How To Write A Gratitude Journal

how to write gratitude journal

How to write a Gratitude Journal will help you to learn how to focus on the good things that happen in your life and feel better about it, it’s easy to start it and you will learn how to add some color on it and doodles, to make it your own style! How To Write … Read more

Fall Bucket List – Don’t Miss The Fun!

  Every season brings the best of it, and Fall could be the favorite for many of us, weather turns a little cool and invites us to do many things. From go outdoors for a hike, dress cozy for cooler temperatures, drink a hot latte spiced and pumpkin flavored and why not to have a … Read more

Bullet Journal: How To Be More Successful

bullet journal how to be more successful

  As you keep working on your Bullet Journal, or on your Personal planner, you’ll learn how to be more organized and be more productive. If you started to work on getting more organized and be more productive, it is because one of your goals is to build up a better lifestyle for you and … Read more

5 Things To Stop Doing To Be Happy

5 things to stop doing to be happy

  It’s well know by many of us that happiness is created by our minds inside, and not by external circumstances or things. As we all wake up to a new day, many of us expect everything will go ok, and everyone is nice so our day will go smooth and then we’ll be happy… … Read more

9 Ways To Improve Your Life

9 ways to improve your life

  The main purpose to start working on a personal planner is to improve your life. If you had been trying to do everything everyday I guess you might feel so tired today, and you might think you can’t keep at it, you might think you need to do something completely different in your life. I … Read more

Why you need a personal planner.

best personal planner

  Hi, I’m glad you’re here, as you want to start working on your personal planner to start living the life you dream on, once you learn the ABC of planning your life you’ll see some changes on it and your life will be easier and you will see more success in your life. You … Read more