Inspirational Quotes Bullet Journal

Inspirational Quotes Bullet Journal

Why to add Inspirational Quotes To Your Bullet Journal

Some might not like it and it’s OK, but many would love to have an inspirational quote here and there to find the help to keep working on anything you want to accomplish.

As you keep working to reach a goal, there will be good days and bad days.

Inspirational Quotes Bullet JournalWhen a day turns into a big challenge, nothing better to find some words that will give you the lift to keep working on it!

You have found the best way to work on a project or on your personal or professional life: the Bullet Journal System.

You know how to write a goal and make a plan, how to break that plan into small tasks to work every day and every week on it.

As you work on it, sometimes everything will work great and you’ll see great results without any problems at all!

But there are some days that you might wish that you never got out of your bed!

You need some motivation to keep yourself working no matter what on that project!

Nobody better to give the motivation that you need then yourself! A few words will give you the push you need to keep working no matter what problem you’re facing in that moment!

You’re the best person in the world to know yourself, and you know that quote that will push you to keep working on anything you want to accomplish.

A simple inspirational word or phrase is all you need, looking at it for a few seconds will give you the push you need in that particular moment.

Adding the right inspirational quote on your notebook or on your personal planner won’t take more than a few seconds and it will help you to keep at it!

It doesn’t need to be a beautiful designed, you can just hand write it on a piece of paper!

As you keep working to add inspirational quotes on your Bullet Journal or on your Personal Planner, you’ll get better at it and soon you’ll have a beautiful collection of quotes to share with the world.

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Best Inspirational Quotes to Have on Your Bullet Journal!

  • Some see a weed, some see a wish
  • Enjoy the simple things of life.
  • I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.
  • All that glitters is not gold
  • You’re doing a great job!
  • Whatever you are, be a good one! – Lisa Congdon
  • Think happy, be happy.
  • Some days, you just need to create your own sunshine.
  • Rejection is mere redirection. Keep working.
  • Don’t count the days, make the days count.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.
  • Great things take time.

Where To Put A Quote.

You can put a quote anywhere you want to have some inspiration on any day!

It doesn’t matter if a quote is small or big, write it down on any space you have on any spread, you can just write it down in a moment to give yourself some courage words or make it big to give you a place where you can go back when you need a push in your back to keep going.

  • On the first page of your notebook or planner
  • On any random blank page
  • Make it part of your weekly routine
  • To enhance a collection or tracker

How To Add A New Quote On Your Bullet Journal

The easiest way to add a new quote on your Bullet Journal or on your Personal Planner is just to write it down on any blank space.

A good quote doesn’t need to be fancy written to work, you can add a new quote on your notebook here and there with the help of a regular pencil or pen.

But, if you’re more on the fancy design and you love to add color on it, it will look great!

Design Your Own Quote For Your Bullet Journal.

Today I want to share a way to add a quote to give you the inspiration you need to keep working on a project.

Once you know you’ll be working on a project, it might be because you set up a new goal to reach.

Making a plan to work on, would be the second step to work on.

I made a new spread to add to my Bullet Journal where I’m going to be working on a new project. I divided the spread in the middle to have the plan to work on the right and the inspirational quote on the left.

You can download the Quote FREE Printable here.

Inspirational Quotes Bullet JournalIt’s not a fancy one but it will help you to work on it, when you download it and print it out, you’ll get a spread just with the quote on it.

It will be your job to draw your own design on it. You can get inspired by the two designs I’m sharing on this post or you can make it on your own.



1- With the help of a mechanical pencil, draw the design on it.

Inspirational Quotes Bullet Journal


2 – When you’re happy with the design, draw it with a ink liner.

3 – Allow the ink to dry for a couple of minutes and erase any trace of the pencil with an eraser.

4 – Add some color on it.


To add the color on this Inspirational Quote I used for the first time the Double-ended Fibre-tip pen from Staedtler and I’m happy to say these pens work great!

Inspirational Quotes Bullet JournalThe pen point is great to work even in the smallest spaces, the ink comes out easily and it doesn’t bleed at all on the back of the paper.

The fine point will be great to write down anything on your notebook! Get them now on!

Check today’s price of the Double-ended Fibre-tip pen from Staedtler on here!

Draw An Inspirational Quote In Black And White.

A new design for your Bullet Journal or for your planner doesn’t need to be colorful or with flowers, you also can work on it with black ink with a liner or with a marker.

Inspirational Quotes Bullet Journal


You can draw flowers or just keep it minimalist and draw some doodles on it.


Closing thoughts.

Quotes will always give us the motivation we all need to keep working.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is a small one or a big one, but you might face some challenges while you work on it.

Don’t wait to find motivation somewhere else or wait for people to tell you how good you’re doing. Learning to give yourself the motivation you need will help you to accomplish anything you want.

Write a quote on any blank space on your Bullet Journal or make a new spread for it, make it colorful or in black and white, it will work for you!

Find the right quote you need for every challenge in your life!

Inspirational Quotes Bullet JournalKeep at it and it will get better!

A Bullet Journal that helps you to achieve your dreams and goals is a never ending work. You can read more:


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  1. Thanks. Inspirational quotes are so helpful. It is good to have them handy to remind yourself. I reached a point where I had enough of them in my mind, and I didn’t need to have them written down. But to get to that point I wrote them a lot and read them a lot. It helps to have it in your own handwriting sometimes. 

    Inspirational quotes help people a lot. I bet inspirational quotes are some of the top searches on Google. An inspirational quote can apply to such a variety of situations. I have quotes I like and quotes I don’t like. Take care! Good writing!

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    I love motivational quotes. They will always give me the extra boost I need to achieve my goals or when I am still a distant from reaching them.

    I like the ideas you can create a journal to store them and love the idea we can create nice cards to remember them.

    The content is easy to read and I enjoy the content.

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