How To Draw Summer Doodles

How to draw easy and cute doodles on your Bullet Journal to celebrate the best season of the year, Summer is here and it’s time to follow the steps and draw all those amazing doodles everywhere!

An image can say more than a 1000 words, and when you’ve been working to learn how to get organized and to be more efficient with your Bullet Journal, you need to learn how to make tiny clear doodles that will help you to decorate any spread of it.

From monthly, weekly. or daily spreads to the mood tracker of future log, there’s always some room to draw here and there something cute.

How To Draw Summer Doodles

Drawing doodles takes no time at all and they can make any page a beautiful work of art.

More and more we all can see amazing Bullet Journal spreads that show you can make plans and draw doodles here and there to help you to work better on any plan or strategy you work on.

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How to draw summer doodles

Best tools you’ll need to draw doodles.

The secret is that there’s not any special tool you need to buy to start drawing doodles, you might have all the drawing tools at home already.

From a cheap pencil to any kind of pen, anything you use will be the perfect tool.

As you keep working on drawing doodles, you might find some drawing tools work better for you than others, then you’ll make your own best drawing doodles list.

As a beginner, the only tool you need is a pencil, any pencil you already have at home, and start drawing doodles here and there.

Summer doodles bullet journal 2019

Every doodle starts with a geometric shape: a square, a circle and a triangle.

You can practice getting better to draw circles, they don’t need to be perfect and with practice you’ll get better at it.

Make them big and small, everything will work good.

Once you feel better and with more confidence, you can try a different drawing tool such as a pen or a color pencil and even a marker.

Start adding eyes, mouth, ears, by adding dots and lines here and there.

A good doodle is just the result of geometric shapes with some dots and lines here and there.

When you’re a beginner you can look for some inspiration on the internet, then as you keep working on it, you’ll develop your own style.

It will be soon when you’ll see yourself drawing doodles in your own style!

Summer Doodles ideas to decorate your Bullet Journal

There’re no rules when we talk about Summer Doodles to draw, everything goes.

A good list to start drawing Summer Doodles would be:

  • Ice cream
  • Sun
  • Sun glasses
  • Hats
  • Back pack
  • Flowers
  • Watermelon
  • Camera
  • Sea star
  • Flip Flop
  • Boats
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Lemonade
  • Fish
  • Beach ball
  • And more.

Some good tips for you as you start to draw Summer Doodles.

As you start to work to draw cute doodles on your notebook, you might want to know some top tips to be creative.

1 – Never compare yourself with others.

Every artist started at the same point as you’re now, grabbing a pencil and having no idea where to start.

Many artists were close to quitting as they thought they were not good enough, what made the difference was they decided to keep working on it.

Drawing and making doodles is not about the need to be perfect, the point is you need to enjoy yourself while you work on drawing doodles.

Express yourself with doodles, big, small, not pretty or not perfect.

As you keep working to draw doodles you’ll get better and you’ll find your own style to draw them, so keep at it, save those spreads where you started to work and in one year you’ll see a big difference.

2 – You don’t need any specific tool to draw doodles.

This is the best point of drawing doodles, while you need a short or long list of materials when you start doing some kind of art like watercolor or oil painting.

To start drawing doodles you only need a pencil, even a cheap one will do the work perfect.

As you keep working on it, you’ll find you can try a better pencil, then get an HB or a 2B drawing pencil, it will help you to work softer and with more confidence as you draw lines and circles on the paper.

Then you might want to try a marker, and start working with it, then you can try an ink liner (my favorite tool to draw doodles) and don’t forget to have a good eraser on your desk, I could say it will be a must to have one, you can see my favorite eraser on Amazon, I’m always sure I have it on my desk anytime I will start drawing something.

A good eraser will help you to erase any pencil mark you don’t like easily without hurting the paper, do not erase with cheap erasers as they leave an ugly pink or dirt mark on the paper.

3 – How to draw amazing doodles always.

As you get better drawing doodles on any paper, you’ll need to get some practice.

Always start drawing doodles on any paper with a pencil, just draw the geometric shapes you’ll be working with and add some lines, dots and curves here and there.

Once you’re happy on how it looks like, you can draw over the pencil with an ink liner or with a pen.

Wait a few seconds before you erase the pencil marks from the paper.

As a final step I would say, you need to decide whether or not to add some color on each doodle.

Note: if you want to add color on doodles, if you use color pencils there will be no problem at all if you do doodles with a pen.

But if you plan to add color on doodles with markers or with some water medium, you should use a permanent ink liner, it will save you many headaches.

To know more about what doodles tools I use, visit the best tools for Bullet Journal page here.

Some doodles you can try as a beginner:

Step by step Summer doodles guide will help you to add cute and easy doodles to your Bullet Journal.


easy summer doodles bullet journal

Flip flops

easy summer doodles bullet journal

How to draw a Sun

easy summer doodles bullet journal

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Drawing  Summer doodles on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner or on any paper is all about having fun.

Doodles do not need to be perfect and as you work on drawing doodles on your BuJo, you’ll be amazed on how good you’ll become.

Start drawing circles, squares and triangles, from there will be no limit for you.

From the easier doodle to draw (a happy face) to the most elaborated doodle, you’ll master it before you notice, the key is not to be afraid to do it wrong and start today.

I’m sure you’ll soon be sharing amazing Bullet Journal spread with lots of doodles on it.

Look to develop your own style, start getting inspiration by other doodle artists and from there don’t be afraid to add your personal touch, be unique and be sure you can do it.

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  1. Summer is never complete if you don’t do some good ole summer doodles with your loved ones! I remember back when I was living with my na, she used to do summer doodles to keep me occupied on my free time back in school. Later I found out that it’s actually a pretty good exercise to uncover your creative talents. Time to get my colour pens ready and bug my niece! 😀

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Thanks so much for sharing your Summer doodles memories when you were living with your na, it’s a good way to keep kids busy doing creative things.

      You’re right when you say drawing doodles is a good way to uncover your own creative talents. 


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