best way to create a vision board

Best Way To Create A Vision Board


Best way to create a vision board.

As you work on your Bullet Journal to build up a lifestyle you dream about, one tool that will help you to stay focused on those goals you want to work on to achieve them is a vision board.

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Why vision board?

As its name says, it will help you to look at some pictures and phrases so as to focus on certain goals you want to achieve.

When we thing about setting goals, most of the times we used to think on a goal we would love to achieve and then we forget about it.

A goal with no plan is just a dream.

Part of the plan to get that goal to becoming true, it’s to take the time to sit down and write it down on paper, this way you won’t forget about it.

The more senses you use the better you can work for it, a vision board involves some creativity to make it. You will need to write down a list of things you would love to get in your life, let’s call them goals.

The process

As you take your time to sit down and look at magazines and news papers until you find the right pictures that are similar to your dreams, you’ll be working with your eyes, your hands and even you can smell the magazines paper as you use the scissors to cut each one of the pictures for your vision board.

You will need to spend sometime placing those pictures on the paper, until you find the right way they should go before you beging to glue each one of them on the paper.

You’ll be working with some of your senses at the same time as you work with your mind until you decide your vision board is the way you want it. By doing this your mind is more consistent to what you want to work on, and on what you want to achieve. At it will help you to keep your mnd focused to work on it.

Vision board.

The typical vision board can be made on a piece of paper, and then place this paper on a wall, another way to make it is getting a Pinterest account and make a board for your Vision board, then you can surf on Pinterest and add the pins for your dreams and goals.

Why an online vision board is not the best way to make it?

How many times you’re on Pinterest on your vision boards?

  • Everyday?
  • Every week?
  • Every month?
  • Every year?

A vision board will work better if you look at it often, as often as you need too to remind yourself of your goals.

That is the reason why you should take your time and make a vision board on your bullet journal, it doesn’t matter that it’s small or even if you only write down on half a page on it!

You just need to open that page and look at it as many times as you want to remind youself why you’re working so hard!!

You want to achieve your goals and dreams.

best way to create a vision board

Vision board in a Bullet Journal

This trusted method to get everything in a notebook to help you to achieve everything you want in you life is called a Bullet Journal, and can also work perfect to help you to create a vision board to keep you focused on your goals and dreams.

You don’t need to get a vision board as big as the wall you have infront of your desk or table of work to get evry thing you want to get in your life, how big or how small it is it’s not important here.

When you make a vision board on your Bullet journal, it might be small as a letter size paper but it can work perfect to help you to stay focused on what you want to achieve and work on it until you get it.

  • A better job
  • A bigger house
  • A vacations to that place you always wanted to visit
  • A new car
  • Get healthier
  • Get a school degree
  • Get the perfect body or weight
  • Get the perfect bank account that will allow you to dream and make a reality of all those dreams

You can work to get all those pictures and phrases that will inspire you to keep working on something until you achieve it, as it can go perfectly in that page.

Take your time to look at some magazines and look for the perfect picture and just looking at it can tigger that emotion you want to keep in your mind to give you the strengh to work for it.

With the help of a pair of scissors cut all those pictures and phrases from magazines or news paper and keep them in a box.

When you decide that you have enough material to work with display all those little papers on a page of your bullet journal and take your time to arrange them until you find you can fit all of them in one page or double page and the layout can talk to you, yes that inner language that will talk to you everytime you look at it.

One by one you can glue them on the paper. Don’t worry if you still have some white space on the paper, these white space can also talk to you, there’s always some room in our lives to dream for something else.

You don’t need to get a page on your Bullet Journal full of pictures to feel that your vision board is complete, leave those white space like that, they can also bring you some room for meditation or can give you sometime to think about what else you would like to achieve in your life.

Don’t rush yourself, a life is not build up in one week or in one month.

As the time goes by during the year, you will need to come back to your vision board and take a look at it again, and as many times as you need to.

Don’t be afraid to look at it and add a picture here and there, a vision board should be a tool to help you to motivate to build up a better life.

Add the pictures you find later that will help you to build up a better life for you, if you already have a picture for a goal but later you find another picture for the same goal but you find out this picture gives you more reasons to keep working to achieve it, get that picture over the old one. The more you focus on something and the more you work for it, it will be better and it will help you to achieve it faster.

Anytime you achieve one of your goals or your dreams, you can highlight it on your Vision Board, or add some decorations around that picture or phrase, make it important.

Day by day your vision board will show you how many things you’ve achieved and how hard you worked for it, one thing that began as a vision board within time will becomoe your success board.

If something doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow.

How many times you’ve had a dream and you take your time to think about it over and over again, this is because this dream is important for you.

How many times have you heard people talking about “I would love to go on vacations this year” and you can hear them next year talking about the same thing.

As you work on your vision board or on your bullet journal monthly, if something doesn’t happen that month or you couldn’t achieve it that particular month, don’t worry about it, and don’t get discourage about that.

Be sure to add this particular dream on your next months vision board, make a plan to work on it and it will happen.

Some dreams can become true in one or two days, some dreams need a few years to become true, but if you really have a dream that you want to accomplish, be sure it will become a reality.

Keep that dream on your vision board on your Bullet Journal, make a plan, set up a strategy and work for it, and I hope you come back to read again this post and let me know you did it!

I’ll be so happy for you to read your comment where you’ll tell me you got motivated for this blog post to create your vision board and work on your dream until it becomes true.

If you’re already have a Bullet Journal, you can make your vision board anytime, but if you haven’t started yet your Bullet Journal, it’s never late to start one!

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best way to create your vision board

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