Be successful life

Be Successful Life


Why some people succeed while other people never can reach a point where they can be happy or feel like they reached success?

Online and offline, more and more people are looking for a way to reach success.

One way or another you might be one of them and me too, I would love to improve my lifestyle and do many more things, even if you want to have a minimalist life you might want to reach a point where you can say you have a successful life.

So, what is that make a difference between reaching a point of success and never reach it.

I just watched Richard St. John Ted Talk where he talks about the 8 secrets of success.

Richard St. John made himself the question about why some people reach success? are they smarter than the rest?

Well, non of them, he had been working for 7 years and made over 500 interviews, he says anyone can reach success and he points 8 things to work on.

Be successful life


Everybody should know what you love to do, if you work on it, and you build up a life around your passion, work won’t be anymore a hard thing to do. The more you work around your passion the easier it will be and it’ll be easier for you to get a job or start a business and money will come to you.


Find a job or start a business it’s never easy, you need to work on it.

Have you heard about “Ask and you will get” according to the Law of Attraction you need to ask and you will get anything you want to. Well the bad news about this is you need to work hard on it.

It will be easier to work on your work or job if you find something to do according to your passion. You might be good on one thing and it will make things easier for you.

Be good at it.

When you start doing something as a job or business, you need to work hard at it until you’re the best on it.

Being average will not pay the bills, and it won’t take you anywhere.

Be the best of what you do, it will help you to get anywhere you want to.

There’s not any rule here about what to be, anything you want to be, just be the best you can.


In life, everyday you will face many distractions, the more you focus on your own project, the better you will become and you will reach success sooner.

If you find yourself easy to get distracted by anything, use your personal planner to write down your goal, your plan and your strategies to stay focused and reach your goals.

Push yourself ahead.

Don’t wait for anybody to tell you you must keep going.

Push yourself to keep going, write down your goals, and write down a plan to help you to achieve any goal you want to reach.

Anytime you find yourself with a new idea about what to do to help you to keep working on your project, write it down.

Write some motivation notes, to remind you to stay focused on your project.

Be useful.

To achieve success in life you need to be useful to people, the more you help others the more success you will reach.

If one of your goals is to work on your own business, the point here is to find the way to help people to solve a problem.

You already know what is your passion and what you love to do, some people might have problems to work on that topic, you can help them to work on it.


As you work on your passion, and you know what people are looking for to solve a problem, you need to take a moment or a day to work on getting some ideas.

Write them down, (yes, again have at hand your personal planner and it will help you to do this) every idea will be good, make a long list.

Take a look to that list of ideas, and study the possibilities to work on one at the time. You might find here a good business idea.

Keep at it.

How many times you have heard about the 1000 times Thomas Alba Edison tried to make a bulb light and he failed but nothing stopped him until he made the right one!

You might know a few stories of people who tried hard until they reach success.

Don’t quit at the first problem, I’m sure while you work on your project you might face all kind of problems, small and big, but any problems have a solution.

If you find a solution of your problem you might have found a business idea!

Don’t quit, keep at it.

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be successful life


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