How To Draw An Angel – Bullet Journal


Part of the fun to work with a Bullet Journal is to decorate it, today I share how to draw an Angel – Bullet Journal. Easy steps to follow.

While you keep working on your Bullet Journal, you will start adding some doodles and drawings on it to make it more personal, you might think you’re not good at drawing but the truth is we all are good at it, we all just need practice, the more you doodle the better you’ll be at drawing.

Get into the fun to decorate your Bullet Journal or your planner, and make of every page a page you want to look at again, adding doodles and small or big drawings will help you to pay attention to your notes, appointments, events and other important things you need to pay attention to.

Make your Bullet Journal Visual.

It’s easier to remember things when we like what we see, that is why already planners are so appealing to buy, they are pretty to look at, they are already made for us, they save us time.

But there’s nothing better to make a planner or a Bullet Journal our own style, your Bullet Journal will become unique, and this is why we all should try to start doodling on it, don’t be afraid that you might not like your first doodles, that can happen to everyone, but practice makes the master.

Today, a small tutorial to draw an Angel,

For my surprise, I started to draw Angels on paper and I shared them on my Facebook page, and everyone loved them, and I said for my surprise because I didn’t think they were good at all.

I find Angels are easy to draw (my style) and they might be a good addition to my Bullet Journal, and you might want to draw also an Angel on some pages on your Bullet Journal.

To draw the sketches you will need a soft pencil (B2) and while you draw the first shapes to draw the angel, try to do the sketches very lightly so you can erase the pencil lines later with no problem at all.

The next step to work on is to draw the lines with an ink liner, you can check my favorite liner on Amazon, I’m happy with the results and the ink stays on the paper even when I work with watercolors after I draw with the liner, the ink won’t bleed at all.

The process to draw an Angel is similar to the steps you need to follow when you want to draw anything, as these steps will make it easier to draw anything you want to and get the results you want every time.

When you know the steps to follow, you will master the art to make it, follow my steps and then you can try to draw an angel your own style.

Step 1

As you can see on this page on my Bullet Journal, I first draw the shapes I will need to draw an Angel, a circle, two rectangles and one triangle.

Then I add the lines for the arms, and feet.

The next two steps is to add some details to the drawing.

How To Draw An Angel - Bullet Journal

Step 2

The next step is to work with the pencil first to round the lines and to add more details to the Angel. Once you’re happy with the design, you can start to draw the Angel with the ink liner.

When you decide your Angel looks good you can erase the pencil sketch with a good pencil eraser.

How To Draw An Angel - Bullet Journal

Step 3

Add more details to the Angel, and it will be ready to add some color on it if you want to. For the moment I will keep this angel black and white.

How To Draw An Angel - Bullet Journal

I hope this tutorial will help you to draw not one but a few angels on your bullet journal, I like to draw some drawings and keep them on my Bullet Journal.

Whenever I know I have an appointment where I’ll be for some time in the waiting room, I can work to add some color on them, this way the waiting time will be shorter!

Thanks for making the time to visit my blog and leave a comment.

How To Draw An Angel - Bullet Journal

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