Best 7 Bullet Journals

Best 7 Bullet Journals 2022

The Best 7 Bullet Journals 2020l are the next generation on personal organization and life planning methods, as you work on it you will find a way to get everything on it: lists, to do list, appointments, calendars, agenda, but it also can be your notebook, doodling book or your sketchbook as well.

As you start to work on your bullet journal you’ll find it wil be easier for you to take notes, make list, keep up the appointments and have more free time for you.

Best 7 Bullet Journals in 2022

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Moleskine Classic Colored Notebook

Moleskine Classic Notebook

Gold Vein White Marble

Blue Gemstone Watercolor

Sweet Pink Flower

Not All Who Wander are Lost

Dot Grid Notebook by Th(ink)

Best 7 Bullet JournalsAs one often choice for resolutions on every New Year is to achieve some certain goals that will allow each one of us to have a better lifestyle, job, weight, etc., your new Bullet Journal can be your best friend to help you work in a smarter way to get everyone of your resolutions for 2018 and for every time of your life.

It’s known that efficient people who use to work day by day with an agenda are more likely to accomplish each one of their goals than people who never work with an agenda to set up the plans and strategies that will help the successful people to reach their goals.

A few years ago and for many years “agendas” were the only way for people to take notes of the important appointments they didn’t want to miss.

As life has evolved more and more every day, everyone of us face new challenges and new dreams to accomplish. We all need a new way to keep track of our needs and make plans and strategies to help us to accomplish our dreams and improve our lifestyle.

Taking notes, draw layouts for a weekly or monthly calendar, make some doodling while you take notes, and why not even drawing a sketch while you wait in that waiting room, all of this is part of our lives, and an agenda is not enough. Not enough room for all that creativity that is waiting to come up to brighten up your life!!

How to start a bullet Journal.

If you’re interested to be more productive (do more with less work) you might be interested to know how by starting a Bullet Journal can help you.

While you take notes, you will be writing all the details you need to remember for the next day, next week and next month, by doing this, your mind will have more freedom to focus on what you do at the present moment.

You will be working to set up your daily routine, three tasks to work on every morning, first thing so you can focus on working on them as a fresh start, these tasks will be the one you pick to help you to achieve your goals, you’ll be working on them with the resources you need for them, make a plan, set a strategy and get everything you need to work on it.

Day by day you can monitor your advances on your plan, by the end of the first month you will have a clear idea how far you have reached and you’ll know what you need to change on your plan to achieve your goal or if you need to work on it.

No more dreams in the air.

No more wishing for things to happen, you’ll be the one who knows exactly how to work and what to do to turn your dreams into reality, turn your dreams into business that will help you to improve your lifestyle.

Moleskine Classic Colored Notebook

The classic idea of a planner can take you to Moleskine notebook and you’ll be right on it, Moleskine notebooks are always known by their quality and classic design.

To understand better for its clients needs Moleskine has now a dotted notebook for all Bullet journal lovers, if you’re looking for the best dotted notebook to get to start your own BuJo, this might be the perfect one for you.

Customers find it has a good quality paper to write on its pages with ink and gel pens, but you might find while you write ink it can be seen on the other side of the paper, for some people is an important thing to think about before buying it again, but it looks like more people find it’s ok for this notebook.

It’s soft cover is flexible and sturdy, what makes it a perfect notebook to carry with you in your bag most of the time, its dotted paper will allow you to work on it for your own designs for better results of your goals and plans to improve your lifestyle.

Product details:

Diary: 192 pages.

Language: English.

Product dimensions: 13.3 x 1.3 X 21.3 cms.

Weight: 340 grms.

Average customer reviews: 4 1/2 stars.

Soft cover with elastic closure and bookmark ribbon

Expandable Inner-Pocket

You can get the price on Amazon here.

Most of the customer reviews on amazon are positive about this Moleskine notebook and customers are happy with it and they’ll buy it again.

You can also find this notebook on other colors like: pink, khaki beige, and black,

Moleskine Classic Notebook.

I’ll start this list for planners that’ll work perfect for your Bullet Journal with this Moleskine Classic Notebook, and the reason is simple, I love classic things and this notebook makes planning and working on my day by day work to achieve each one of my goals the perfect way.

Even it’s price is a little high for many, its quality puts it in the first place of choice for many people who are interested to start working on getting more organized to do better in many aspect of their lives.

Whether you’ll be working with it or you’ll be writing, taking notes, sketching and doodling while traveling, its soft and sturdy cover will protect this notebook and will adapt pretty well to your bag,

As every Moleskine product is made with the best quality acid free paper, it has also rounded corners, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket.

Product details:

Publisher: Moleskine

Language: English

Product dimension: 19 x 1.3 x 25.1 cms.

Weight: 422 grm

Average customer reviews: 4 1/2 stars.

You can check this Classic Moleskine Notebook price on Amazon Canada here

Among the customers reviews on this notebook you can read about its paper quality and right size.

Whether you have small or big writing you will find its big size will make it easier for you to work on it as a Bullet Journal, every page will allow you to fill it up with the data and notes you need to help you to be more productive.

I have tested it and my favorite Steadler fine liners don’t bleed on its paper.

The dotted design of this Moleskine notebook will be the perfect notebook to work on to improve your productivity and creativity 

Check today’s Price on

Gold Vein White Marble

This bullet journal has 1/4 inch dotted grid paper, it has 160 pages, it measures 6 x 9 inches that makes it easy to carry in your bag or purse. The cover is made of matte, sturdy paperback is what it makes it perfect for a  diary book.

This blank planner is perfect to work on it for your bullet journal, planner, doodling, line drawing, hand lettering, calligraphy and more.

With this planner you will find it easy to work on it drawing your own layouts and decorate it inn your own style, the paper quality is good to work adding some stickers or washi paper.

This planner is perfect to work on it for your life plans on your daily basics and it will be perfect for any student who wants to remember every class assignment and achieve all there goals by the end of school year.

One of the best seller on Amazon, you can get the price on Amazon Canada here.

Check today’s Price on

Blue Gemstone Watercolor

A great bullet journal for beginners, it comes with 156 pages, it has however 10 pages to explain how to use its samples with a watermark that makes it a little hard to work on these pages, but if you use some stickers, you can work on these pages with no problem at all. best planners 2018

The cover comes with a beautiful gems illustration made with watercolor which makes this planner really nice and good looking.

Product details:

Paperback: 156 pages

Language: English.

Dimensions: 20.3 x 25.4 x 0.9 cm

Shipping weight: 381 grm

Average customer reviews: 3 1/2 stars.

Check the price on Amazon Canada here

Sweet Pink Flower

Special version for Bullet Journal with dotted paper, this is a cute planner to get for yourself to get organized with a good paper quality that will allow you work on its pages for your organization, planning, and to use it also as an agenda, but you’ll need to work to draw the layouts for your weekly or monthly calendars, perfect also to work on your different types of list and to do list, trackers, motivations quotes and much more such as doodling or sketching.

When you visit amazon to read about this planner you can read customer reviews and they are happy with this planner and its quality, this is what makes it a perfect bullet journal for beginners.

Product details:

Paperback: 156 dotted pages.

Language: English.

Product dimensions: 20.3 x 25.4 x 0.9 cm

Weight: 399 grm

Average customer reviews stars: 4

Check the price on Amazon Canada here.

Easy to carry with you this planner will help you not to miss a note, its elegant and beautiful floral design will help you to keep working on your creativity to find your own style while you draw, doodle and sketch or while you make new plans and dreams.

Not All Who Wander are Lost

This planner is perfect to work on it as a bullet journal, it comes with 150 dotted pages, its measurments 20″ x 8″ makes it perfect for you to work on it, you will be working on your own ideas to get better in planning and setting up all your goals and resolutions to work on this year. best planners 2018

Its paper quality makes it perfect to work on its pages with ink and gel pens, but its pages are thick enough so you can work even with your sharpies with out any problems.

This planner is cute with good quality.

Product details:

Paperback: 150 pages.

Language: English.

Product dimensions: 20.3 x 25.4 x 0.9 cm

Weight: 363 grm

Check this planner price on Amazon Canada here

When you get this planner you’ll be working on an excellent planner to let your creativity out.

Let yourself to dream and take notes and make plans, add on this planner everything you need to help you to achieve each one of your goals.

Dot Grid Notebook by Th[ink]

Th(ink) notebooks are notebooks designed by designers, which makes them perfect for everyone who wants to work on them as a bullet journal, it lays flat when you open it for easy use, this way you can work easier while drawing the layout for all kind of calendars that you will use on your BuJo. best bullet journal 2018

This note has 100 pages (50 sheets) of high quality paper, thicker than other brands that will allow you to work with no fear with fountain pens and markers.

The designers chosen to have on this notebook light grey dots of  5 mm. on both sides of each page, this is the perfect design that will help you to work your creativity for drawing and planning while you work on it.

You can use the dotted pages as a guide while you take notes, write a plan for your business or make a drawing or a sketch.

Th(ink) thinks on the environment when producing this notebook by using certified FSC paper which has been harvested from sustainable sources.

You can check this Th(ink) notebook price here.

The design, its quality, and thinking about the environment makes this notebook a perfect pick to start working on your next Bullet Journal.

A little help is always nice.

If you are a beginner with your Bullet Journal, don’t be afraid to make some mistakes while you’re doodling or drawing, but if you want to get some great help to draw those amazing designs you have in your mind and you’re afraid they won’t be good enough. best planners 2018

Why not to get these Stencil Plastic Planner to help you to make those amazing designs on your Bullet Journal, Planner, Diary, agenda or on your notebook.

Check Today’s Price on



When you decide to work on a Bullet Journal as the best tool to work with to achieve everyone of your goals to improve your life, you’ll find any notebook is perfect to work with.

But as you learn how to draw that perfect layout that will help you to work easier and faster, you’ll allow your creativity to come out and set up those perfect pages that will help you to remember better your notes and your plans.

I truly believe that by being creative on every page, it is easier to remember things and find the best way to work with them.

Don’t let the same gray layout of just another regular piece of paper take your dreams away!

Best 7 Bullet JournalsFeel proud of yourself while you design your next page on your own bullet journal, add your personal touch, find your personal colors, discover your own personality and let it evolve within time.

Try some notebooks to work on for your first Bullet Journal until you find the one that is perfect for you, the paper, the grid, the color of the dots and its size.

Nobody is the same as the others, why your Bullet Journal needs to be the same as the rest?

Visit websites of people who are working with a Bullet Journal, get inspired and discover your own style, then share it with the rest of us!

Open an account on Pinterest or Instagram and share with the rest of the world your own Bullet Journal.

If you pick one of these planners to start working on them this year, let me know which one of them it is on a comment, I would love to read about your plans and your work and dreams.

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