December Month Setup - Bullet Journal

December Month Setup – Bullet Journal

It’s never too early to take some time to Setup a Month for your Bullet Journal and get everything ready on time, December can get so busy so it’s better to get everything ready before it gets crazy!

Can’t believe we’ll be soon be thinking about what to do for Christmas and for New Year’s Eve and getting so busy with all those things we need to do to get everything ready.

Family, work, personal things to do and also you should not forget to get everyone something they will love as a Christmas present and get everything to decorate the house for the Holidays and a thousand more things to do!

It’s never too early to take some time to get all the spreads you will need for this month, I can’t believe I started to share a month setup on February and month after month I kept doing it, and today it’s time to share a December month setup.

Bullet Journal Month Setup Inspiration

If you want to take a look to the other month’s setup, in case you’re looking for some inspiration for next year.

Materials Used

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How To Setup A New Month For A Bullet Journal

This time I started working on a month cover with some drawings of something that’s representative of the month… “snow flakes”

As I kept working on making all the spreads for my Bullet Journal every month, it’s getting easier to work on it, what it used to take me half day, today it was all made in an hour or so.

Once you get the habit to work on it, and once you have some previous month setup already done, you’ll know what spreads you need and which ones will be no longer necessary to have them on your Bullet Journal.

As everything, the more you work on it, the easier it gets… and this is one of the main goals to keep working on your Bullet Journal, you can master anything you want to.

Month Cover

I try to keep it simple, with some decoration according to the month, now I don’t miss getting a month calendar, this way I don’t miss any day.

I keep working on dotted paper A4 and I fold it in half to make the cover, in the other have I make the Future Log for the month.

December Month Setup - Bullet Journal

Future Log

This time it has 5 weeks, don’t forget to write down your goals to achieve on each week and also those events or important appointments you don’t want to miss.

This spread will give you a quick look on what is important to work on during the month, later you can work to make a detailed plan for every week and write down the tasks you will be working on to achieve those goals.

Don’t let the time just go by, make it count, get those jobs done and soon you’ll see how far you have gotten.

This time I added some washy take with snow flakes designs on it.

Month calendar

The calendar spread will help you to have an over view of the month, I made an undated spread and I made a few copies of it, each month it will take just a few minutes to write down the month and dates and it will be ready to add some appointments, birthdays, events and some notes to highlight, this way I won’t forget any of them.

As the month goes by, if I get more appointments or events to attend, I won’t forget about any of them because I keep everything on this month calendar.

This month calendar spread has enough room to do some doodles on it or enough room to add any decoration on it.

Hope you get inspired and draw a month calendar on your own Bullet Journal.

December Month Setup - Bullet Journal

Gratitude calendar

You might want to keep working on a Gratitude calendar, I came to the idea to make a whole month of Gratitude in a single spread, this way I can write a word about what I’m grateful of every day.

When the month is finished it will show how many good things happened during this month and it will be an easy reminder of how good life is.

Sometimes as life happens so fast, there’s no time to stop and look around us to see there are many good things going on around us, small and big, there are good moments and nice things happening all the time even during hard times.

You can get inspired to start working this way and take a note or write a word of what happened in your life every day and you’re grateful for.

December Month Setup - Bullet Journal

Mood Tracker

I could not finish my work to get all the spreads ready for a good month if I don’t make a mood tracker, it will help me to know how do I feel every day and keep track of it.

Nothing nicer and more appropriate for this month than a happy Snowman, it might look like it’s having some problems with the Christmas lights, but it may be having just some fun with them.

Get inspired by my mood tracker and feel free to copy it!

December Month Setup - Bullet Journal

When I finish the drawing of the mood tracker with ink, I decided to add some color on it, it looks nicer and this way it will help me to keep working on it.

A good idea to add some color to your Bullet Journal spreads is to use the Bic Color Collection markers, they don’t leave any mark when you use them, and it looks like you bought the spread as it looks like it was printed and not drawn.

Note: if you use these markers to add some color to any paper, be sure to place an extra paper under as the ink is strong and goes to the second paper.

December Month Setup - Bullet Journal

Habit Tracker

I also add a habit tracker every month, you can download a copy of it here.

Some dates to have in your mind in December.

1 – Eat a red apple day.

3 – Advent – begins

7 – Letter writing day

8 – National Brownies day.

9 – Christmas card day.

10 – Human right day.

12 – Poinsettia day.

13 – Ice Cream day.

18 – Bake cookies day.

19 – Look for an evergreen day.

21 – Winter Solstice day.

24 – Christmas Eve

25 – Christmas

26 – Boxing Day.

31 – New Year’s Eve.

Do you have an event or a birthday to celebrate on December?

Are you working on something important during this month? Do you have already some notes about this project on your Bullet Journal?

I thank you for making the time to visit my blog, if you have any question, leave a comment and I will reply to it.

You can find the best notebooks to start your own Bullet Journal here:

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December Month Setup - Bullet Journal
December Month Setup – Bullet Journal

6 thoughts on “December Month Setup – Bullet Journal”

  1. So that’s what you call it, a bullet planner! 

    I’ve seen planers like this before but never really know what it’s for, I thought only artists use it to sketch their ideas and the bullets are there to help align their sketches so that it stays within its dimensions maybe, or a I wrong? I love writing on my own on a piece of paper to plan my day and not depend on read-made tables printed, it instill creativity and plus, it’s easier to remember when I colour it 🙂

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Yes, this is the Bullet Journal or planner. It has become popular as you don’t have any pre-made tables or layout to work on.

      You can draw the layouts as you keep working on it and as you know your own needs at the time to make any plan to help you to work better and achieve your personal and professional goals.

      It doesn’t need to be a work of art, you can keep it in black and white or you can add some doodles to it, there’s no rule here and everything goes.

      The main goal when you work on a Bullet journal, is to take notes and make plans in a notebook to keep everything in one place.

      Yes, you are also right when you say if you add some colour to your notes it’s easier to remember it.

      Thanks you for making the time to read my blog and to leave a comment, I’m always interested to know more about how people use to get organized and do more in life.

      By knowing more about how we work, we can learn from others and life can turn easier and better. 


  2. Although I was always making short term planning I never thought of having a month calendar. You gave me a very nice idea and one that I can definitely see the usefulness of it. Being able to see your plans for the whole next month can help increase productivity while also arranging your time much better. I will for sure try out your idea and see how it goes.

    1. Hi Stratos,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment.

      It’s so interesting to know how people work and make plans to achieve their goals, as you mentioned here, you like to make short term planning, I think it’s great you work this way, as you can measure how well your plans work and if you need to make any changes, you can make them fast and it will help you to work better. 

      Let me know how the month calendar works for you, I’ll be interested to know your point of view.


  3. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    I was very inspired reading your article, has a wealthy of info. I used to right all my future log, special events on my small note book, but after reading this article, I have realized that the idea of having a bullet journal is not only fun but also helps you cover the broader party of all your programs. I never think of having a gratitude calendar, surely there are so many good  things that can happens during a period of a month but if you don’t write them down, you will never remember them, instead you will only about what the bad things has happened to you. 

     The question I always ask myself, however, is, should I also, in my bullet journal write about those bad moments as I do with good moments? Does it not have bad effects on me? Whats your your opinion on that one

    Thank you so much for a great article

    1. Hi,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment, I’m glad you did and I enjoyed reading it.

      I’m glad I’ve helped you to get some new ideas on how you can keep working on your own notes. So true what you said about writing a gratitude journal is always helpful as most of the people use to forget or not to pay any attention to all those good things that happen in our lives everyday and we tend to pay more attention on bad things and they can bring the feeling life is bad.

      To your question about if we should write only about good things going on in our lives and not to pay attention to bad things, I must say, I had bad times in my life too. Really sad stories to tell about.

      In that time, I was lucky to have a good friend, who is no longer with us anymore, but he left his legacy and I learned from him.

      He told me once, when you have a bad time going on in your life, get a notebook and write it down, everything about it, and write about how you feel and write everything you have in your mind about that moment.

      Write, write and write.

      Close your notebook, and get back to it some days later, read what you wrote and if you still need to write it, do it.

      A few days later or a few weeks later, keep writing about that bad moment, but this time you will notice you will get different feelings about it.

      Later, you can write about a few ideas to recover from that bad moment or write about how you work it out.

      This exercise will always help you to see the bad moment or the problem from different points of view, your life will get richer and you will gain some experience.

      Hope this idea can help you too. It’s good to write about what we are regretful of but it’s also a good idea to write about bad moments in life but most of all, to find a solution or learn from that moment.

      Take care and let me know how it goes.


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