to do lists for this Summer

20 Lists To Do For This Summer

Summer is here, weather is perfect, make the best of it and make memories that will last forever!

“So many things to do, work, work and more work to do, no time to enjoy life”

Does it sound familiar to you?

To make the best of life is an art that can be learned, and the best of this is it’s not hard to learn how to do it.

Yes, it was me a few years ago, I was a single mom and my days used to be work, work and more work and children and house chores.

But life has ways to let you know what is best for you, and this time I’m glad I got the message with no hard time to learn it, life gave a good friend.

This friend had some knowledge to share with people, and one day he told me, “-don’t work so hard everyday, you’re doing good, it’s time to learn how to relax, let things work for you and get some relax time for yourself”.

His advice had a lot to do with the new philosophy of life to learn how to work and not to be so busy 100 % of your time.

It’s time to focus on work when you’re at it, and the rest of your time, enjoy life.

Even if you only have 10 minutes or 30 minutes everyday to do something for yourself, go for it!

Don’t worry about “what to do to make the next million of dollars for yourself or for your family!”, take 10 minutes to relax and to look around you, maybe a glass of fresh water or a coffee or a tea, or maybe a 10 minutes talk with a friend or your kids… then you can go back to work.

Things to do on Summer.

To do lists to make for this Summer

The purpose of a personal planner is to help you to make of your life the best for you.

Why not to take 5 minutes to write a “To do lists” to make this Summer.

I give you 20 + ideas of “to do lists” for this Summer.

  • Six months goals
  • Trips to plan
  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • Favorites quotes
  • Career goals
  • Go to dinner ideas
  • “No spend activities”
  • Summer bucket list
  • Exercise plan
  • House projects
  • Personal plans
  • Daily affirmations
  • Ways to give back
  • Family + friends birthdays
  • to do list
  • Not to do list
  • “Have done” list
  • Things to do in my home town
  • Financial goals
  • Favorite vacations
  • Greatest accomplishments
  • Favorites memories with my children
  • Life goals

I’m sure you will come up with more ideas!! why not to share them in a comment? I would love to listen to you!

Make the best of this Summer, you don’t need to do the greatest thing ever to have a great Summer, find the great in simple things and be sure to do something you love.

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To do lists to make for this Summer

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