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Best Habit Tracker Free Printable 2019

What is a habit tracker and why you need one?

When you want to break bad habits and make new ones that help you to build the life you dream, a Habit Tracker FREE Printable can become the best tool you need.

“The great results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities”  -Samuel Smiles.

Now that you have started to work on your personal planner, and you have been doing some scheduling you might have noticed everything what you work on at this moment is easier to accomplish, you don’t forget any appointment and you can work on your task on time.

As the purpose of a personal planner is to make life easier, you might have noticed there’s a few things that you still have some struggling to work on.

What is a habit?

“A habit (or wont) is a routing or behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously”  -Wikipedia

As we grow up we learnt how to do things and how to work, but sometimes we learnt the way we see others doing things and doing their work.

Lucky for us, there’s always a way to do everything and work the “easier way” or a way more effective.

By now you can look at your personal planner daily or week spread and you can see how much you have done, it’s like a keeping a diary of your personal accomplishments, and I’m sure you have done a lot.

It’s time to find the way to work the easiest and the smartest way to do more with less work.

There might be some task you want to do in a better way, eat healthier, do more exercise, learn a new language, do a new course so you can get a better job, watch less TV, spend less time on Social Media, etc.

There’s always a reason you want to start a new habit or change an old one.

Tracking habits templates for your Personal Planner or your bullet journal.

There’s nothing simpler than adding an already made for you tracking habits template on your personal planner or your bullet journal and start working on it.

One word before you start to work on it.

Before you write down what habit you want to work on for this month, there’s a few questions you might want to work on before you do it.

  • What habit I want to work on?
  • Why do I want to get this new habit?
  • What for do I want to get this new habit?
  • Is this new habit good for me?

Let’s work on the habit: learn a new language (French)

Why do I want to get this new habit?, as I live in Quebec, I need to speak French to be able to communicate myself with people here as most of the people speaks only French.

What for do I want to get this new habit?, if I learn to speak currently in French, live will be easier for me and I can get a better and well paid job.

Is this new habit good for me?, yes it is.

How can I work on this new habit, half an hour  every day on an online French course will be a great beginning.

Now I have the what, why, what for and how questions for this new habit I want to work on and I think all the reasons are good for me and it won’t take much work or time to keep at it, so I think I can work on it and it’s a good idea to get this new habit.

I’m sure if I work on this new habit in a year I will be speaking some French and my life in Quebec will be easier and I will get a better job and some good friends.

You can work the same on other type of habits you want to work on.

Some of the most common Habits Ideas to try on:


It’s good for your health, and if you keep at it in one year you might lose some weight and you will look better and happier.

Watch less TV:

You will have more time for other things to do or to try.


The average people read less that 3 books per year, if you start the habit of reading for half an hour every day, you might read  more that 5 books, once you get on this habit you might love this habit and you will be a book lover then.


If you want to start drinking 8 glasses of water every day, your body will get more hydrated and your health will improve.


If you need to take some medications because your doctor told you so, a good way to remember to do it it’s to keep your meds tracking on your habit tracking.


If you want to get a better job, there might be some things you need to work on to get it, read more about the topic, attend to a specific course, get a new skill.

Start your own business.

Some people would love to start their own business, you can start working on it without quitting your job, you can find many ways to do it on the internet and some ways will require from you to work half and hour or an hour every day on it.


If you’re a blogger already, you might know by now “Content” is the king, you want to keep track on how many post you write in a month, your readers are waiting to read more from you.

Which Habit tracking is the best?

It doesn’t need to be fancy, you can go with the simpler, and draw a template by yourself, and you can see if that template works OK for you, if not, you can draw a better template that works for you next month, the point here it’s to start.

Why don’t to try a minimalist Habit Tracker?

Don’t wait for the next month to start.

Start your habit tracking anytime!

You can download this free habit tracker here.

If you want to read more about why getting new habits can take you to a better life (and easier) you can read:

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