9 ways to improve your life

9 Ways To Improve Your Life


The main purpose to start working on a personal planner is to improve your life.

If you had been trying to do everything everyday I guess you might feel so tired today, and you might think you can’t keep at it, you might think you need to do something completely different in your life.

I understand you, I have had some days like that, yes I had tried to do everything in a single day, and at the end of the day I was so tired, just thinking about next day… hmm I didn’t even want to think on next day!

When you get organized and you think on every thing you need to do next day in a different way, life starts to flow easier and you’ll find you can do many thing (one at the time) and you’ll get some free time for yourself and for your family.

The secret of organized people that can do a lot in their lives is no more kept as a secret.

When you start working on your personal planner, you will write down every single thing you need to work on or do next day, next week and next month.

You will know exactly what you need to do, you can get organized and you will know in advance what you need to do for every single task, and with time you will get the knowledge to know in advance how long will you need to work on every single task, so you can organized your day with some time for work and some time for you.

As you get more time for yourself, then it’s time to get the good habits to help you to live a better life.

10 ways to improve your life.

9 ways to improve your life

Just start.

As simple as that, once you think you need to change your life, it’s time to start, one step at the time, one new habit first, don’t try to change everything in your life in one day.

Little changes will lead to a better life, when you master the first change, then work on the second on your list, and soon in a few months you will see your life has changed a lot for good.

Done it’s better than perfect.

Whatever you do doesn’t need to be perfect, we grew up with the idea we should be perfect, and whatever we do should be perfect.

No more 10+ scores or “Excellent” on your test, every one of us has our own pace, we are not machines, we can’t do everything the same and perfect.

I know you will do your best, and that is the point. At the end of the day you will see you did a lot, as you work this way, with time you will see you can do less things that matter and makes more for you and your goals, and you will do these things better.

You need a break.

Once again, humans are not machines, you need to take a break every 90 minutes.

If you have a regular job, and you work on an office, try to take a break, there are some exercises you can do on your chair, or walk to the bathroom and do some stretch exercises for 2 minutes.

Have you tried to start doing meditation, it’s said you can start with one minute. Or maybe just do some deep breathing, no one will notice it.

If you work at home, do the same, every 90 minutes get off your desk and go for a 5 minutes walk or do 5 minutes meditation.

Get a nice work place.

Even if you work in an office that is not nice looking, you can bring something there that will make it nicer.

Try to have something around you that will make your working hours nicer, and this will keep you working in a better atmosphere.

If you work at home, working on this will be easier for you, surrond yourself with a nice environment and it will help you to work better.

“Hard to do task” should be number 1

The night before you should work on organizing next day, find that “hard to do task” of the day and place it on the first place on your to do list, by doing this you can work fresh on this task and you will finish it first time in the morning, the rest of the day you can work on more pleasant things.

No means No!

How many times you’d said “yes” or “ok” or “oh, well someone needs to do it”, it’s time to say “No”.

If someone asks you to do some task no one wants to do it, you can also say “no” to it and don’t feel guilty for doing it.

It’s time to focus on what you need to work on than trying to please everyone.

2 or 3 Task Everyday.

As you work on planning and organize your next day, be sure to write down no more than 2 or 3 big or important task to work on, when you write down more than three tasks for a day, you will have not enough time to work on them, it’s better to learn the art of organizing your “to do list” and get everything done on it every day.

When you work on just 2 or 3 tasks everyday, you will see how you can work on them with better results, small changes will lead you to do more and better, and you will find how many things you did in a week and in a month.

Don’t try to do everything every single day.

How to work on big tasks.

You will get to work on big task often, doing important things and hard work for long periods of time will tire you out.

Every time you get a big task to work on, you can take some time to think how can you work on it, break this task in smaller tasks.

Then you can work on smaller tasks at the time.

5 minutes tasks.

Those little tasks you get on your “to do list” often, don’t write it down, as soon as you get it, work on it.

If you can’t work on it at that moment, write it down on your “to do list” and light it up in a bright color, so you can remember that is a 5 minutes task and you can do it as soon as you get time to work on it.


As you work to improve your life, work on your personal planner, follow these 9 ways to work with better results with less work, soon you will find how spending 5 or 10 minutes writing on your planner will improve your life.

Do you have another way that has improved your life? why not to share it on a comment?


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