How to get a daily routine

8 Reasons To Have A Daily Routine

You wake up everyday and you think about hundred things to do, after breakfast you don’t even remember what you said you should do first?

Some days are just like that, too many things to be done and too little time to do all that!

One of the reasons you should keep your personal planner is to help you to get organized, to know in advance what you need to do, that way you can relax a moment as you know everything will get done.

The simpler you keep it the simpler it will stay.


7 reasons to have a daily routine


8 things that will help you to get a simpler life.

1. A routine helps you to get some specific habits.

Once you start writing down on your planner all those things you need to do for the next day, week and month, you will know what you need to work on in advance.

You will get the habit to do this, as you work to have a routine it will make it easier for you to get some specific habits.

A routine helps you to keep yourself focused on what you need to do.

2. A routine helps you to do more.

Having a daily routine can help you to do more in less time.

3. The more you work on a routine the easier it gets to plan it.

Once you get the habit to plan your routine for next day, you can start your day with no worries about what to do first and what to do next. You will have a routine already.

When you get the habit to make a routine for next day, you will find soon you will have some free time for yourself or to do things you love, as taking care of your family.

4. A routine can make you feel more secure.

To know ahead what you have in your task list for next day, this can help you to be more creative and find a better way to get everything done.

As you get more creative to think on your tasks for next day, you will learn to make and work on a strategy to do your task in a more efficient way.

5. A routine can help you to take all that stress out of your life.

If you keep working on a plan or strategy to do all your tasks in a better and more efficient way, you will find that you can do all things you need to do with less anxiety and you will get everything done, that will take the stress out of your life.

6. A daily routine can help you to stay more focused.

As you work more and more on a daily routine, you will see it will get easier to accomplish everything on your to do list.

As you don’t need to think on many things at the same time, you will find you can get more focused on the task you’re working on in a particular moment.

Every time you finish to work on a task, you will know what is next on your list, your mind is free to be focused and you will have your planner beside you to let you know what is next.

7. A routine doesn’t allow procrastination.

You won’t need to think about all those things you need to do every single day.

You already have a routine, and you know in advance what you need to work on. No need to think every single moment about how many things you need to do, and with it, your mind can get so busy, that will not allow you to start to work on the first thing.

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Procrastination is not allowed in a routine, and you will have more free time for yourself or for all those things you want to do after your work is done!

I hope you get some help to do more with these reasons to have a routine.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, I will answer your question.


9 thoughts on “8 Reasons To Have A Daily Routine”

  1. I totally agree with this post – I feel lost without a routine and if I don’t start correctly in the morning it throws me off for the rest of the day!

    I particularly agree with the last two points – that a routine can help you stay focused and doesn’t allow procrastination. I get up, have breakfast, do my morning yoga routine and then start work. I find on the days where I don’t do yoga for whatever reason I feel bit uneasy the rest of the day!

    1. Hi Loise,
      Thanks so much for making the time to read my blog and write a comment, I love to hear from you all.
      I’m glad you found the last two points good to work on, it is true a routine can help you stay focused and do all things on your to do list.
      Have a great day, and keep on the good work.

  2. Hey there. This is good information you’re providing here. I know there are so many people, including myself, that have a hard time using their time wisely to get everything they need to do. Also, I agree with you on having a routine helps getting the stress out. This is personally a problem that I struggle with and I’d love to improve. Thanks for sharing this post I will definitely use the tips!

    1. Hi Carlos,
      I’m glad you made the time to write a comment to let me know you found this post about how to make a daily routine, I’m glad you found it interesting and you want to give it a try.
      Let me know how you doing.

  3. Thanks for reminding us about the importance of having a planned daily routine. This is a great way to get organized and be on schedule.

    Without a daily routine, one can get off track ever so often, and not getting all that needs to be done within the day. This routine is indeed a simplified way to help anyone keep focused and to get tasks done efficiently.

    Not having a planned routine in place can really cause stress and procrastination. The ideal thing to do is to have one as it makes you feel more secure to know that you will get your tasks done for the day.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much for making the time to read my blog, I’m glad you found this post about how a daily routine can help you to get more organized and do better in your day.
      Some times we use to have long to do list for every day, this can cause some stress and procrastination, if you follow this points to make a daily routine, in time you will see you can do more with less stress.

  4. Hola como estás!!!! Pues también me uno a los comentarios!! claro que es súper importante!!! y creo que ésto me hará mucho bien, porque lo voy a confesar SOY DESORDENADA y aveces no encuentro mi punto de inicio…gracias por este post! 🙂

    1. Hola Noor,
      Qué gusto que estés aquí, y me da mucho más gusto que me dejes un comentario, pues me da la oportunidad de saludarte!
      Pues bien, manos a la obra y a poner un poco de orden!!
      Qué sigas bien, y disfruta una vida un poco más ordenada 🙂

  5. Ever since I was a student, I tried to be organized with my daily routine as much as possible. I used to have a note pad (pen and paper style) and would plan my activities/tasks/chores throughout the month.

    Now, with the convenience of smartphones, I have apps to help me keep track minus all the paper clutters. For important events, I would set an alarm so that I don’t over look the matter.

    Now that I’ve started blogging, having a strict daily routine is even more important because every bit of my online success depends on it.

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