Bullet journal month cover DIY

Bullet Journal Month Cover DIY


Bullet journaling is a great system to boost productivity and organization, setting up the new month pages it’s a great way to let your creativity out.

Sometimes you don’t need any fancy and pricey tools to work on your Bullet Journal, a regular pen and some color pencils will do great!

Bullet Journal Month Cover DIY

The monthly log.

Since I started to work with my personal planner a few years ago, I discovered how helpful it is to set a few pages a few days before the new month is here to help me to set up my activities to help me to achieve my goals for this new month.

As I change to work more and more on my bullet journal I find it easier to work here to be creative and design my own month cover and other pages.

These designs don’t need to be perfect, and it’s a way to let your creativity to try new things and new techniques, maybe one month you want to work with color pencils and next month you might want to try watercolors or markers, and every month cover will be perfect.

As you work on the covers for every month with your own creativity, you’ll end up by the end of the year with 12 different pages, where you can see how great your designs are, each one of them!


I think it’s a good idea to work on new bullet journal spreads to begin every month:

bullet journal month cover

March new month spread

This month I wanted to try something different, I wanted to make the month cover with red bold lettering in red with some white lines inside.

I used the red Bic soft fell medium point to draw and fill up each letter.

I’ve been inspired by the great art pen work  of Andrea Joseph, she makes the most beautiful designs and illustrations using only different kind of pens, but her work is always beautiful and stunning.

She has an online course where you can learn to do lettering, and I think if you’re interested to learn how to draw beautiful lettering for your Bullet Journal you might want to take a look to Andrea Joseph work (I’m not an affiliate for her online course).

Back to my March cover page… I’m happy with the result, it took me a couple of hours to work on it, but as it was the first time I worked on this kind of lettering I’d to try a few things before I worked full time on this cover.

I’ve tried a few different pens to work on lettering, but this time this Bic pen was a surprise for me, it works pretty well and soft, you can work on the lettering with no problem and ink comes out of it smooth and always in the same amount and with no problem to have to clean the point of the pen every 5 minutes to avoid dark spots of ink on the paper.

bullet journal month cover

Spring Bucket List.

After a long and cold Quebec winter, I’m just looking foward some color in my life, new things to do outside and being able to go out and enjoy again of some time outdoors.

I find that making a Spring Bucket list with a few nice activities will help me to spend the last winter days with the hope of better weather coming soon here, nothing fancy but some activities to do to bring happiness.

  • Go for a bike ride; there’s a bicycle trail that will be open on April 15 and I hope to go there soon to do some exercise.
  • BBQ dinner; who doesn’t want to have a bbq again?
  • Look at the starts; with no need of winter coat, hat, gloves, boots!
  • Read some books outside.
  • Have an outdoor tea party.
  • Eat ice cream, and many nice things to do outdoor.

I’m sure when you do your own Spring bucket list, you’ll come up with many nice things to do outdoor too.

bullet journal month cover

I also made a new Mood Tracket, you can see the mood tracket for last month here, it’s always nice to work on a new one and this time I wanted to draw some flowers and the leaves will be where I can track my mood for this month.

Gratitude / Count My Blessings.

Be aware of how lucky we are everyday has become part of Bullet journaling, life can be not easy sometimes but it’s always good to look around and see how many good things we can have in our lives.

You don’t need to write down everything, one or two things you’re happy with everyday and by the end of the month you’ll have a list of good things that happened to you on this month.

Everything can go here, from small things to big things, some days can be more exciting than others, but I think there’s always good to notice in everyday!


A Bullet Journal is the best tool to help you to get organized and achieve every goal you want to achieve in your life, but it also can help you to keep record of good things in your life.

Taking the time to set up a few pages every month, will help you to be ready and to get the best of this new month.

As I work to set up the pages I’ll be using this new month, I also think on you, I hope as I share my new pages I can give you some ideas to you, feel free to copy them, yes you read right, it’s ok if you want to copy them, or one or two.

As you work on your own Bullet Journal, at the beginning you might want to get some ideas, as you keep working on it every month, you’ll discover your own creativity and you’ll get the most beautiful designs of your own, then I’m sure you’ll be sharing them so everyone can get inspired.

If you have any question about the tools I use to create these new pages, feel free to ask, leave me a comment.

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