Best Gift Ideas For Planner Lovers

Best Gift Ideas For Planner Lovers

The Best Gift Ideas For Planner Lovers Guide will give you some ideas of what planner lovers have in their wish list to get as a Christmas gift.

It’s the time of the year when many of us start to think about making a list of gifts to buy for the Holidays, if you know someone who loves to plan, nothing is better than to take a moment to think about the Planner lover in you family who would love to get a useful gift!

Best Gift Ideas For Planner LoversOnce you start to work on a planner, you’ll notice how well this system helps you to get everything done and improve you lifestyle for yourself and for you family!

Nothing is better than working with the best supplies that will help you to plan better and get everything done on you planner!

There may be a long list of things that will help you to work better and you have them already on you wish list, whether it’s you the planner lover in you family or you know who she/he is, I’m sure you would love to know in advance what the planner lover would love to get as a gift for the Holidays or on their birthday!

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The 10 Best Gift Ideas For Planner Lovers Guide

best gifts for planner lovers

Cupcake i-Clip Magnetic Bookmarker

Don’t lose time looking for a page on you planner anymore, with the Cupcake i-Clip Magnetic Bookmarker you can find any page right away!

Birthdays, appointments, important events, you won’t miss anything again, easy to add to any page on you planner and easy to find again!

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best gift for planner lovers

Me and My Big Ideas Pocket Pages Picture Quote

These beautiful designed Picture Quote cards will help any planner lover to add to any page a visual point to highlight a moment or a memory to keep forever in his/her life.

These cards are well-designed with good quality paper, easy to glue to any page on you planner and these cards will help you to decorate any page on you planner!

Quote cards will help you to add some motivation to keep working to achieve you goals!

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best gift for planner lovers

Leather Pen Pencil Pouch

Nothing better to help you to have not only one pen but up to 4 different ink color pens or pencils to take notes and make doodles on you planner.

As you’ll be working every day to take notes on you planner, you’ll need to have a few pens right next to you to make those notes and easy to read and to remember.

The Leather Pen Pencil Pouch will keep the pens and maybe one mechanical pencil right next to you planner for you to take a note any time and anywhere!


best gift for planner lovers

Ganssia 0.5 mm Point Mechanical Pencil

Any planner lover would love to have right next to his/her planner a good mechanical pencil to make some quick notes that might be needed to be changed later.

If you love to make quick doodles to draw them later with ink, nothing better than a good mechanical pencil that will always have a good point to work with.

Carry all the time on just one but maybe a couple of them will save you time and money, don’t miss taking any quick note on you planner or on you notebooks ever again!

And they are so cute!

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best gifts for planner lovers

Erin Condren Planny Pack Designer Planner Pouch

You won’t believe how useful it is to have all you planner supplies in a pouch until you start using the Erin Condren Planner Pouch.

No matter where you are, at home or at school or maybe at the office, you can be sure you’ll have right next to you all the supplies you need to take notes, to make a new plan to work on or to write down you next goal.

A good planner lover will always use more than one writing tool, as you keep working on you planner you’ll get to know how well it works when you use different tools to write down everything, from a simple appointment to a birthday or an important event to attend!

A planner pouch will save you lots of time as you can be sure you’ll have all you supplies in one place!

best gifts for planner lover

me & My Big Ideas PPSV-03 The Sticker Value Pack Planner, The Colorful Life

These stickers are designed to be used with the Create 365 Happy Planner (a scrapbook-style day planner) but could easily be used for any journal or planner.

As you work to get everything on you planner to improve you lifestyle and make you dreams come true, you’ll find how great stickers will help you to not only to decorate you planner but to help you to get everything done in less time.

From highlighting something to stand up on any page to help you to remember an event, stickers will help you in many ways to work better!

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best gifts for planner lovers

Gift for her Planner Girl Ceramic Coffee Mug Quote Inspirational Mug Present Gift

Love to have a coffee, tea or hot chocolate cup while working on you planning?

Make the planner lover in you family happier to enjoy a good cup of coffee or her favorite hot beverage while working to make plans and set up new goals with this beautiful mug!

Nothing better to help you to work on you next planners than having a moment for yourself!


sakura ink pens set

Sakura 30066 8-Piece Pigma Micron Assorted Colors Ink Pen Set

Any planner lover could die to have the Sakura Pigma Micron Assorted Colors Ink Pen Set as a gift, and it doesn’t need to be his/her birthday or the Holidays, any reason could be the right one to make them the happiest planner lover on Earth!

Sakura ink pens are well known for their high quality and planner lovers love to use them for everything, making doodles or taking notes or even writing a new goal to achieve!

Sakura makes it better with a beautiful Ink Pen Set with assorted ink colors!

Any note will look amazing on you planner made with these ink pens!

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kitty gel pens set

Kawaii Kitty Gel Pens

Cuteness alert! Any planner lover will love to have these cute pens to take quick notes on their planner!

A beautiful soft pastel color of gel pens to have in you planner supplies pouch, take quick notes or add fine lines to any sketch or doodles on you planner.

If you plan to have the Kitty Gel Pens at home, they will add a cuteness touch to you pencil holder on you desk!

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washi tape for planner lovers

Washi Tape For Planner Lovers

Nothing better to help you to decorate or to add a touch of art on any page of you planner than a beautiful washi tape.

From covering something that went wrong or to add an art touch, washi tape will always help you to make any page in you planner beautiful!

A washi tape is a must to have for any planner lover, and a birthday or the Holidays are a good time to get a few washi tapes to give them as a gift!




Best Gift Ideas For Planner LoversIt’s the time of the year to make a list of gifts to buy in advance to give at the Holidays, Planner lovers will always be happy to receive something useful and cute, but you don’t need to break the bank to get something for them that make them happy.

All these gifts ideas will be easy to get and they will love them as they will use them almost every day during the year!

You will help the planner addict in your family to create the most beautiful notes, plans and dreams!

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4 thoughts on “Best Gift Ideas For Planner Lovers”

  1. I need a planner. I usually just scribble things on the wall calendar, but that can get messy and I sometimes forget to check if I wrote something down on a particular day … A planner would be very helpful, and I like the pocket pages picture quote banner. Personally, I like reading motivatonal quotes, and – as you said – they motivate you to achieve your goals 🙂 

    The Gansia 0.5 mm mechanical pens look great too and they have pretty designs. I always tend to lose my pens though  … I must take better care of them, lol, but I would like to get some of these pens here. Perhaps I should get the planner pouch which keeps all my planning stuff in one place, and then I won’t lose my pens anymore 😉 

    These are some great gift ideas, and wonderful things to get for myself 🙂

  2. I prefer to carry only one notebook. I end up combining a bullet journal and 2 planners into one notebook. I’m a caregiver so one calendar for me and another for my father. The Micron gel pens work so well for fine lines on my grid as well as adding a dash of color. May have to upgrade and gift myself the leather pen pouch. It’s calling to me. 

  3. Hello there, thanks  for sharing tji wonderful post, I realy do not have a occasion coming up but I just want to get something tangible fo my husband this coming week. I’ll love to get him this leather pen pouch as he is always careless with his pen and get pissed when he can’t find one if he needs it. Nice suggestions you have here.

  4. These are amazing gift I must say, These cute stickers, washi tape, planner dashboards and more will be perfect gifts for my dad, you are absolutely right when saying its that time of the season for gifts and sharing these unique and pretty gifts has been very helpful because before now i had no idea where to start but this post has given me great ideas . Much appreciated!

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