how to start the day right

How To Start The Day Right.


You might have so many things written on your “to do” list for tomorrow, tomorrow seems to be a busy day!

How to start the day right and make the best of it and finish it with a smile on your face after a long day where you did the best of it?

Start early.

If you set your alarm clock 20 to 30 minutes earlier, you will get enough time to do all those things for your morning routine.

If starting a little bit earlier every day or your work days is hard for you, start only with 10 minutes earlier the first week and add 5 minutes the next two weeks and you will gain 30 minutes in about 4 weeks and you and your body will get used to it, you don’t need to do everything the first day to get used to an earlier wake up, read how you can get used to a new habit.

Picture what you want.

More and more people and better life couches tell us to get used to visualization, this means to take a moment to picture in our minds the desired results.

  • A better job
  • Your own business, off or online
  • A body in shape
  • More money in your pocket
  • A perfect week-end or the perfect vacations
  • More free time

Taking the time to visualization your results will train your mind to find the way to work for it, not everything comes for free, we need to work to get whatever is best for each one of us.

Taking the time to think on what you want to get in your life, first in your mind and then write it down on your personal planner, don’t leave your thoughts in the air, they can vanish in 30 seconds.

Write them down and make a plan to make it happen.

Healthy Habits.

More and more doctors and couches tell us to take time to get some healthy habits, and the reason for this is simple, a healthy life will give you a better quality of life, your health will be better and stronger and will allow you to do more in your life.

Eating and exercise, good habits is a must today, learn how to eat better and find the time and will to exercise everyday is hard sometimes, but work on it, change one habit at the time and go out for a walk starting with 15 minutes, you will see soon you will be doing 30 to 45 minutes walk easily.

Select your three important things to do.

Even your “to do list” is full already for next day, take time before going to bed to check on it, find the 3 important things you need to work on next day.

Start your day working on them, find the way to work on this with the Pareto Law, when you do the important things you will lead your life into a better life.

We used to get busy with so many things every day, but sometimes those things we do are not important or will not lead us to do better in life.

Work everyday first thing in the morning on those 3 important things and you will get more free time for the rest of things on your to do list.

Start to work.

If you don’t work you won’t get anything done, as simple as that.

Now you know how to write your to do list for every day and every week and you know what is more important, it’s time to work.

As you know what you need to do, make a plan and a strategy to work on it, you will find by doing this you will get used to work on important things in an easier way.

Plan your next day.

As you work on your day, you will notice things or appointments you get for next day, make your new to do list for tomorrow.

Don’t leave anything in the air, your planner will be your best friend, write everything you need to do on it and plan your next day, early in the morning you will know what you need to do and you can start your day early and you will finish everything on it early.

Practice Gratitude.

While working on get used to a better life you will notice how well you’re doing, you can do more on less time with better results.

Don’t forget to give thanks, early in the morning or before you go to bed, won’t take you more that one minute to think on everything you have in life.

Getting used to be grateful will train you to pay attention to all good you have already in your life and it will train you to notice all good around you.

If you need a little help to work on practicing gratitude, you might want to start working on a gratitude journal.


When your day at work is finished, unplug from it, it’s time for yourself and all those who live with you.

Enjoy this time with your love ones! You don’t need to think about your work or anything else. Be there with you and your family and enjoy your time there.

Have a good night sleep.

You have done everything well today, and you have everything set on your to do list on your planner for tomorrow, it’s time to have a good night sleep.

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