Month Setup Bullet Journal - October

Month Setup Bullet Journal – October


Trees start to change color and will bring the most beautiful landscapes, it’s time for a new Month setup Bullet Journal – October.

In just one week we’ll be welcoming a new season, Fall; the favorite season for many will bring those favorite Fall colors, from green, yellow, to the most vibrant oranges, reds and browns.

The weather starts to change and it will bring fresher temperatures, we all need to take a look in the drawers and closets and bring out scarfs, sweaters, jackets and boots, no more warm weather for countries in the north hemisphere of the planet, on the South everyone will be enjoying the good weather and they will be looking for light clothing and making plans for some vacation time visiting a lake or the ocean.

But not for us, who live in the countries where Fall will bring all those things we love to do during this season, it’s time to work on the new Bullet Journal spreads for October and make plans and to do list to achieve our goals.

How to set up a new month on your Bullet Journal

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I always like to make a month cover with some illustrations for the month, this time I decided to draw some pumpkins.

I use dotted A5 paper but I design two layouts on each paper, this way my Bullet Journal becomes A5 size and it’s easy to work on it and to carry it when I go out for the weekend or for vacations.

You can check the current price of dotted A5 paper here


On one side of the paper I design the month cover, and I write down the month, so I don’t miss a day.

With the other side of the paper, I like to design the Future Log, this way I can mark down some important events during the month so I don’t forget any: birthdays, parties and special occasions with friends and family.

With the Future log you can also mark down important events for your business or important tasks to work on.

If you want to achieve a specific goal during each week, this is the place you can write it down and you also can highlight with color these goals you want to achieve during this month.

Month Setup Bullet Journal - October

A month calendar for your Bullet Journal.

This time I’m adding a universal month calendar, I made the template and I did some copies, this way it will be easier to just take one for the following months, write down the month and the dates and write down any event of an important date.

You can get inspired by this idea and make your own month calendar and keep some copies ready to use.

Month Setup Bullet Journal - October

It doesn’t take long to add some color on the month calendar, by adding some color you can make any calendar more visual and it will make easier for you to remember any date.

To add some color I use the Color Collection Bic Markers, these markers are so easy to use, and don’t leave any mark after you fill up some space on the paper with color as other markers do.

You can check the current price for the Color Collection Bic Markers on Amazon here.

Month Setup Bullet Journal - October

To add some color on the month cover, I used also the Bic markers, it didn’t take long to get it done!

Month Setup Bullet Journal - October

Mood Tracker Idea for your Bullet Journal.

You can’t skip adding a mood tracker for a new month, this time I made one pumpkin and I will adding some color to it as the days go by during the month, it will be fun to check how it looks like after the month ends.

mood tracker idea bullet journal

To do List.

There’re always things to do on a new month, don’t let yourself forget a task or something important you need to work on during this new month.

How to set Month Goals!

Things to do are not goals, you might have many things to work on during a month, but your objectives and goals should be clear.

Once you know the goals you want to achieve on a new month, you can write a to do list of things or tasks to work on to achieve your goals.

You can work on a plan to follow to help you not to forget your objectives and start doing another thing!

One to three goals per month will be good for anyone! it’s better to work on one thing at a time and you’ll see some good progress in your life.

The Habit tracker for your Bullet Journal.

Another must to have on your Bullet Journal! Don’t forget that day!

I already did some copies of it, so I have the mood tracker ready just to add it to October!

Canadian Thanksgiving day – October 12th

Some important dates for October 2018

Week 1 – Get organized week

Week 2 – Fire Prevention week

Some Holidays for October:

1 – International day for elderly.

1 – World vegetarian day.

5 – Do something nice day.

6 – International Frugal Day.

6 – World Card Making Day.

7 – Oktoberfest.

19 – Evaluate your life day.

24 – United Nations Day.

25 – World Pasta Day.

31 – Carving a Pumpkin Day.

31 – Hallowing.


Now you know a few days to celebrate or to do something unique in that day!

Make your own layouts for your Bullet Journal, or set those important things to work on your planner, you can make the best of October 2018!

Achieve that goal and make your dream a reality! it’s always possible!

One thing at the time, and by the end of the month you’ll see how much you did!

I thank you for making the time to visit and read my blog, I hope you found that idea you were looking for to get your Bullet Journal or your planner ready for October 2018!


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  1. Beautiful blog about planners. I’m a planner and journal freak and I just love everything that has to do with planners and BUJO or Bullet Journals. This is a very comprehensive and full of amazing ideas for planners. Also love the idea of October theme…very cute and unique. To me Bullet Journals are like therapy, it’s so relaxing and it helps me focus on my goals.

  2. Hi Alejandra,
    Wonderful write up and post on the month setup bullet journal. What a great and creative idea to be be month specific to help us with our to do lists!
    I am somewhat of a control freak with my planner. My wife will sometimes ask me if I remember to write and cross off things like “shower” or “eat lunch”. She thinks she’s so funny.
    I absolutely am reliant on my planner. These month set up bullet journals are a wonderful idea – thanks for sharing!
    Mat A.

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