Bullet Journal Month Setup – July 2021

Bullet Journal Month Setup, July 2020 is a guide to help you to get everything ready to make a great month.

Summer is here, nice weather and you might have already many plans to make of this month a great month.

Sun will shine and weather will be nice and warm, this will invite you to do something different and outdoors, whether is to plan a BBQ or spending a day at the beach with the family and with some friends.

You might be one of the lucky ones who will be enjoying vacations and lots of free time to do many things during this month, but you might be also on the group of people who will be working and dreaming of having some free time to do some Summer activities during this month.

Bullet Journal Month Setup – July 2021

Planning in advance will help you to do everything you dream to do during Summer.

No reason why you can’t make some free time after work to enjoy an evening visiting a park or a beach and make the most of it.

Spending a day at the beach will be no problem at all when you plan to work smart during the week to have the week-ends free.

On this post I share affiliate links of the tools I use to work on the Bullet Journal, I only recommend the tools I find work best for sketching and drawing the spreads I use daily, when you make a purchase I get a small % at no extra cost for you, I thank you for your purchase via the affiliate links on this post, this way you support me to keep working on this blog 🙂

How to design a month cover

A month cover for a new month doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be something you like and something that helps you to keep working on this month.

You can find great ideas on the internet as a free printable, this will save time for you and you won’t have any problem to get the new month ready to start working on it to set some month and weekly goals and make plans to achieve them.

Get some inspiration and design a beautiful month cover by yourself.

But if you like to make something more personal, you always can work on a new page and with the help of a pencil, design your own month cover.

One good idea is to draw something that will highlight the month, this time I choose to draw some flowers on July’s Month Cover for my Bullet Journal.

You don’t need any expensive drawing pencil to do this step, a good HB drawing pencil will work perfect, just do not push to hard on the pencil as you draw the sketch, drawing soft pencil lines on the paper will be easier to erase any pencil line you don’t like without hurting the paper. I used to do the sketching with a 2B drawing pencil on Amazon.ca before, but I tried the HB pencil a few weeks ago with nice results, it’s soft to work with, and it and makes soft lines on the paper.

Check 2B Drawing Pencil Today’s Price on Amazon.com here!

When you’re happy on how the drawing looks like, do like me, I just draw again the design with a permanent ink liner, I know many artists use the favorite liner brand Sakura, but I stick with my favorite, you can take a look at it here on Amazon.ca! I always have two at least at home!

Check the Sakura permanent ink pens on Amazon.com here!

After you finish drawing the month cover with an ink liner, you can erase all the pencil marks on the paper with a good eraser, then the month cover is ready, you can leave it in black and white or you can add some color on it, it will look amazing in both ways!

The last thing I like to add to the month cover is a small month calendar on it.

Bullet Journal Month Setup - July

Month Calendar

As I’ve been adding the small month calendar on the month cover, this step is easy to do and it helps me to keep on track of the dates.

Planning is easier when you know what date is today and what day will be the dateline for your work.

Any goal and any work should have a dateline to help you to achieve anything you want in your life, the small calendar will help you to work better as you plan any activity or job on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner.

A month calendar doesn’t need to be fancy but it will help you a lot!

Future Log

Get this spread on your Bullet Journal as you work to setup a new month, a box for every week of the month when you can write and highlight those important things to work on each week!

To know in advance what you need to focus on will help you to know what tasks you need to work on to get all your goals done by the end of each month.

No matter what goals you have in your mind, you can achieve anything you want to if you stay focused on your goals.

No more complaints about life goes by too fast and you didn’t have time to do this or that!

Stayed focused and know in advance the tasks you need to work on and you’ll see big results.

No matter what kind of goals you have in your mind, when you stay focused you can achieve anything you want to.

Some types of goals:

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Work
  • Profession
  • Health

Bullet Journal Month Setup - July

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread.

“Write down Goals for the week, break it down into small daily goals”

A big goal is easier to achieve when you work on small tasks every day.

Follow the trend of setting 3 things to work early every day, these one to three things you need to work every morning should be those tasks to work on that will help you to achieve your goals.

You can also write a motivational quote to help you to keep working on your goal!

bullet journal weekly spread free

Bullet Journal Month Setup - July

Mood Tracker Idea For Your Bullet Journal

This time I have a free Mood Tracker to download, you can print it out as many times as you want to, one for you and some to give them to your friends, at the end of the month you can get together with your friends and see how each mood tracker looks like.

A nice idea to get to know more about your mood and what triggers any change on it, if you notice you have big changes, write some notes to learn more about your mood.

You use a notebook as a Bullet Journal, no problem you always can print my free printable mood tracker and glue it on one page of your notebook.

bullet journal month setup idea

Gratitude Month Calendar daily doodle

It will be nice to take a look to your gratitude month calendar after the month it’s finished when you work to do some doodles on it.

As kids are at home, you can make copies of a month calendar and encourage your kids to do their own, at the end of the month you can place all the month calendars together on a wall, you might end with a beautiful art wall made by the artists in your family!

Summer Bucket List

There’re so many different activities to do during Summer that you won’t have any problem at all to make a list.

  • Visit a new park
  • Spend the day at the beach
  • Make a BBQ
  • Have a new flavor ice cream
  • Doing some crafts
  • Visit a farm
  • Have a picnic with the family
  • Enjoy good time at the pool

Get your Summer Bucket List FREE printable here

July days to remember.

When you take your time to make a new month setup on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner be sure to make a note to remember birthdays, family and friends event.

When you work from home and you run your own business, one good idea is to mark those days to save for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or just to have some quality time with your children and family.

Once you mark down on your calendar these days, you can make your business plans, this way you can be sure you won’t skip those days you already made some plans to do with your children or with your family.

You can work to plan the tasks you’ll be working on to make your dreams true on the rest of the days!

1st. National Doctors Day

11rd. World Population Day

17rd. World Day For International Justice

18th Nelson Mandela International Day

28th Parent’s Day

Keep record of the good days!

There’s always an extra page on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner to write about things that happened during that day and you don’t want to forget like:

  • Those first steps of the youngest of the family
  • Those first words of the youngest of the family
  • The first impression of your children when you took them to the zoo
  • That delicious meal your children help you to prepare that day!
  • That night star gazing was awesome!

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Summer is here and you’ll be busy doing many things you love like spending time outdoors and doing some activities that you only can do during this month.

Time flies so fast and before you notice this month will get to an end, before that happens plan all your activities on your Bullet Journal.

Once again it’ll become the best tool you can have in your hands to do all your chores and get lots of free time to enjoy Summer.

Keep a record of the good moments that will last forever, add those spreads that will help you to write down or to make a doodle everything that made you happy during this month.

From big things to small and simple things, this month will the best month ever when you work to make it happen!

Regular tools as a regular notebook, a pencil, a pen, an ink liner, color pencils and some markers, everything will help you to make beautiful and artistic spreads to work with efficiency.

Get everything done before the datelines and enjoy your free time, you have worked hard and you deserve to have great time during this month!

Enjoyed this blog, help me to spread the word, share this post on your Social Media and follow me on Pinterest!

Bullet Journal Month Setup - July

6 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Month Setup – July 2021”

  1. I like the artistic touch of your bullet journal month. It brings the memories of my basic school days when I used to do a lot of drawing and colouring. I guess it will enforce some energy into my consistency in not only getting my goals written down but pursue it to the latter if I adapt your strategy.  

    I’ve got some plans for this summer too so it’s great timing to put together everything using your template. Thanks for the tips and ideas.

    1. Hi DerrAd,

      How creative we used to be when we were at school, as we used to doodle on our notebooks life was better,

      The same happens when you allow your creativity shows on any notebook where you work to make goals and plans, it makes life better and it will help you to work on your plans.

      Have a great day!


  2. Neksummi Matthias

    Yea, staying focused on one’s goals helps a lot in achieving the desired goals. We all know that it is good to plan as it is said, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” but people most times find it difficult to sit and plan for days, weeks or month ahead.

    From your experience as someone knowledgeable in this area, how can I get myself to sit down and plan my days? How can I overcome the urge to not plan but just live my days as they come?

    I’d so much appreciate it if you gave me the tips to overcome my inhibitions that weigh me down whenever I want to put down my plans on paper.

    1. Hi Neksummi Matthias,

      Thanks so much for your visit,

      I see you want to know how to get the habit to plan in your life, but it may have been not easy for you.

      Building up a new habit can take some time, one thing that will help you is to write the “why” you want to get a new habit in your life, this time the new habit is to get used to plan.

      When you know the “why” of a new habit, write it down on the top of the paper where you’re working on the new plan to follow, it will give you the reason to keep working on your plan.

      You can also describe and write how your life will get better once you follow a plan and you achieve that goal.

      Hope I answered your question, if not, let me know.


  3. Hi Alejandra,

    What an wow post you shared! It is so amazing if we setup plans before the month start, it will help us to enjoy whole month perfectly. Your bull journal month setup is really a nice source. In your post you shared how to design a month cover, future log and mood tracker idea for the bullet journal. You also shared the summer bucket list. That is really amazing. Without any confusion your post is an important and helpful post. I could not catch up the paragraph of mood tracker idea. Can you clear me that please?

    I enjoyed your post and will share your post to others. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Snigdha Alam

      Thanks for your visit and taking the time to leave a comment.

      The mood tracker idea is to help you to keep track of your mood changes during the current month, you can keep it writing a phrase that describe your mood daily or you can use a mood tracker with a design to add color on it.

      This way, as you work on it during the current month, you’ll know more about the changes and what trigger those changes.


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