weekly layout ideas bullet journal

Weekly Layout Ideas – Bullet Journal


Weekly Layout Ideas – Bullet Journal

Weekly layouts or spreads are the components of your Bullet journal that you’ll be working on almost everyday.

More and more people use these layouts on their planners or bullet journal even when this is not part of the original bullet journal system that Ryder Caroll created, however I find this type of weekly layouts help me to get organized and being creative at the same time.

By working at the same time with some steps to help me to keep organized while I can bring some creativity to doing some drawings, doodles or adding different colors on each one, it’s a way that helps me to remember my appointments and things to do, and work to accomplish my goals for every week.

Some people think a weekly layout is not important and they can get organized. If you think this way it’s ok and you can skip to have them in your personal planner or Bullet Journal.

But if you think you find working with the weekly layout helps you to get organized and work on important task to accomplish your goals and dreams, I will share with you some layouts I already have to work with for this month.


What is a weekly layout

It is an overview to help you to plan your uncoming week and being able to look at it as a whole for everything you need to do.

As the Bullet Journal system works to know in advance the “daily” for the next day, by working with a weekly spread you can know in advance the task you need to work on for the next week as a whole.

As you want to work on creating and drawing your own weekly spreads in advance it is good to know what you should add onto it. Usually it has the days of the week, and any other box you think you’ll need on it such as:

  • Trackers (exercise, reading, mediatation, etc.)
  • Meal planning.
  • House work.
  • Events.
  • Etc.

The best thing about a Bullet Journal is as you go you will know what are your needs to plan to get better results, so you can try some ideas for a week and keep them if they work for you or try a new box to get better results until you find the best weekly spread that works for you.

Not all weekly spreads are the same.

Nor is life, from week to week you have some different tasks to do, so your weekly spreads on your Bullet Journal, as you keep working on it, you’ll know in advance what your next weeks will be like and you can create the best weekly spread to work with it for that particular week.

If you know that you have an important event for the next week, you want to know all and every single task you need to work on to get everything done the best way, but if your next week is a vacations week, then your week might be a relaxed one.

You can adjust your own to your needs, the monthly spread will help you know those dates you already have in advance to place them on a new week to come, birthdays, doctor appointments, a lunch with your friends or an afternoon with your kid for a day of family time.

How to create yours.

As you work on bullet journaling, you’ll get more confidence to create the layouts you need, you can set up a basic layout for a week and take notes of everything you notice you want to work on in the next weeks.

As you learn how to draw the first layout, you might want to use a pencil to make the first sketch, then if you find it will work, trace it out with a pen or a marker.

If you need some inspiration to create your first layout, you can always visit Pinterest or Instagram to look at some creative accounts there that share their beautiful and creative weekly spreads with us.

Do not hesitate to make a visit to these Social Media accounts and follow them, you’ll find many creative people sharing the most outstanding layouts for Bullet Journaling.

Get inspired and design your own, not every week should be the same unless you decide to keep one layout and work with it for the year.

Find inspirations also on the Seasons:

  • Spring layouts might have some flowers and pastel or bright colors on them.
  • Summer layouts will work great with bright colors with watermelon, umbrellas, sandals, bathing suits and more stuff related to this warm season of the year.
  • Fall layouts will bring those warm colors like yellow, orange, brown and everything related to them as rubber boots, jackets, scarfs and hats.
  • Winter layouts will help you to keep warm as you work on with the cold colors as white, gray and blue, snowmen and snowflakes will be present on your layouts.

You can find the most creative inspiration to work on your Bullet Journal as the year goes by, many dates to celabrate from New Year’s, Saint Valentine, Easter, Mother’s Day to Christmas.

But you also can work on a theme on your own:

  • Floral
  • Pastel colors
  • Black and white
  • Country
  • Sketches
  • Watercolor
  • etc.

As I set my own Bullet Journal for this month, I would like to share my weekly layouts, you might find some ideas to create yours.

1. I wanted to work on one week layout with minimalist design and with some calligraphy. I did first a draw of the design with a pencil and then I worked with a marker.

weekly layout ideas

2. For a second week I did this layout with all the days of the week on one part of the paper and I did some boxes to add the dates of the days, some notes, meals ideas for the week and left some room for some sketches or doodles or maybe some more notes.

weekly spread ideas

3. A Black and White weekly spread design.

I wanted to try something different this time, it’s also a minimalist design but then I added some easy to draw flowers designs and I use the steadler marker 0.03. With plenty of room to plan my week.

weekly spreads ideas

4. Everthing in a box I could call this weekly spread, with some color.

weekly spread ideas

Bullet Journal DIY.

As you can see most of the time I work to create my own Bullet Journal.

I like to keep it A5 size, half page; and it’s because sometimes I like to carry it in my bag or purse and it fits perfect, when I started working with my first BuJo I tried a few first and then I found out that if I keep it simple and I work most of the times creating my own templates for it, it works for me.

weekly spread ideas

I started with a half page layout for the week, but some weeks I need to write down a lot so I ended writing on an extra page of paper and it didn’t work o good, so I came to the idea to create a weekly spread on a paper full size (A4) and fold it in the middle, and it works perfect, as I know I can have more room for everything I need to write down on it.

weekly spread ideas

If I need to take a look at the whole week I just open the page and voila, there I have it.

Do you use a Bullet Journal or a personal planner with the weekly layouts already on it?

Do you like to create your own weekly layouts for yourself? if you do let me know if you share them on your own blog or Social Media, I would love to look at them!

weekly spread ideas bullet journal


3 thoughts on “Weekly Layout Ideas – Bullet Journal”

  1. it is a great tutorial for people wanting to make most of their time. You only have 24hrs in a day with I feel it is rather very limited so we need to make the best use of our time.

    Most people I observe on the street had their head dig on their smartphone. They think they have spare time and also maximize their distraction which I personally find it weird.

    People really are so into comforting lies they stop really pushing. By creating their own task list they will constant remember that there are more important things to that just get distracted by your phone.

  2. Hey Alejandra, this is a very good article. Planning is everything. I plan on Sunday my whole week and what I will do on each day. At Monday it always looks so much but on Friday it wasn’t that bad and I got everything done. I was blown away when I started planning everything, but it really works.

  3. I used to do weekly spreads on my Bullet Journal, but I always found the weekly spreads so time consuming and not as helpful as my dailies. I would totally forget to check off my habit tracker and anything else that I put on my weekly spread.

    Currently I’m trying to keep my BuJo paperless by using a device called reMarkable. It feels similar to paper though admittedly I do miss flipping through pages effortlessly to view previous entries while I have to wait for the screen to load when I do the same with my reMarkable device.

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