sessions at the gym. Just knowing what to eat is not enough.This article brings home to me the understanding that I need to write down my groceries, what I eat, and my activities. It will keep me in check. I do journalling for other areas of my life and I see where this could apply to my program. This journal has all the ares to be covered. Maybe I missed it but I was just wondering what period of time it covers ?

    1. Hi JJ,

      So nice to have you here, and it’s nice also to know you’re also working on get some weight off this year,

      If you’re wondering about what period of time the weight loss tracker cover, I should said, the layout I have for my Bullet Journal covers 10 weeks, after that period I will draw a new layout to keep at it.

      Hope this weight loss tracker helps you to keep on your healthy diet and exercise program.

      Keep working on your journaling and write about anything that comes up to your mind about this resolution, it will help you to keep going at it!

      If you have any other question, I’ll be glad to help you!


  2. Alejandra, thanks for a great article. Keeping a journal sounds like a great way to document weight loss efforts and keep track of goals. It is a visual reminder of why it is important to lose weight for someone on a diet.

    I personally do not keep a journal. But it is something I need to do. I try to plan my meals for a week and then create a grocery list. This is a great way to avoid impulse purchases at the grocery store!

    1. Hi Glen, I thank you for your visit and your time to read my article about how to lose some weight and work on it on your bullet journal.

      I’m glad you find it interesting and it will help you to work on your plan to eat healthier and do your groceries!


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