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Bullet Journal 2018 Free Printable February Edition


If one of your resolutions on 2018 is to get more organized and work in a smart way to achieve each one of your goals, the Bullet Journal is the best tool you want to work on all year round.

As you work on it, you can set your goals based on your resolutions and make a plan that will help you to achieve your goals by the end of the year and even earlier.

When I write my ideas on paper, this helps me to not forget them and I can go back to read them again anytime I need to. It’s so easy to forget some ideas I think that are good to try and 5 minutes later I don’t remember it anymore.

Once I write a note on paper about that idea, I always can go and take a look at it so I can work on it.

As a Bullet Journal is all in one, it’s easy to keep everything in one place, writing ideas on a piece of paper is easy to misplace it and never to see it again, does this happened to you? But when you write down ideas or notes on your BuJo, you can always find them again, and this is what I love of it.

At the begining, when you start to use your own Bullet Journal, you will need to spend some time looking at the pages you will add to it to help you to get organized, some will work for you and some might not, but you might need to try them all.

Bullet Journal Ideas

The good thing about trying all those layouts is you will soon find the ones that works for you or you can even make your own.

When you take some time to work on your own layouts you will know exactly what your needs are to get organized and to work better with less effort. So don’t be afraid to modify any layout, make your own and work with it, make notes if you see you need to add some information or take out some information to add something new.

The best planning system is the one that works for you and not for everyone.

You can always look on Pinterest or Instagram to find some Bullet Journal inspiration, if you don’t have a Pinterest account you can start your own and start pining some ideas you would like to try on a board. This is the best idea you can do to find some inspiration for your Bullet Journal.

To set up my new Bullet Journal 2018 free printables I used:

Dotted paper

Staedtler pigment liner 0.3

Crayola markers

Crayola colored pencil

Staedtler eraser


Pages ideas everyone should try.

A good idea to try is to set the pages you will need for the following month, February 2018 is here and I took some time to work on some new pages I would love to work on.

Dates to celebrate or to remember.

This is an easy page to make for your Bullet Journal, and it’s important to be able to set a page where you can make notes about some important dates to remember this month, birthdays, anniversaries, and anything you already know you have an appointment to attend or a speacial day to keep.

One good advice when you start planning your new month calendar is to mark and highlight all those dates to remember, or days you need to have for yourself or for your family.

Don’t just go work, work and more work, be sure to highlight those days you want to keep for yourself and for people important for you.

Then, you can mark those appointments you alredy have on your calendar, and don’t forget any of them.

And then you can now write down your time to work, mark those days you need to start a project and the date when you need to finish it and deliver it.

February Mood Tracker.

I would like to start working on a month mood tracker and get creative, for this month I did a sketch to add some color according to my mood, a plant where the flowers are hearts, something simple but it might work, by the end of the month I will see how it turned out!

This month layout.

This month I would work on things I’m curretly doing and most of the time I don’t even notice them as:

What I’m reading. As I already have two or three books on my night table, it’s time to quit watching tv and focus more on reading books.

What I’m eating. One of my goals for this year is lose some weight and I want to keep at it as a lifestyle change not as just a diet that last only one month and after it go back to same old eating habits, now I have set my lose weight tracker so I have one of the best tools to keep me motivated to keep at it.

What I’m drinking, it would be interesting if I can drink more natural water and healthy green tea than those sugared comercial drinks.

What I’m feeling. If I want to improve my life and health, I should pay attention on what I feel, positive and creative feelings help to create a happy life.

If I pay attention to what is going on in my life month by month, I might learn how to stay in a better mood and stay more positive.

Needing, thinking, wanting, working, making; will be some of the things I want to pay more attention to during this month.

100 things that make me happy.

Can I find 100 things that make me happy in one month?

Well I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes, by the end of the month I can share with you how it did go.

To be able to find in one month 100 things that make me happy I will focus on the aboundance that is already here, even it small things like: weather is getting nicer every day, days are getting longer, if we get lucky I’ll see some crocus poping up, I can see summer clothing in stores now, that’s a good thing to see, no more winter clothing at least for some time, lol.

There’s always some good ideas to think on when you take a moment to set up your Bullet Journal for next month, each one of us has there own ideas on what to do for this new month.

I hope by sharing my new month set up with you I can give you some ideas so you can add some of these new pages to your own Bullet Journal, I know there’s many great ideas to work on to make life easier, happier and more productive.

Focus on what you want to bring in your life and there’s always a way to work on it!,

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