June Month Setup – Bullet Journal

A new month is here, June Month Setup – Bullet Journal is a guide to know everything you need to make from this month a great month!

Don’t work hard, work smart and know in advance everything you need to work on during this month and make every moment count.

Enjoy of the good moments and the good weather, make a list of the tasks you’ll be working on during this month, but work smarter to make a great month when you can also have enough free time to do the activities you love to do with your family.

Don’t forget to add to your Bullet Journal all the spreads you’ll need this month. Make of June 2019 a great month!

June Month Setup – Bullet Journal

June Month Cover – Bullet Journal

June Month Setup - Bullet Journal

Welcome the new month with a month cover for your Bullet Journal that will inspire to keep you working on it through the month.

Black and white or add some color on it, both ways will look fantastic and will help you to work on getting organized every day and every week to do your best to reach as many goals as you decide to have this month.

From achieving small goals to reach goals that will help you to improve your lifestyle or to buy something you have had on your wish list for a long time, everything goes on your Bullet Journal, the best tool you’ll have to help you to work better and get everything you have on your to do list done.

You’ll need to add a few spreads on your Bullet Journal to be sure you get organized before the new month is here, from a future log, the mood tracker, and 4 weekly spreads, and I’m sure you’ll even get some good free time for those activities you love to do.

Weather will get nicer and you might have some activities to do during this month. Don’t forget to make a Summer Activities List spread, I’m sure you might have some good ideas on your mind and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to do those outdoor activities everyone loves to do with the Summer warm weather.

The tools I used to make all the spreads for this month, you can take a look at them to make your own Bullet Journal Spreads here.

Mood Tracker

June Month Setup - Bullet Journal

A must spread for this month is the Mood Tracker, a nice way to know how your mood was during a month that will provide good information about how you did this month and why your mood had some changes.

Getting to know about what triggers mood changes will help you to avoid some situations or to learn how to handle them to keep your mood steady and nicer.

You always can get creative to make the most amazing mood trackers during the year, this time as Summer will be here in just a few more days, I came up with the idea to make a spread full of light bugs, as the days go by I’ll be adding some color to the circles and at the end of the month it will look great!

Feel free to copy the mood tracker the way I did it, or take a look at it to get some inspiration to make your own mood tracker in your own style.

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Monthly Goals.

Take the time to write what your monthly goals will be for June 2019, make this month count in your life.

From small and simple goals to big and important goals, everything counts, write them down and make a plan, by the end of the month you can look back and you’ll see you did great on this month.

Don’t keep your goals in your mind, they will vanish in time soon, write them down on a spread and add small steps to take and you’ll be working on them, by the end of the month you might have accomplished them or you will be working on them to improve your life, your work, and anything you have wished to be in your life.

Bucket List

June Month Setup - Bullet Journal

This month I’m adding a new spread to my Bullet Journal, the Month Bucket List, no matter how simple or small a wish is, you might have something on your mind you’d love to do this month.

Don’t keep those activities or things you want to do this month on your mind, time will fly by so fast and at the end of the month you’ll see you didn’t have time to do anything at all.

Wishes are important, but if you don’t make room in your agenda, planner or Bullet Journal, you won’t have free time to do it.

Once again, the Bullet Journal is the best tool you have in your hands to work hard and smart and make enough free time to do what you love to do.

From going for a walk to a park or having time to go to a movie or to visit a new place you always wanted to visit, plan your month in advance, work smart and you’ll have enough free time for yourself and for your family.

Summer Activities List.

Summer will be here in just a few more days, nice weather, and lots of activities to do during this time of the year.

We all have been waiting for this time of the year, make it count!

From a BBQ, or to visit a new place, or just hanging out in your back yard, everything is important.

Make time to go to do something you always had in your to do list but you never had time to do it, make it happen this year!

30 Days of Gratitude.

As you have been doing on previous months, don’t forget to add the 30 Days Of Gratitude spread, it will help you to write one to three things your thankful about every day.

At the end of the month, you can read at least 30 things you’re thankful and happy to have them in your life.

Weekly Spreads.

June has 4 weeks so you’ll need 4 weekly spreads, they will help you to get organized and to know in advance what tasks you need to work on every day to achieve everything on your Goals List for this month.

You can make your own weekly spread or you can get inspired by mine, or just copy mine, you’re free to copy mine.

If you want to print out a free weekly spread, you can visit the Free Printable Page here on my blog and you can print out the Free Month Printable.

June 2019 Calendar.

10 – Iced Tea Day

12 – Red Rose Day

16 – Father’s Day

18 – International Picnic Day

18 – International Panic Day

21 – International Yoga Day

30 – Meteor Day

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june month setup bullet journal

2 thoughts on “June Month Setup – Bullet Journal”

  1. Looks really nice! I don’t have a lot of experience with planning as I’m quite chaotic. I do have to say that making planning this interesting it could be a way for me to keep it up instead of losing my regular agenda every second month because I forgot where I’ve put it. Also the video that you’ve posted is very nice to see, just to get a little bit of ideas. I’ll definitely look at more of your articles to see how I can get started!

    1. Hi Virendra,

      Thanks so much for your visit today to my blog and taking the time to write a comment.

      I also was a chaotic persona, but I find the more I use my planner to get organized, I moving from a lifestyle where I didn’t know what day it was, and today I have a good idea of what day is and what I need to do.

      Working with a Bullet Journal is not as hard as it looks like, you don’t need to plan everything, you can make some plans of what you think is important.

      The Bullet Journal is a system that will allow you to just make one plan at the time or to make a plan for everything that is going on in your life.

      Another good thing about the Bullet Journal is that you can start it on any notebook you have at home, you don’t need to spend lots of money to start to work on it.

      If you forget your BuJo one day, don’t worry, you can start a new one, but I’m sure the more you get used to work on it, there will be less probabilities to lose it.

      Welcome to the world of the Bullet Journal, you might get inspired and before you noticed it you might be working on your BuJo everyday!


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