Best Personal Planners 2019 Under $30

Best Personal Planners Under $30 – Make It Happen

It’s the time to shop to get the planners that will help you to make the best year ever, here are my best personal planner under $30 – 2021 picks.

A personal planner is the best option to work on while you work to start to do things smarter and not harder!

Nothing better than to get into a system that will help you to get everything done, to know in advance what tasks you should be working on with your goals in your mind, will help you to achieve any goal you want to achieve to live the life of your dreams.

Whether you’re currently working on a regular job, or you decide to start to work on a personal project to quit your job in the future, you need to find the way to get more organized and make the plans and set the strategies that will help you to know what steps to do to achieve those goals.

Working hand in hand with a planner, is the best way you will find to help you to learn how to get organized and to make the perfect “to do list” to work on and don’t lose your focus.

Work fresh on the important tasks, and you’ll see the improvement on anything you’re working on.

Keep everything noted and see the good results within a period of time, one month, one week or one year will mark the difference.

Don’t keep those dreams in the air, write them down and make a plan to make them a reality.

Any notebook can be good to write down a dream, but a good planner will help you to work on a system and will save you lots of time, here is the list of my pick to start the best way on 2019!

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1 Moleskine 2021

Moleskine planner has become the favorite one for many, it’s a high quality paper that will allow you to work with different types of pencils, pens and markers.

This time Moleskine has come up with a large size planners that will allow you to work on each page more comfortably to write your to do lists, plans and events, so you can work on it to make the magic happen in your life, get everything done!

The weekly planner comes with enough space for each day and it also comes with a lined page so you can write note’s, goals, to do list, and other important things you need to focus on each week.

Some of its features are: rounded corners, elastic closure, ivory-coloured paper, expandable inner pocket, “in case of loss” page, ribbon book marker, lie-flat opening, and it only weights 70 gr.

Size: 7.5 x 9.5

check the price of Moleskine 2021

2 Action Day 2021

The cover is nice looking with a sturdy rubbery feeling that shows its good quality. As you open it, you’ll notice the end page is different from the rest of other planners, it has a well-designed year calendar, which it note’s holidays for a few different countries: US, UK, and Canada.

At the beginning you’ll find a few pages where you can find great information about how this planner works and how to get a good attitude to get the best of the year, you’ll also find some motivational quotes.

It comes in different colors, you’ll can find your favorite to work on it through the year!

It comes with an elastic closure, hard cover with rounded corners, wire / spiral bound spine, and an elastic pen loop.

You won’t lose this planner as it comes with owner’s information page.

It will help you to get your whole year organized as it comes with 12 pages teaching tools, month at-a-glance pages for the year, 2 contact pages, 27 pages for taking note’s.

It has a layout designed to help you to get everything done, it comes with two pages spread for each week as well as: diary section for appointments, to do list section, goals and projects section, delegate projects and teamwork section.

Check the price of Action Day 2021

3 Undated Minimalist Day Planner

An A5 planners that will help you to make the best year ever!

Durable soft cover, 80 gr ink proof paper, universal layout, undated, daily and monthly pages. It comes with a plastic protect box and users guide.

The daily pages will give you plenty of space to write your appointments by the hour, as it only comes with daily and monthly section you will find it easy to get organized while you work with this planner.

It looks sturdy, sophisticated and great quality, its front cover is firm enough that it seems like it won’t wear out, but still flexible.

check the price of Undated Minimalist day Planner

4 Personal Daily Planner

In this small beautiful Personal Daily Planner, you’ll find a new layout idea for your to plan your day, it has changed from hourly planning into chunks of time to plan your day.

On its daily undated layout you can find enough space to plan your day in a different way, on the top of each daily page you have a space to write down what you must do that day, it’s imperative to do it!

Life can be improved when you work focused on what is important!

After that imperative task to work on every day, you’ll have periods of time from 9 to 12 am, 12 – 15 pm, 15 – 18 pm and 18 – 21 pm, by working this way, you can plan the tasks to work on in advance, set up your goals and make a plan, then write down the tasks to work on and you’ll see the good results in a period of time.

Some great features of the Personal Daily Planner are: Eco leather soft cover, durable plastic box, A5 size, premium ivory paper, a ribbon bookmark,

One con the users find on this planner: ink bleeds in the paper and ink can seep through the paper.

check the price

5 Undated Minimalist Day Planner

If you’re looking for a minimalist planner to work with in 2019, you might want to give the Undated Minimalist Day Planner a try.

Its designers came up with a nice simple dotted layout to work on while you plan your days.

Each weekly layout has a daily columns where you can write your plans, note’s, goals, or to do list for everyday, you can also mark down all your appointments for everyday on the hourly space for every day.

Saturday and Sunday has a smaller space for you to plan what to do during the weekend. The weekly layout has also some room for doodles or sketching.

Made with high quality paper, simple design and it has a double heavy-duty loop that help this planner to lay flat so you can work on any page with no problem at all.

It comes with 13 undated month pages, so you can start to work on this planner anytime, you don’t need to start to work on it until January.

7 x 8.5 “, make it nice size to work on it at home or carry it with you all the time, this planner will help you to not to miss any appointment or event.

Check the price of the

Undated Minimalist Day Planner

6 Eccolo July 2021

This planner is thin, and it’s size is 8 x 11″ (Master Plan), hard cover, spiral agenda planner. 78 weeks calendar, 18 monthly planning spreads and weekly two pages spread.

On each week layout, you’ll get the horizontal format, on the left side you’ll get the whole week, on the right side you’ll get the weekly plans, the to do list and note’s section.

You can use the right side of the layout for your personal note’s and tasks. When you work on a weekly horizontal format, you don’t need to transfer the daily tasks from one day to the next one, you’ll get a glance of the whole week.

If you have some tasks or note’s to write down for your work, you can use the note’s area for this purpose.

This planner comes with an attached ribbon as a bookmark.

This planner also has a few note’s pages for you to use on your personal note’s, in the beginning of the planner you get two pages month at a glance for all months, with enough room to write down events, birthdays and other important dates you don’t want to forget.

The paper can feel thin, but its paper is made with good quality, the only con you can find for this planner is the ink can lightly seep out when you write on its pages.

Check the price of Eccolo 2021


7 – Premium Business Planner For Minimalists.

No date personal organizer A5 size (7.5 x 8.5).

This planner has 385 pages where you can work on to get your life well organized, personal, business and dreams, everything will be perfectly in order to help you to achieve any dream you want to have in life.

Its layout are perfectly designed to help you to work in just 5 minutes to get your day organized and you will know all the tasks you need to work on every day.

This planner is made with a durable soft cover, it’s made of soft Eco friendly leather, it has a plastic box to help you to keep it in good shape while you work on it, the beautiful golden page ends gives it an elegant look, the paper is high quality 80 grs ink proof, it has a ribbon bookmark to help you find the current day.

Try this planner and if you’re not happy with it, you can return it and you’ll get a full refund, as this planner is only sold by the producer on Amazon. This will give you a full guarantee for one year!

Check the current price of the Premium Business Planner For Minimalist

8 – Cabbrix Sapphire Blue Planner.

Cabbrix planner contains 12 months and 53 weeks organizer with monthly, weekly and daily sections, when you work on this planner, you can organize, plan, track and structure your life to help you to work to achieve any goals you want to get in your life.

The weekly layout has daily sections divided on four time periods, you have enough space to write down your appointments to attend or the task you need to work on every day.

It has a luxurious look, it has a durable soft cover, its thicker paper is resistant to ink bleeding, it makes this planner perfect if you love to add some doodles while you work to plan your day or week.

This planner opens flat, from page one to the last one, you’ll be comfortable while you write on it to plan your life.

This planner is size 7 x 10″, which it makes the perfect size to carry it with you most of the time, it is a thread bound which help it to open flat.

You’ll get a full year guarantee when you buy it. You can read the customer reviews on Amazon and it has already 5 stars reviews!

Check the current price of the Cabbrix planner

9 Pennx Agenda Daily Planner

This is an undated daily planner, which it makes more flexible for you to start anytime, you will need to write down the date on the layout before you start to plan your day or week.

192 cream colored pages, (96 sheets), this planner has monthly, weekly and daily sections to give you the perfect layout to work on while you plan your busy life.

The cover is made of high quality Eco friendly synthetic leather, which gives it a nice feeling touch, it has an elastic band closure to help you to keep it closed, it has also an expandable inner pocket to help you to keep some stickers or note’s in its place.

The daily undated layout has enough space for you to plan your day with the important tasks to work on each day. This way while you work on this planner, you don’t need to think about what to do on the next day as you’ll get everything written and ready to work on it.

Check the price of the Pennx Agenda Daily Planner.

10 Moleskine 2021 12M Limited Edition Peanuts Weekly Notebook.

Have a great year while you enjoy life affirming vintage Peanuts quotes and graphics as you work on this planner to help you to achieve any dream or goal during the cumming year!

If you’re looking for a planner with the Moleskine quality but with a cartoon style, you won’t go wrong with this beautiful limited edition Peanuts weekly notebook.

Perfect size (5 x 8.5″) to carry it with you all the time, you won’t miss any appointment or date during this year as you’ll get everything written on this planner.

It has a well-designed weekly layout in one page with daily sections to write and plan your week.

It comes with an elastic closure, Moleskine high quality ivory-coloured paper, expandable inner pocket, some useful tools for planning your life, matching color ribbon bookmark, and it opens flat to help you to work on it.

Check the current price for the Moleskine limited edition Peanut notebook.

11 Moleskine 2021 12M Limited Edition Petit Prince

If you’re one who loves to dream and you always look to see the inside beauty on everything, you might have grown up with the philosophy of the Petit Prince!

Dare to dream while you work smart to achieve your goals!

Nothing more delightful than to work on a planner with the Petit Prince quotes and graphics to help you to make the plans you need to work on, and to work on the daily tasks to achieve any goal to make your dreams into your real life!

As all the Moleskine 2019 agendas or notebooks, this one has the high quality ivory-coloured paper, you will be writing on its pages to make the best of your life this year!

No dreams or goals will be unreachable when you work to design a plan to help you to achieve it.

This planner will become your favorite and you’ll carry it with you all the time.

Check the current price of the Moleskine 2019 Petit Prince limited edition.

Best Personal Planners – Closing Thoughts:

Here you have 13 planners to pick yours from; each one of them is a great planner to work on, it will help you to write down anything you want to work on and don’t miss any appointment or any important event in your life.

Learning to work on a planner is not hard to do, as you start, you might get a few doubts about if the system will work for you, as you keep working on it, you’ll learn what to write down and what not to.

Making things simpler and easier is one of the best things you’ll get in your life when you master the art of working hand in hand with a planner.

The size is not important here, there are a few big planners and you’ll find some nice and cute small planners to get on this list, but what is important is what you write down, and to learn to make a plan to help you to achieve any goal.

One year is a good period of time to measure the good results of a plan, it doesn’t matter what your goal is, personal or for your career, a planner will help you to keep track of your work day by day, week by week, and month by month.

You’ll be keeping track of the good results and make any changes you need to do in time to achieve your goals before 2019 comes to an end.

Highlight those good results, it will give you the motivation you need to keep at it!

If something is not working the way you wanted it to, change the plan, improve it… but never change the goal!

If you have any question about this article, leave a comment below and I will reply to it.

Now, be awesome, if you find this article helpful to pick the right planner for you, share it on your Social Media and help your friends to achieve any goal they are working on!

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