Best Way To Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

The Best way to crush your limiting beliefs will help you to know what is holding you back from feeling happy and reach success in your life.

You wish you could be successful in everything you do, your personal life, career, business, blog, but you feel like every time you want to move on something is holding you back and you just can’t make it happen.

Best Way To Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

First, let’s take a look on what is a Belief:

Belief is an attitude we have whenever we take something to be in case or regard it as the truth.”

Limiting beliefs are everywhere, you might have heard them since you were young, many times we got them at home, there are many good examples of them and anyone could write a long list.

They are there in our minds and they will stay there until the day you decide to pay attention to them and take your time to look at them, to know where they come from and how to get rid of each one of them.

Everyone was born to be a successful person, no matter what you do in life, you have the potential to become successful in your personal life and in your career.

You just need to believe you are meant to be, and you can start today to make some changes, and as you work on it, you’ll see some changes in your life and in your career.

Let’s take a look to some good examples of a few beliefs you might have heard before, I’m sure as you read the examples more ideas will come to your mind, be sure to have a piece of paper and a pencil at hand and write any idea of limiting beliefs that comes up to you.

1 – “I don’t need to be successful, so I’m not going to strive for it”

How many times you’d heard that in your mind or someone telling you that, every time you want to start something, this idea comes up to your mind right away!

Why to start something if you’re not good at anything, you won’t be successful no matter how hard you try.

It doesn’t matter how hard you’d tried, nothing comes up good!

It’s time to think in a different way, sometimes it didn’t work because you thought it won’t work for you. But as you change your way to think, you might want to try it again with the idea to success this time in your mind.

If something is not working good, all you need to do is to try a new method or some help from someone who already did it.

  • Start a new career.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Start working from home.
  • Earn the double or the triple of your income.
  • Get rid of those extra pounds or kilos.

You can do anything you have in your goals list, all you need is to change your mind to “I’m able to accomplish anything I want” and look for the way to find success this time, whether it is learning the right way to do it, or to get some help from someone in that field who has already had success.

Always Remember that beginnings are not easy, don’t give up, it might take you longer than what you thought and it might be harder, but you can do it.

Write down these beliefs instead:

  • “I succeed because I can”
  • “When I am successful, I have more resources to achieve any goal I have in my mind”
  • “When I achieve my goals, I can help more people to achieve their dreams”

Best way to crush your limiting beliefs

2 “It’s too late!”

How many times have you heard that to learn a new language or a new career is too late for you!

Have you been told that you can’t change your life because you’re too old.

How many times people tell others not to start something because it’s too late for them.

It’s true children learn anything so easily and you get amazed on how easy they can learn, but age will not stop you to start all over again and do better in life.

It’s time to take some time to write down on your planner or Bullet Journal, any phrase you have heard before that is stopping you from staring today.

It doesn’t matter how small your goal is, you can succeed if you start today!

Changing your career at 20s, 30s, 50s or even at 60s and make a living from in at something you really love to do is not anymore something you can’t achieve.

Today, we all have the opportunity to start anything we always dream of doing with more chances of success.

  • Live the life of your dreams.
  • Start a new career.
  • Start your own business (online business)
  • Speak more than one language
  • Write a book
  • Travel
  • Live in a different country.

Anything on your list will be possible if you take the first step.

Write down these beliefs instead:

  • “it’s never too late to pursue anything”
  • “I can start today and I’ll do it!”

3 “You’re poor, you can’t do it”

I bet you have heard that sentence more than once and every time you heard it, it hurts.

Today, we all have the good examples of many people who are big success stories and when they started they weren’t rich or they didn’t count with a huge bank account to back them up at the beginning.

No matter what you want to accomplish, you can start from scratch.

  • Learn a new language => You can watch some good YouTube videos to learning the basic of any language
  • Start your own business => Today, with the help of the internet you can learn how to start the business you always dreamed of for free, start at the beginners point and from there, you can start making some sales to save enough money to buy the best training you can pay.
  • Improve or start a new career => This point is similar to the previous, today you will find great help to start working to improve your career or to change it, as you learning the new topics you’ll be able to save some money to sign up to a paid course or to college.

Whatever you want to improve in your life, don’t wait to be rich enough to pay for that, you can start to take the first steps with some free courses on the internet or sign up to a program you can find in your community.

Today, you can find some well-known University that shares some free courses online, sign up today to and you might find the course you have in your list to improve your life and your career.

Everything can be accomplished, a starting point would be to take your time and write everything that comes up to your mind that is stopping you to take the first step.

If money is what is holding you from taking the first step, change the way you see this limiting belief and you’ll find the solutions.

Write down these beliefs instead:

  • “I have more resources to achieve my goals”
  • “I always find the way to succeed”
  • “Nothing is impossible, I only need to take the first step”

Best way to crush limiting beliefs

4 “I don’t ask for what I want, because I can get rejected”

How many NOs you have in your list after you asked for something?

If I show you my list, you won’t believe it!

The first you might have gotten, I’m sure it hurt you deeply, and it stopped you to keep working on it.

Some rejections can hurt more than others, and when you’re working hard on your goals, you might get a few No on the way.

Some “No” can be used as a learning curve, the next time you go to ask for something, you might have learned why it didn’t work out as you expected and this time you go more prepared to get a “Yes”

Many times when you get a “NO” it might be the opportunity for you to try something else or to work on your goal from a different way.

Don’t take any “NO” as personal, people most of the times don’t want to hurt you, it might be they were not ready for that or just simply they don’t want to do that.

If you know your goal deserve to be achieved by you, you can keep working on that, at the end you’ll find the way to find success at it!

Use these beliefs instead:

  • “Rejection is part of life, every NO is an opportunity to try again”
  • “To receive I need to ask before”

Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts

The list of limiting beliefs can be long and in many cases they can hurt you deeply.

Most of the limiting beliefs come from our childhood and they were said to us with no intention to hurt, but they got deeply in our minds and they have stayed there stopping us to take the first step to a change.

Any notebook or your Bullet Journal once again becomes the best tool you’ll have in your hands to help you to know what limiting beliefs you’re hosting in your mind and today is the right time to take action to change them.

Successful people don’t take any “NO” personal, they take them as a learning curve and they will keep working on as many ways they need to work on, until they find the way to succeed.

The same way you need to work on it.

how to crush limiting beliefs

How to crush Limiting Beliefs on your Bullet Journal

I’ve created a FREE printable for your Bullet Journal so you can write down all those phrases you have in your mind and that hold you back from taking the first step to live and work in the way you always dream of.

Print out as many copies as you need to, write the old beliefs that stop you to do anything you want to do and write down the new beliefs that will help you to succeed on anything you want to do!

Write down the date, you always come back and take a look at it, make a new copy and write down how far you have reached and write down if you still need to work on any of the old limiting beliefs and make the changes you need to do to achieve your goals.

Closing how limiting beliefs can be stopping you from being successful

Take your time to write down all those limitings beliefs you have in your mind, this might take some time, as you can see when you think on them, it might be hard to see them as a limiting belief.

Start with the first one, write it down and write how it has stopped you to achieve any goal you had in your mind in the past, than you can write the empowering phrase to replace it.

Take your time to write down why you want to make your goal to happen and write also a short plan to achieve it.

Changing your mind patterns can take some time, you’ll see how every time you want to think about your goal, the old limiting beliefs will come fast to your mind.

It’s on you to be aware of them and replace them with your new empowering phrase. You can do this as many times as you need to, Later, you’ll see how easy it will be for your mind to start thinking in a different way.

Keep this paper on your Bullet Journal or make a copy and stick it on your fridge, look at it as many times as you need to, it will help you to get better on anything you want to accomplish.

I’m sure you’ll be back here and you’ll be writing a comment about how hard it was at the beginning but at the end you made it happen!

I’ll be more than glad to read that comment from you.

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how to crush limiting beliefs


Don’t wait for tomorrow, take your time to download the free printable where you can write about your own limiting beliefs and the new empowering phrases to work on your goals and make them a full success!

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how to crush limiting beliefs

5 thoughts on “Best Way To Crush Your Limiting Beliefs”

  1. I can totally relate to #1 Alejandra,

    I used to be those people who always use the “Too Late” excuse to get away from work but as I grow older, I soon realized that it’s not something to joke about. When you’re 30 and you look back at your dreams, believe me, I wish I would have used all those time wasted by saying too late on better things. Not anymore! I’m 32 years and I’m picking up French 😀

    1. Hi Riaz,

      You’re not too old, being 32 you’re young enough to do anything you want to.

      Yes, age is only a number, attitude will help you to reach all your goals! Keep at it and soon you’ll reach all your goals!

  2. This has got to be the most motivating article that I have read in a long time and it really lifted my spirits, especially number 2 “It’s Too Late”

    That applies to me so much as it is exactly how I felt a few years ago after I had a heart attack

    I couldn’t go back to my old job as a scaffolder which I had done for 20 years but I thought it was too late to start something new until I started working as an affiliate marketer and ever since I am always open to new opportunities that might come about and grab them while I can

    It’s never too late no matter what age you are, everybody needs to give themselves a break and think that the best is still to come

    Awesome article by the way and I have bookmarked it to keep reminding myself that it’s NEVER TOO LATE 🙂

    Is the printable really FREE?

  3. Thanks for this review. Many believes are there to hinder ones success if care is not taken. I agreed with you , it is indeed never too late to pursue success. This made me remember my University days when women that were old enough to be my mother and  even grandmom  were struggling to obtain drgree in certain discipline with us. They are the one that understand that there is no age limit in success. The best fulfilment one can ever make is to overcome our limiting believes in order to dissolve the shell of failure and welcome success. This is a very interesting review I love to read.

  4. Best Way To Crush Your Limiting Beliefs…….. Thank you for the inspirational post. I agree with you. Actually, we think success is a very difficult thing. And it’s not easy to achieve. This is a misconception. I believe it is possible to achieve success with hard work and good practice. We must hard work to achieve something like this.
    Thank you so much for your helpful post. 🙂 

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