Bullet Journal Month Setup - May 2019

Bullet Journal Month Setup – May 2021

May will be here soon and it’s time to get everything you need on your Bullet Journal Month Setup to make the best of it!

There’s no secret that planning with time will help you from making a good month to accomplish everything you want to.

As you keep working to learn how to be more organized, it will help you to save tons of time and to reach the dreams and goals to make a better life!

From personal plans and dreams, to dreaming of a better job or to finally reach the lifestyle you dream about, the best tool you might ever have will be a regular notebook that with your good work has become a guide and a journal where you can write down everything you want in your life and the way to achieve it.

Little by little and step by step you can see how easier and better is for you to make a new month setup.

You might know by now the pages and the spreads that you will need for this month, and how to set it up on your Bullet Journal, today I want to share with you the new spreads I make for May 2019.

Bullet Journal Month Setup – May

Nothing better that some simple and useful tools like a pigment liner 0.3 to write the headings on each spread and make the tables and designs to turn any paper into a spread that will help you to achieve your goals this month.

A month setup doesn’t need to be fancy, elegant or perfect!

It just needs to help you to write down everything on the different spreads to help you to know in advance what you will be working on and the steps or tasks to achieve your goals this month.

Materials you will need to make the spreads for your Bullet Journal month setup:

Staedler pigment liner 0.3

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Bullet Journal dotted paper.

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May month cover 2021

For May 2019 I decided to add some flowers as my garden will be blooming with all kind of flowers, a good reminder that winter is over and it’s time to go outside and enjoy of the good weather.

Since a few months ago, I love to add a small month calendar on this page, by doing, it, it helps me to find any day easy and this helps me to write down any appointment and to know any event that will happen on this month.

Bullet Journal Month Setup - May 2020

Future Log

This spread is important not to miss it, it will help you to know in advance any important event or appointment week by week during this month.

As you write down all of them on each week, then you can make a bigger event plan or what you need to do in advance before an appointment.

Use different color highlighters to know which are appointments and which are events, by doing this, it will be easier for you to know what you need to do for each one of them.

Mood Tracker

Once again, one of my favorite spreads for the Bullet Journal is the Mood Tracker.

This month I wanted to have something cheerful and easy to draw, some cute little butterflies will look pretty after I add the different colors during this month!

Feel free to copy this Mood Tracker idea!

Bullet Journal Month Setup - May 2020

How to make a Bucket List on your Bullet Journal.

It’s not a big science to make this spread!

But it will help me to make plans in advice, so much to do and so many places to visit now that the weather is nice and warm again.

From going for a walk, to stop for an ice cream, to visit a new museum or to plan a pic-nick in a week-end.

I’m sure you can come up with many good ideas to do on this month too!

Month Goals

Goals are important, knowing in advance then, will help you to know what to work on and what not to do.

Goals can be:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Family
  • Business

You might have a few of them in your mind today.

Don’t let the time go by and never reach them. One step at a time and before you know you’ll be reaching each one of them.

Decide in advance exactly what you want to achieve and make a plan to help you to know what tasks you need to work on.

In one spread you can have in one side your goals, and in the other side the tasks to work on.

You can make one spread for each type of goal, as tasks might be different for each one of your goals.

Bullet Journal Month Setup - May 2020

Month Tasks

A good way to make your dreams come true is to work every day and every week on small tasks that will help you to achieve your goals.

A good way to know in advance everything you need to work on is to make a spread where you can write down the tasks to work on this month.

May 30 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude will help you to see life in a different way.

It won’t help you just to see what you don’t have in life, and live wishing you could have this and that.

By paying attention on what you already have and how all of that makes your life better, you’ll become happier and soon you will see more good things coming into your life.

30 days of gratitude spread will help you to write from one thing to three things that you pay attention to every day, soon you will have a few spreads to look at to see how many good things are already happening in your life.

Nothing is too little for writing down on this spread, and nothing is too big to not to add it on it! Everything that makes you happy should go on it.

May Habit Tracker FREE Printable

If something is not working the way it should be in your life, it might be time to make some changes.

Changing habits is helping many people to live better and to live happier.

A habit tracker spread will help you to make the change!

You can download the FREE habit tracker and add it to your Bullet Journal, it will save you tons of time.

Some important dates to remember for the month of May 2019

12 – Mother’s Day

Take a look to more month set-ups for your Bullet Journal

April 2019

Closing Bullet Journal Month Setup – April

Setting up a Bullet Journal for a month will not take you much time and it will help you to get organized and achieve all your goals during that month.

Pick the spreads you need and keep it as light as you need it.

The difference of working with a Bullet Journal where you only add the spreads you’ll need vs a planner or a Bullet Journal that is all ready printed out, will be that you will make the spreads that you need for every month.

By doing, it, you’ll save time and money, no need to have empty spreads on your notebook, just because you don’t need them this month and your planner has them already on it.

No month is the same.

Your activities can change from month to month, be sure you add just the spreads you’ll be using this month. This way you can focus on what is important.

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Bullet Journal Month Setup - May 2020