Best Gel Pens 2021 (For Journaling)

When a Bullet Journal or a Personal planner is part of your life, you want to know what are the Best Gel Pens for doodling.

As you keep working to add more spreads on your notebook to get more organized, you’ll be testing a good number of different gel pens, some will work fine and they will help you to make the design of the spreads you need in no time, while others will not work so good on different kinds of paper.

Best Gel Pens 2021 That Will Change The Way You Write!

You’ll find yourself buying and testing a few of them before you find your favorite brand. From this point, you’ll get a few of them and you’ll love to work with them.

Design a new spread to add to your notebook whether it is for the next months calendar, the weekly spread or a tracker to get a new habit, you want to find the right gel pen to make the lines, boxes and even some drawing and doodles on the paper.

Any new spread needs to help you to work more efficient and help you to achieve your goals, you want to make it visual and practical, you need to rely on a good set of pens to achieve this goal when you work hand in hand with your Bullet Journal to make your life better.

I’ve been working and testing a few different gel pens in the last years as I kept working on different notebooks to get organized and get more free time to do the things I love to do.

Best Gel Pens 2020


Today, I can share with you which ones are my Favorites Gel Pens to have at home.

I only share reviews of products I have at home and I use to work on my Bullet Journal, Personal Planner and Sketchbook. You’ll find here the affiliate links so you can check the price on Amazon and purchase the pens that you think will work for you, as you make a purchase I may get a small % with no extra cost to you.

Bic Cristal Precision Ball Pens.

When you get used to working on your Bullet Journal, you want to find the right pen to work with every day, the Bic Cristal Extra Precision Ball Pen can seem to be simple and you might think it won’t work good

Big mistake, these pens are another good hit from this brand, since the first day I bought them, I’ve been working with them to add notes, lists and to plan everything so I can achieve every single new goal I have on my Bullet Journal.

These pens never fail and they will help you to write with ease for hours, from writing to sketching or to start making doodles, you can trust on them.

Another good hit I like from these pens is you can get a set and you’ll get 8 different ink colors to work with to add everything you need to help you to plan your next day, week, month or even to make longer time plans.

Check the price of the Bic Cristal Precision Ball Pens on

Check the today’s price of the Bic Cristal Precision Ball Pens on here!

Bic Soft Touch

Don’t let this low price pen fool you, the Bic pens quality has lasted for years and today I can work endless hours designing new spreads to add to my Bullet Journal or just making drawings or doodles on paper for fun or to highlight a point on a calendar.

It has a soft feel barrel for the grip that will help you to work with this pen for hours.

You can find these pens with a 1.0 mm medium point in black, blue, red, green, pink, purple and lime green which it will help you to add some color to the different spreads.

The ink flow is good and they last long enough.

Check the price on Amazon to get a set of the Bic Soft

Check the price of the Bic Soft Touch Gel Pens on here!

Gelly Roll Pens – Sakura

These pens are roller ball pens, which makes ink distribution smoother than any other ballpoint pen, It’s ink is semi-waterproof once it gets dry, which it will allow you to work with different mediums on your notebooks.

You’ll find the Gelly Roll Pens from Sakura in a wide range of color, this will help you to work with these pens to design any type of spread for your Bullet Journal or for your personal planner.

These pens are well-designed and you can work with them for a long time, no matter if you use them for writing or for making doodles.

The ink flows nicely and it will help you to keep making doodles with them for hours.

Once the ink gets dry on the paper, you can add some other layers of color over it, but be cautious when you use some water based products over the ink as watercolor, it will go better with some markers or other ink pens.

You can’t miss having at home at least a couple of Gelly Roll Sakura white ink, this pen will help you to add some light touch on any drawing you make on your notebook.

You can check the price of the Gelly Roll Sakura pens on

Check today’s price of the Gelly Roll Sakura pens on here!

Sakura 58350 10 Piece Opaque Ink Set.

These pens have a 10 mm ball point that will write leaving a 3 D effect when it dries.

10 beautiful pastel color pens to add a native touch to your Bollet Journal or planner, as the ink flows with ease.

As the ink dries it will change the color so you don’t need to touch it to know if it’s dry.

You can use these pens to add a second layer of color over your Prismacolor, crayons or even pastel, for this reason you will love to work on your Planner or on your Bullet Journal to make artistic spreads, you can’t go wrong with these pens.

Check the price of Sakura 58350 10 piece Opaque Ink Set on

Check today’s price of the Sakura 58350 Opaque Ink Set on here!

Paper Mate InkJoy

Paper Mate can be the favorite brand for many and this time I’m sure it won’t disappoint anyone at all!

I bought this pen as I follow a Gel Pen Artist on Instagram and recently he presented a beautiful sketch made with this pen.

This pen can become my favorite too!

The first day I tried it, I could notice the ink flows with no problem at all, the tone of each color is vibrant and it will help everyone to write, draw and make doodles with no problems at all.

Having the four colors in one pen is a hit! I don’t need to carry with me four different pens to write and make different notes on my notebook, this time I have four ink colors in the same pen.

The pen is a bit thicker but the hand grip helps with that.

Check the price of the Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro on

Check today’s price of the Paper Make InkJoy pens on here!

Staedtler Ballpoint Pens

I got the 10 Ballpoint pens package to get all the ink colors, I have them on my desk so I’ve been using these pens often to add lettering and doodles.

Their ergonomic triangular barrel make it easy to work with them, it’s easy to take the right pen from the package as barrel colors match the ink.

I’ve been a fan of Staedler brand and these pens haven’t disappointed me at all, they work good and you can leave the pen cap off for a few hours and even for a day or two and the ink won’t dry out.

The ink last long and the medium point will help you to add nice and elegant lettering to the weekly, monthly or any page on your Bullet Journal.

Work on making doodles will be fun to work on with the Staedler Ball Pens, you can check the price on

Check today’s price of the Staedler Ball Pens on here!

Stabilo Bionic Med Pointball Pen

Last time to the store I spotted this pen and I got it as I wanted to try it, it didn’t disappoint me at all.

This pen has an excellent performance, the ink has intense pigmentation which helps to write with ease on any type of paper.

When the ink dries out it has the look of watercolor, you can work to dry-blend with your fingertips or with a blending stump to create an artistic effect on your page. (If you use your fingertips to blend the ink, pay attention to wash out the ink from your fingertip before you keep working on a page)

You can find this pen in 60 beautiful colors which will help you to create all kind of amazing designs on your notebook or on any planner.

Stabilo is a respected brand and has made a comfortable pen to work with for hours.

These pens are perfect to write handwriting notes or letters, cards, sketches, or any kind of documents.

Check the price of the Stabilo Bionic Med Pointball Pens on

Check today’s price of the Stabilo Bionic Med Pointball Pens on here!

Fiskars Gel Pen

You can never go wrong with this brand, I’ve the fan # 1 of the Fiskars scissors and I had to try the Fiskars Gel Pen when I saw it for the first time.

They are perfect for journalism, you can find a 48 piece value set, which includes: 12 neon pens, 12 metallic pens, 12 glitter pens and 12 swirl pens.

The ink is acid free.

These pens have a round shape which makes it easy to work with them, they are fantastic pens to work with to make art, drawings, sketching and doodling.

Check the price of the Fiskars Gel Pens on

Check today’s price of the Fiskars Gel Pens on here!

Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pen

Another good pens brand I like to work with is Paper Mate, these pens can also become your favorite after you try them for the first time.

These pens have medium point and the ink dries out fast, if you’re a fast writer you won’t need to wait to write the next line on your notebook.

If you read more reviews about these pens, you might know by now people love them and they say they are smooth and nice to work with,

These pens can be a little bit pricey but the color are rich and vibrant.

If you love already another brand of gel pens, these pens might make you want to change the brand!

These gel pens could become your favorites!

Check the price of the Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens on

Check today’s price of the Papaer Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens on here!

Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Gel Pen

When you’re looking for a pen to write long hours you can not go wrong with this pen, its soft rubber grip provides the best comfort to your hand.

The barrel is translucent, which provides visible ink and color supply.

This is another pen with acid free ink. These pens can be a little bit pricey but you can find Zebra’s JF-refill.

It’s never a dull moment when you work on your Bullet Journal with these pens as you can get them in 14 brilliant colors.

The ink dries in less than a second in most of the surfaces.

No need to make pressure on the pen when you write with it, the ink flows good on paper, it will help you to make the most amazing doodles on your journal!

Check the price of the Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Gel Pen on

Check today’s price of the Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Gel Pens on here!

Sargent Art Fluorecent Gel Pen Set.

When you love to add vibrant color on your Bullet Journal, you can not go wrong with the Sargent Art Fluorescent Gel Pen Set.

This Pen set comes with 10 different color pens that you can use to work on your Bullet Journalism, to make sketches or to even work on your Scrap-booking!

If you like working with colored paper, these are the pens to have at home, they will work perfect on even black paper!

You can add any touch of color on your titles, banners, or lettering on your Bullet Journal with these pens.

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on the gel pens to work on your bullet journalism, these are the right pens to get!

Check the price of the Sargent Art Fluorecent Gel Pen Set on

Check today’s price of the Sargent Art Fluorescent Gel Pen Set on here!

Best Gel Pens 2019


As you keep working to get organized with your Bullet Journal or with your Personal Planner, you’ll be working every day to write and to take notes on your notebook.

Finding the right pen to work with can take some time and money as you will be buying a few pens before you find the right one for you.

But in the other hand, as you keep working to find the right pen for you, you’ll be testing a few pens and you might fall in love with each one of them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalistic journalist that will keep each page in black and white and with just words on the paper, or if you’re an artistic spirit and love to add drawings, fancy lettering or doodles on every page of your journal.

You’ll end with more than one pen on your desk!

I’ve been working on my Bullet Journal for about 4 years now, and I’ve been getting and testing a few pens, most of them work pretty good and just one or two have not been up to the quality for me to keep working with them.

I hope this post helps you to find the right pen you’re looking for and it helps you to work with more ease as you keep writing your goals, plans, and tasks to work on every day and every week.

Don’t be shy and let the artistic side of you start adding amazing drawings and doodles on the different spreads of your Bullet Journal, at the end of each journal you’ll have a piece of art in your hands!

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Best Gel Pens 2019Thank you so much for reading all the way to the end!

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  1. Wow, didn’t realize that there were so many different types of gel pen makes out there. I have some Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens at the moment which I am really happy with. I use the gel pens for scrapbooking to do the journalling with, as they just add a special something that normal pens don’t. Thanks for all the other options, which I am going to try in time.

    Do you have any suggestions to quicken the drying time? There is nothing worse spending time doing your doodling, and then it smudges.

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    Your topic is interesting to me. My job is so, like a chemist I am, that I have to use a pen for analyzes all the time. A writing pad and a pen are necessary.
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  3. Thanks for this informative article, writing is something that is done almost everyday of my life, although i didn’t care about the pen I use before now but now I’m thinking of trying most, if not all of them because I haven’t really tried any which you mentioned in your post but I really want to know the difference between a ball point pen and a gel pen?

  4. I’ve been using gel pens since I was a little boy. I always loved going to bookstores trying all the different kinds of gel pens they had on the little piece of paper below them 😛

    My son loves those pens as well as since he is starting school in a month or so, I was thinking about buying him some. Those Stabilo Bionic Med Pointball Pen seem awesome and the brand is also very well-known and established for years.

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