Month Setup Bullet Journal – September

A new month will come with fresh air, Fall colors on the trees, time to go and look for warm and cozy clothing and rubber boots, it’s time for a Month Setup of the Bullet Journal – September is here!

When I think about September, it brings memories of weather changes from warm Summer month’s to fresher weather as the seasons will change from Summer to Fall.

Soon day by day I will see how trees bring up the beautiful Fall colors, time to do a list of chores to be ready for Fall like:

  • Get out of the closet some cozy blankets.
  • Get the Fall clothing ready to wear it at any moment as the weather changes.
  • Bring out the cooking books to change from fresh salads to warm earthy soups.
  • Start doing some cleaning in the garden as plants start to come to an end for the season.
  • Get some Fall decorations to keep our home cozy.

So many things to think about getting prepared for the change of the season that you don’t want to forget anything, at the same time you will keep working on your goals and plans to make your dreams come into a reality.

Once again, the Bullet Journal is the best tool to help you to keep working on everything you have in your mind and do everything the best you can.

It’s time to take one or two hours and work on the new spreads for September,

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Month Setup Bullet Journal - September

September Front Cover.

Something easy to do, just some circles and lines and the cover is ready, with the month calendar on it.

As you might know by now, I like to work on my own DIY Bullet Journal when I’m at home and not traveling, so I work on a A4 paper but I work on a A5 layout, so I make two spreads in the same paper sheet.

I just fold the paper in half before I punch it and add it to the Bullet Journal.

So in one half of the paper I have the month cover page and in the other half of the paper I like to draw the Future log, so I can write down the important things to work on every week.

Once I write down the important things to work on this month, I can work to turn them into the goals I want to achieve this month.

Goals are not always big and important things, they can be also some small goals to achieve in life, you might think like starting to eat healthy might not be so important, for some people might be seen like a goal to achieve.

When you work on your Bullet Journal, there’re big and small goals to achieve and all of them is important to write them down and to make a plan to work on them.

A few paper spreads on your Bullet Journal can help you to achieve anything you want to.

Month Setup Bullet Journal - September

Habit Tracker.

This spread is a must if you want to get a new habit in your life to help you to achieve a goal. Every month I add this tracker to my month setup.

This tracker helps me to write down the habits I want to change and it helps me to build up a better lifestyle.

Month Setup Bullet Journal - September

Mood Tracker.

Not all days are the same, once you start working on your mood tracker you can pay attention on what days you felt better and what days were just a challenge to keep going.

It’s not about just adding some color to this spread, I even suggest to you to add some small notes about why you feel happy and why you’re not happy and feel sad or stressed.

Small notes or even bigger notes will help you to know yourself better and how you work out any difficult situation.

Get a Mood Tracker FREE Printable here!

Gratitude Calendar.

I also like to work on a gratitude calendar every month and I write down three things that make me happy that day.

You can read here: 3 Gratitude Journal Ideas.

I agree with the idea to focus on good things that happens in our lives than the hard moments, So I keep my gratitude calendar in a notebook and I write a sentence about what I’m grateful for in that day.

If you want to look at More Month Setups to find more inspiration to help you to get your Bullet Journal ready for September, you can take a look to these month’s setup.

In August you can also find some special and bizarre days to mark on your Bullet Journal and personal planner.

Weekly Events:

Week 1 – National Simplify your Life Week, you can plan a few things to do to make your life easier. This will be a good idea to work on with a To Do List.

Week 2 – National Smile Week, it would be so nice if everyone can share a smile to wish other people to have a great day!

Week 3 – Friendship Week, It will be a good idea to plan to go for a coffee with a good friend.

Week 4 – Be Kind to Humankind Week, this will be so nice for this week and keep it all year round.

Some Day you might want to have in your mind this month and it would be a good idea to mark them on your Bullet Journal.

1 – National girlfriends Day.

2 – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

3 – International Beer Day.

4 – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

5 – Sisters Day

19 – National Potato Day

26 – Women Equality Day

27 – Just Because Day

There might be more list to prepare before September gets here, you will need to make also a To Do List or a Undo list for you and your family.

The Bullet Journal is one of the best tools we can carry all the time with us to help us to remember task to do to achieve our goals and make our lives better.

If you already have your own, you might be looking for ideas to help you to make those beautiful layouts and spreads to help you to get organized and achieve your goals.

But if you’re new to a Bullet Journal, and you want to start working on your own, you might want to take a look to my recommendation to find the Bullet Journal for you.

Take a look to my Bullet Journal Recommendation.

But if you want to DIY your own Bullet Journal, you can read about the tools I recommend to make your own Bullet Journal here.

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Month Setup Bullet Journal - September

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