Best Bullet Journal Designers To Follow

The Best Bullet Journal Designers to follow to get inspiration and great ideas to design your own spreads to get organized and make the best of your lifestyle!

Whether you’re a beginner or already a master of Bullet Journalism, you’ll be always happy to find another Bullet Journalism who shares there work.

Best Bullet Journal Designers To Follow And Get Inspired

Learning to be more organized and to get everything on your To Do list done is an art that you’ll master as you keep working on it.

Learn to design your own spreads will be easier when you find a master of spreads design and you follow there Instagram account to get new ideas and inspirations to master the art of Bullet Journalism.

You have already in your hands the best tool to help you to set new goals to improve your lifestyle, your career and anything you want to accomplish in life!

Keeping it simple and well organized or learn how to add some color on it and drawings is an option to each one of us. But I’m sure simple or decorated, every Bullet Journal will become a piece of art and it will tell the story of your life!

1 Bujoinspire

This instagramer will always inspire you to make beautiful weekly and monthly spreads to get organized and do everything you have on your to do list.

Best Bullet Journal Designers To Follow

Visit Bujoinspire Instagram and follow her.

2 Lallayena

When you find someone who is so creative to design the most beautiful Bujo spreads, you might want to spend the whole day watching the videos she shares on Instagram and get inspired to give it a try.

Sweet and naive, pastel colors, beautiful pastel color stickers and nice characters is something you’ll always find on the spreads she shares almost daily on her Instagram account.

She has build a big and loyal audience, her secret, you won’t find a BuJo spread that will disappoint you!

best Bullet Journal designers to follow

Visit Lallayena Instagram account and follow her.

3 Little Hannah Shop

She is a pro when you talk about designing beautiful BuJo spreads that will inspire to keep working hand in hand with your own Bullet Journal to make each one of your goals to happen.

Since the first day I found her Instagram account, I’ve been following here, every time she shares a new post, I can’t stop watching her videos and learning from her how to make beautiful spreads.

It doesn’t matter you’re looking to make a monthly or weekly spread or just to make a new to do list, you will want to follow here to watch every one of her new posts.

If you like how easy she works, you can visit her Shop and order some of her Stamps, I know she will be so happy to get a new client!

This account is in Spanish, but one great thing about Bullet Journal is that it doesn’t matter in what language you write your plans and your schedule, you’ll always be able to admire and to understand the main content of a Bullet Journal language!

Best Bullet Journal Designers To Follow

Visit Little Hannah Shop account and follow her.

4 Kr.journals

Kaitlyn has a small account on Instagram where she shares a few beautiful and simple BuJo spreads, you will admire her work to make beautiful paintings on paper and keep the planning simple.

Theme topics and beautiful color is what make her spreads to stand out.

best Bullet Journal Instagram accounts to follow

Visit kr.journals Instagram account and I’m sure you’ll follow her.

5 Roberta Ranierre

Her Bullet Journal is so artistic and you’ll love to follow her Instagram account, you’ll get inspired to try some of her lettering ideas and you’d love to take a look to her artistic work of paintings.

She has so much to share, from beautiful Bullet Journal spreads, and also great watercolor work!

Instagram accoungs to follow Bullet Journal

Follow Roberta Ranierre account on Instagram

6 Marie @ Journalspiration

Marie shares on her Instagram account her beautiful work on her Bullet Journal, you can take a look to lots of beautiful made spreads.

From weekly spreads to trackers and beautiful well-designed Month Covers.

Most of the photos from her Bullet Journal are in well-balanced black and while with a dash of color.

Bullet Journal Instagram accounts to follow

You can follow Marie on her Instagram account here

7 Roz Bullet Journal

Roz shares her beautiful work on her Bullet Journal made with lettering and watercolor.

As you follow her Instagram account you’ll be inspired for simple and well-designed spreads, you’ll see how she designs nice spreads with tools you already have at home

Spreads made simple and with lots of room to help you to plan and get organized to work on anything you want to.

bullet journal instagram accounts to follow

Follow Roz on Instagram here

8 Tiny Ray Of Sunshine

Kim is another outstanding Bullet Journalist!

She shares her Bullet Journal work always keeping clean and well-designed spreads that will help you to work day by day to make your dreams come true!

Working to make a beautiful design that will not take long for you to do any spread is the dream of any bullet journalist, and Kim is the probe you can do it too.

bullet journal instagram accounts to follow

I’m sure you’d love to follow her on Instagram here.

9 Gigi An Organized Hustler

If you love to take a look to a well organized and versatile Bullet Journal, you’d be happy to find Gigi’s Instagram account.

From simple spreads to get organized a week to beautiful well design house plans to motivational phrases, anything can go on a Bullet Journal and Gigi knows how to do it!

A beautiful proof that you can get your life well-balanced and organized in black and white.

bullet journal instagram accounts to follow

Take a look to Gigi\s Instagram account and I’m sure you’ll be happy to have found her

10 Simply Productivity

Noukka’s account shares her own Bullet Journal but also shares the work from other different Bullet Journalist.

You’ll find on her account a new whole world of beautiful well-designed spreads where you can get the inspirations and ideas to work on your own spreads to get your life organized and make your dreams true.

best bullet journal instagram to follow

Follow Anukka’s Instagram account here.

Closing The Best Bullet Journal To Follow On Instagram.

Small and big dreams will become true as you keep working on it.

Don’t be shy, start today designing your first weekly or monthly spread, I’m sure it will be OK and start working to get your life organized.

The main purpose of a BuJo is to help you to get everything done and get more free time for yourself and for your family.

Mistakes are always welcome, one more line here and there will be OK and within time they will become part of your own style.

Keeping it in black and white or adding some color will depend on your own style.

Everything goes and every spread will become a piece of art, but most of all it will be part of your life story.

In a few years you’ll be happy you started today, soon you’ll have in your hands not just one but a few Bullet Journals where you can read how well everything worked and today you’re living the lifestyle you always dreamed to have.

Enjoy the simple things’ life brings you and celebrate every goal you accomplish!, you’re doing great and everyday it will be easier!

Any notebook can be used as a Bullet Journal, as you use the best tools to design your own spread, a regular notebook will become your own piece of art, start today, don’t wait for tomorrow, the right moment is here!

If you find this article good and helpful, follow me on Social Media, if you have an Instagram Bullet Journal account and you’d love to be added in the next Instagram Accounts to follow, leave your Instagram Account on a comment so I can follow you, I’m sure you have beautiful spreads to get inspired by many others bullet journal instagramers to follow

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  1. Sam Frederiksen

    Well I going to start following all those bullet journal designers on instagram.  I really like how creative they all are.  None really are the same, which I admit surprised me a little.  I have to admit I prejudged this topic before I even came to this website.  I just assume you seen one you seen them all.  And of all people I really need to get more organised.  Thank you for opening my mind to some great sources of inspiration.

    1. Hello Sam and welcome to the fantastic world of Bullet Journalism.

      Many people can start their own Bullet Journal but as each one of them keep working on it, each one of them will become an artist as they create the most beautiful spreads at the same time as they get their life well organized!

  2. This is really cool.  I had never heard of bullet journal designers but just by looking at some of the pictures you provided, they are really creative and detailed. I could really use something like this to keep track of my goals and milestones because using the notes app in my phone is getting too sloppy and makes it hard for me to stay on track. So I am definitely going to check this out on Instagram and see if I could incorporate it into my lifestyle. Awesome article though, really interesting.

    1. Thanks Garrett for your visit today and taking the time to write a comment to let me know you liked this post.

      Let me know when you have some spreads ready on your Bullet Journal, I’d love to see them!

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