5 tips using a planner

5 Tips Using A Planner

Did you make a resolution this year to get more organized?

In your plans to get more organized you know you might need a planner to help you out to achieve this goal.

You already bought yourself one and it’s the moment to start working on it, but you have no idea what is the best way to use it.

A planner is not an agenda.

An agenda is like a notebook where you mark down all the appointments you have and you will attend in the future.

A planner, you will write down all the goals you want to achieve in the future, but on a planner as it’s name says you will write your plans that will make easier for you to make your dreams a reality.

You will have plans to make and write for your life and for your business. A plan will always help you achieve your goals, a plan will always tell you which is the shorter and easiest way to achieve a goal.

1 Keep it simple

Any time you’re using a planner to set a goal to achieve keep it simple.

Be clear about what you want to achieve, just don’t dream be realistic, it’s always better to set goals you can work on and then set another goal to keep working to achieve a biggest goal.

This way you will be achieving more goals that you ever imagined you could do.

2 Make a yearly plan

When you start a planner, it doesn’t matter what month you are, you might have had started a planner this year on January so you already have been working on it for a couple of months, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late to get organized, any day is good to start and today is a good day to go for it.

What do you want or love to achieve for this year, write it down.

Make a plan, what do you need to work on to achieve that goal this year, go and make a general plan. Just a few sentences so you can get an idea.

3 Go Monthy

Keep that goal you made for this year to achieve in your mind, now it’s time to write down a plan to follow for this month.

What can you do to achieve this month goal that will help you to achieve that main goal you have for this year.

Break it in many pieces as you need to, be more specific, there will be some steps you need to do or to work on to get your dream to reality.

Use a month page to do this, make a general plan for each week.

4 Go Weekly

You already have been working great on setting a big goal you want to achieve, maybe a dream you have had for a long time and never came to reality, it’s time to work on it from a different way.

You have been working on setting a monthly plan and so far you already have a better perpective on how to work on it.

Now it’s time to go weekly, with your monthly plan now you can be more specific on a plan for every week, set an action plan for each week?

  • Do you need to see a person to talk about your goal?
  • do you need to get an appointment with a person to talk about your goal?
  • Do you need to look for some information?
  • Do you need to read a book to learn more about the subject?
  • Do you need to do some specific work?
  • Do you need to get some material to work on your project?

Don’t be afraid to write down all you think you need to do, once you finish take a look at the next week.

It’s time now to think if all you wrote down and is it right to help you to achieve your goals or not, take your time, if you still think you need to write down something else, do it, and if you think something you wrote down is not necessary important, erase it.

Your weekly planner need to go according to your needs, it must help you to achieve your goals but it doesn’t need to give you more work on your shoulders.

5 Go day by day.

And follow the golden rule of doing three important things.

Time to make a plan for tomorrow, yes I’m not joking, it doesn’t mean you will be planning for “tomorrow”

I want to mean that every night, before you end for the day, take 5 minutes to check on your planner, and check what is the plan for this week, and what actions you need to do tomorrow, write down 3 important actions you need to work on tomorrow.

If those actions are important for you and your plans for a better future, work on them as early as you can when you have the energy to work on them.

The rest of the day, you can work on your daily routine, at the end of the day you will see you’re able to achieve more day by day.

Keep this routine and soon you will the achieving that goal you set for this year.

Are you still looking to get for yourself a paper planner to achieve your goals, you might want to check on these planners, I’m sure you will find the right one.

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips Using A Planner”

  1. Hi Alejandra,
    I used to make vision boards to help me with planning. That’s until i discovered planners. Since then my productivity has risen significantly. Regular review of goals certainly keeps our minds focused on the objective otherwise we will find distractions and go off the path.

    What do you think of digital planners versus handwritten ones?

    1. Hi Dushan,
      It’s always interesting to hear about how other use a planner to plan and work on their productivity to achieve their goals, I’m glad you stop to read this article and took time to comment.

  2. Hi Alejandra!

    Great article on planner! I do use a planner myself and almost exactly as you described. It really does help in achieving your goals as they are clearly laid down in front of you as constant reminder.
    I loved it how clearly it is all written so it was a pleasure to read 🙂


    1. Hi Ingrida,
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this blog post! it’s good to know you also have a personal planner and you use it to help you to achieve your goals!
      Thanks for your visit and your comment.

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