Best Mood Tracker Free Printable 2019

Best Mood Tracker Free Printable Of 2021

If 2019 is a year when you want to track your mood to learn more about it, and to understand your mood changes during a day, and why your mood changes, this mood Best Mood Tracker Free Printable is what you are looking for!

If you’re tired to see how your mood can change from happy to sad or to mad from one minute to the next one, and you don’t know why it happens.

A mood tracker will be the tool to help you to keep a track of your mood, so you can understand why it can change from one moment to the next one, and what are the triggers that can make this happen.

Best Mood Tracker Free Printable Of 2021

Best Mood Tracker Free Printable

What is a mood tracker

A mood tracker can be any piece of paper where you can mark down your mood every day, at the end of the week or a month, you will have a list of days with the mood you had each day.

A mood tracker can be any paper where you can make notes about your mood as it changes, you don’t need any fancy or complicated diagram to follow.

If you want to keep it simple, all you need to do is to write in a new page on any notebook a list from 1 to 31 (the month days) and write a word that will describe the mood you had during each day.

By the end of the month you will have a complete list of your mood during that particular month.

As people get more creative, mood trackers have changed from a simple list to the practical graphs where all you need is to add some color to each day, getting to work in this way, it will make it simple to track your mood by the end of each month.

More creative people have started to create the most amazing mood trackers with fancy drawings that will help you to track your mood and at the same time will help you to work on your creativeness.

It’s important to say, it doesn’t matter what way you prefer to keep track of your mood, from simple to amazing mood trackers, each one will help you to do the job and to know more about yourself.

Why you should have a mood tracker

It’s important to know that everyone feels emotions and moods every day, there are people who are stable and their moods keep about the same most of the time, on the other hand, there are people who their emotions and moods can change from one minute to the other in one minute.

Everyone can have mood changes, but sometimes it is hard to remember those mood changes throughout the day, keeping your own mood tracker, will help you to take notes and remember those changes.

By having a mood tracking on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner, it will help you to connect your feelings with what happened that particular day.

As you keep working to keep track of your mood with a tracker on paper or digital, you will get to know more about those changes and why do they happen.

Mood changes can happen when something makes you to change from one mood to the other, those things are called triggers, as you make a note on your mood tracker, you can also make short notes about the triggers that caused those changes in your mood.

The more you know about those triggers that cause the changes in your mood, the better understanding you will have about why your mood change fast from one mood to the other.

best mood tracker free printable

Best Mood tracker free printable

Last year, I worked on making a mood tracker for every month during 11 months, as I started to work on it on February 2018.

Today I have 11 months to take a view of my mood on those months.

You can take a look to December Month Setup so you can take a look to the December mood track I did for this month and you will find also the links to the rest of the months of 2018

This year, as I will be busier working on my job and a personal project, I wanted to look for a way to work on the mood tracker that will help me to keep track of my mood every month but at the same time I want a mood tracker that can save some time for me.

mood tracker free printable Drawing a mood tracker for every month requires some time, from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, mood trackers are awesome when you finish them at the end of each month, but it requires time.

As I don’t want to lose the creativeness of working on a mood tracker, so I came up with the idea to make a Mood Tracker FREE printable.

At the same time I design it for myself, I know you might want to have it to add it to your Bullet Journal or to your personal planner.

All you will need to do, it’s to download it.


You will get a PDF with the mood tracker chart, where you need to draw the different moods you will get interested to track each month, and you will get also a layout with two months on each layout, you will need to make as many copies of this layout and write each months name on each month.


You will need to glue each page to your Bullet Journal or personal planner or like me, all you will need is to make the punch on each layout and add it to your Bullet journal or personal planner.

Drawing the doodles to make a happy, sad, stressed, nervous face on each face every day, it won’t take more than 15 seconds to do it.

Don’t worry is you don’t know how to draw, drawing faces it can be easy and you will get better at it as you keep working on it.

After you draw each face on each day, you can also add some color to it. You can come up with the color chart for each emotion or mood.

mood tracker free printable

Red – anger

Green – envy

Purple – stress

Blue – sadness

yellow – happy

gray – problems

You are free to choose the color that will represent your own mood and emotions, it will help you to understand more your own moods.

You can add a little note about what caused that change in your mood.

best mood tracker free printable

Well, I hope you like this Mood Tracker FREE printable, and it helps you to keep track of your mood and emotions on 2019.

I hope also it can help you to save time, so you can focus on other tasks that will help you to make this year the greatest year in your life.

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10 thoughts on “Best Mood Tracker Free Printable Of 2021”

  1. I have to admit I have never heard of a mood tracker before.  It is brilliant in its simplicity.

    Does something like this become a choir after using it for a while?  

    Do you just forget about it or can’t be bothered?  Or does it become just a regular part of your daily routine? 

    I worry that, for someone like me, it would be really exciting for a few weeks and then just let it slip into disuse.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Hi Mike.

      As you get to use a personal planner to work on having a better lifestyle, you will decide what layouts you want to add to it.

      Mood trackers has been useful to many, as it’s a way to save time while they track on the changes of mood during a day, a week or a month.

      Many people will stick to it, as it’s a way to track the mood in a non complicate way, many people will forget about tracking their mood for a few days.

      You can keep at it, if you see it will help you, if you don’t have a problem with mood changes, it won’t be for you.

      If you forget about it for a few days, don’t worry, just go back to it.


  2. Thanks for bringing attention to this topic. As someone who has dealt with depression in both myself and my family, I have become aware of the importance of mood tracking, seeing trends, as well as the duration of certain moods. I see that the mood tracker you highlight has a spot for one per day. 

    Are there any trackers that have multiple spots for each day for those who may deal with mood swings? Also, are there trackers that have more detailed areas where you can write down how long the mood lasted or how strong it was? 

    Thanks again for writing!

    1. Hi Steve,

      I thank you for making the time today to visit my blog and read about the mood tracker.

      As you work with a mood tracker you will learn about your own needs, if you need to track more than one mood in a day, you can color the day with the color you pick for each mood.

      At the end of the day, you will get a spot on this tracker with the different color as your day go by.

      You can also, write down the work of each mood, and add some color on it.

      At the end of each month you will have a full view of your month.

      If you need to write a sentence of two about why your mood changed from one moment to the next one, you always can write those sentences in the back of the paper.

      Hope you find here some more help to work with the mood tracker and it will help you to have a better day!

      Take care.


  3. Mood tracker l had never heard of it before. It really sounds like a good idea because, I do notice that sometimes I am happy and then out of no where I am sad or mad for no reason at all, it would be interesting to track my mood, I have question, can men use mood tracker too? because l honestly think my husband needs one too.

    very educative article, thank you.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Mood tracker is a good way to help you to track your mood day by day, it will help you to know why you change your mood out of no where!

      Mood tracker can help anyone, men and women.

      Happy to help you!


  4. Hi Alejandra! This is a really cool tool! And it can definitely help to know ourselves better. As you have stated, there are so many things that can trigger our mood in a certain direction but afterwards we forget about it. So keeping track can permit us keep away from the negative things and seek the positive ones.

    Thank you for permitting us download this mood tracker. I’ve already started practicing with the colors. 🙂

  5. Interesting and relevant topic not just for me but for most people I’m sure! I’m a person that strives to practice self-awareness in every which way I can and I’ve only heard of tracking emotions/moods in talk therapy. I’m a creative person and creative people tend to be a bit over the place with their emotions from time to time, which I can say happens to me. My question is that in order for this to be effective so we can be aware and change our behaviors, don’t we have to write down emotions and triggers at the same time we document them every day? That’s the only way I could see this working. Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. This is really an impressive and awesome, such creavitity at our tip at no cost i really love the idea and i am going to able to tell my mood from day to day and month after month by this mood tracker. Time to know what has been making me have a bad day all these while *LOL*

  7. Antoinette Song, PhD

    Hello, Alejandra 

    I have learned a new thing throughout your post. A mood tracker is my discovery in this article. I knew about a personal planner and how useful it can be for planning and keeping memory of things, ideas, and projects. 

    I have to admit i did not really pay attention to my mood change throughout the day. This article allows me to became aware of the need to consider my emotional experience throughout a day, and much more to keep track of it. It is an exercise that can be useful in that it help avoid unfortunate situations due to damaging mood change. thank you for the analysis.

    Antoinette song

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