Best Travel Journals

Best Travel Journals 2021

When you love to visit new places you’ll love to take with you one of the Best Travel Journal you can find to take notes to build up the memories of that new place.

What is The Best Travel Journal 2021?

Best Travel JournalsIt’s a small notebook where you can take daily notes, sketches, drawings from the new place you’re visiting and what you want to keep in your mind forever.

Making a new note about a new place will help you to remember the emotions of that moment, no matter if it’s a new place, a memorable building or a new food to try. Everything goes!

What is the Best Travel Journal To Take With You?

You can get from a regular A5 Notebook with blank or lined paper to take your notes or you can choose to get a Travel Journal to take with you.

One of the benefits to get a journal that is already made to help you to keep your travel memories on it, it’s its size, they are made smaller that an A5 notebook and it makes easier to carry it in your pocket or in your travel bag.

Some of them are refillable and this will help you to work with it on many travels you make!

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7 Best Travel Journal To Take On Your Next Travel

Passport Travelers Notebook Pocket Refillable Leather Journal

Small Vintage Genuine Leather Notebook for Writing, Travel Diary, Daily Planner.

You’ll get everything you’ll need to keep the best of your next trip on it, having everything in one place as you have a pocket where you can place your passport, it also has a place to keep your pen, ready to take notes anywhere!

Beautiful decorative toggles and bookmark and a PVC zippered pocket. Get it now! –

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Leather Notebook Journal – Refillable Travel Journal.

This refillable travel journal will last forever, it will be the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel.

If you love to take notes while traveling, it will help you to take all the notes to document your trips anywhere you go.

The paper is well crafted to write with different mediums, writing with fountain pens will not bleed the paper, 8.5 x 4.5″ it comes with blank inserts.

It’s made with attention to details, you’ll be happy to carry with you, making plans, taking notes, sketching… everything will go and make your memories for you. Get it now! –

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Wanderings Traveler’s Notebook Refill Inserts

You can get the notebooks refill inserts set of three, 8.5 x 4.5 “, they are good for sketching, journaling and taking notes, you can find them also in dot, grid and blank. They are made with high quality 100 gr paper, each booklet has 30 pages each!.

You can use the Gel Pens, fountain pens or mechanical pencils, they all work perfect on these booklets. Get them now! –

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Moleskine Voyageur Nutmeg

This is the perfect notebook to start your next trip.

It is made with the high quality of Moleskine products, it has a variety of pages where you can plan your trip, draw, graph/chart, to do lists, it comes with three ribbons that will help you to get organized during your next trip.

The thick high quality paper will help you to work on it with different mediums like pencils, gel pens or even with fountain pens.

Hard cover, 4 x 7 “, 208 pages, paper weight 70 gr, FSC Certified Paper; Acid-Free (pH Neutral), the notebook weights 249 g.

The paper has the Moleskine typical ivory color. That’s right—Moleskine’s done it again, the Voyageur is the perfect notebook you want to take with you no matter where you go, Get it now! –

Erin Condren Travel Petite Planner.

If you like to have all the spreads already printed on your travel planner, then this one will be a perfect option for you.

It has the trip for 7 days at a time but there are multiple trip sections.

It’s a perfect solution to keep organized while traveling, you can track up to 4 weeks of traveling, it will help you to record all those good memories, you can decorate it, It weights 159 g, Get it now on!

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Rite in the Rain Travel Journal

Traveling to England, to Vancouver where it rains most of the time, or to Northen Thailand during the monsoon season?

This notebook will be your best choice to document your next trip, it’s made with all weather, recyclable, wood-based paper, water droplets drip right off the pages. 64 pages / 32 sheets, ballpoint pens will work perfect when paper is dry, when paper is wet you’ll need a # 2 Ticonderoga or an all-weather pen like a Fisher Space Pen.

7 x 4 5/8 “, it weights 340 g. It comes in different color and for different purposes. Get it now on!

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Leather Notebook Journal

Refillable journal, fountain pen friendly paper for writing, blank unlined 90 double-sided pages.

Draw, sketch, write, plan and make your next travel unique and document the best of it.

You can get the inserts for it too.

  • Blank
  • Lined
  • Dot Grid
  • Planner
  • Graph

Quality materials, minimalist design, you can get creative and document your next travel on it. Get it now!

Closing Thoughts.

No matter if your next travel will be just for the week-end or you’ll be traveling over a month or even for 6 months, carrying with you a Travel Journal will help you to keep those moments forever in your mind and in your heart.

best travel journalsYou can take notes about everything that happens day after day while you’re visiting a new place.

Everything goes, from the excitement to arrive to a new country you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time or to arrive to a new town quite different from your home town.

Tasting a new dish, new flavors and the atmosphere of new restaurant, a few words about that moment will help you to remember it forever!

It doesn’t matter how many trips you’ve made in the past, start today with your next trip, as you keep taking notes about it, making sketches and collection all kind of stickers, pictures or logos from places you visit, you’re starting a new adventure that will last forever.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, if you make one, get a piece of paper or a picture and cover the mistake with it, it will look great and trips and life are like that, good memories will last forever and we’ll learn from new adventures!

Are you new to taking notes during your next travels or have you been doing it for a long time?

If you have been working on your Travel Journal, would you share some of your best tips on a comment, I would love to read them!

You would love to see how to make your own Travel Journal, you can get some ideas on the DIY your own planner

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  1. Memories are documented to be cherished over the years and to ensure no mixups in the details of each adventure that one engages in. Though, I have never gone on an adventure with a travel journal before but it actually makes total sense to travel while with a journal that can serve as a means of keeping records of the happenings on the journey. I like the Passport Travelers Notebook Pocket Refillable Leather Journal. It has space for everything needed. Great post!

  2. Thank you for these great suggestions on travel journals. They remind me of dream journals a little bit. I like to get a special kind of journal instead of just a regular plain notebook, because it makes my writing feel more special. I’m not sure which is my favorite yet, maybe that colorful blue one with the gold writing. Thank you for all these suggestions. These types of journals also make excellent gifts.

  3. You know, I love to travel but it has never come to my mind before to get a travel journal. Everybody loves to keep good memories and most travels are filled with such good memories. I think for my next travel, I should get a journal too. Seeing I love leather a lot, I should get the leather journal. This post is really helpful and it has given me a good idea of how to spice my next travel up. Thank you.

  4. Yes travel journals! As a writer myself, I do enjoy a bit of the old handwriting. It’s nice to put aside technology for a bit and just be one with your thoughts and with your surroundings. The Sovereign-Gear Travelers Pocket Notebook is right up my alley. I like the look of this notebook and the size is perfect for traveling. Sometimes technology can fail us or our phones can die. For me, I would like this pocket notebook as a primary note taker when traveling but for others it might make for a great secondary option in case of power loss. I have bookmarked your Amazon link for when it’s time for my next note-taking trip, thank you!

  5. I always prefer writing my personal thoughts. Typing my entries to laptop doesn’t inspire me the way I write on a notebook. With writing, it feels like your journal or important entry is real and soulful. Anyway, I am not really particular to any kind of paper but if I were to choose a journal it would be the Leather Notebook. the design is so classy, elegant and stylish. It’s perfect for me because it gives a nostalgic feel to it. Best thing is that it can be refilled with different inserts. Dot Grid is what I like best to write on because it gives guidance in writing or even drawing, unlike the solid grid which kinda distract me especially at sketching with horizontal lines. Thank you for giving us recommendation. It will be so nice to have these notebooks as they all look functional and beautiful. 

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