Easy Bullet Journal Month Setup - April

Easy Bullet Journal Month Setup – April

Plan with time and get everything ready on your Bullet journal, April will be here in a just a few more days and I want to share what to do for a month setup – April 2020

Planning with time will be always your best tool to achieve any goal you have in your mind.

Your own Bullet Journal is the best tool you can have in your hands to set up your new goals for the next month and work to make a plan to achieve each one of them.

Easy Bullet Journal Month Setup – April

Don’t work hard, start working smart and you’ll love your job or your business.

Being successful is not a matter of how much you can work to reach your goals, it’s about how smart you can be to work on your personal or business project to achieve your goals.

There are many spreads you can add on your Bullet Journal to plan a new month, as you keep working on it, you’ll get to know which spreads you’ll need for each month in advance.

Not all the spreads for a Bullet Journal will be a must for you for every month, the first step is to know in advance your goals and from that point, you’ll know what spreads you’ll need for the next month.

April Bullet Journal month setup 2020

I want to share with you a few options of the basic Bullet Journal you can get for April 2019:

Bullet Journal Month Setup - April

April Month Cover

It will take you a few minutes to design a draw a month cover for April, my choice this year are a few daffodils, it won’t take long to see my back yard green again, with the warm weather daffodils will start popping up everywhere in my garden.

I also like to add a small month calendar to help me to plan my month in advance.

Feel free to copy the April month cover with some daffodils on it.

April Future Log

If you have a goal to achieve during April, you can’t miss adding the Future Log spread on your Bullet Journal.

Easy to design the Future log spread, and it will help you to plan in advance the steps you need to work on to achieve your goal each week.

Don’t keep everything you need to work on in your mind, declutter your mind and write a few words or sentences on each week to achieve your goal.

From this, you can make a list of task you need to work on for each week.

Bullet Journal Month Setup - April

April Mood Cover

This month will be all about daffodils on my Bullet Journal, as I keep working on it, I’ll be adding some yellow color on it, by the end of the month I’ll have a beautiful daffodils bouquet in my Bullet Journal.

Feel free to copy this idea and draw your own daffodils bouquet on your own April mood spread.

April Tasks

As I mentioned before, the best way to make April a month where you can reach your goals, it’s by writing down the tasks you need to work on for the Future Log spread.

From it, it’ll be easy for you to know in advance what tasks will be needed to work on.

Nothing easier for you then to know in advance a list you need to work on every day to achieve your goals.

April 30 Days Of Gratitude

A happy life begins on being thankful of what we all already have!

Happy hearts know how important it is to look around us and notice the good things we all already have.

It won’t take you lots of time to write from one to three things you are happy or thankful about each day!

It doesn’t need to be big or great things to be aware that we have something good in our lives.

When you start to write the 30 days of gratitude spread on your bullet journal, by the end of the month you will have over 90 reason to feel happy.

Habit Tracker

Is there anything you would like to change in your life today?

From being healthier, happier, successful to anything you would like to change, nothing better than to focus to change some habits in your life to be anything you want to be.

Focus on one habit at a time, it will take at least 21 days to make a change,

  • Wake up earlier
  • Eat healthier
  • Do some exercise
  • Learn a new skill
  • Learn a new language
  • Clean and tidy your home (room)
  • etc.

From one to three or maybe 5 new habits this new month, and you can improve your lifestyle tomorrow.

Nothing will happen in your life if you don’t get the right habits, today is the day to get everything you need to achieve your goals.

You can download the Habit Tracker FREE printable here.

April Weekly Spread for your Bullet Journal

Get today the weekly spread for your Bullet Journal in time to start writing down your appointments and the tasks you’ll be working on each week.

Don’t forget anything, and get everything done!

You have the best tool to do everything in your life and make the best of it… The Bullet Journal.

You can download here the April weekly spread free printable for your Bullet Journal.

It’s easy to do everything you need to do to get your Bullet Journal new month setup for April, it will look like this:

Some important dates to remember during the month of April.

1 – April Fools Day

3 – National Chocolate Mousse Day.

7 – National Handmade Day

10 – National Siblings Day

11 – National Pet Day

16 – National Orchid Day

21 – Easter

22 – National Earth Day

If you want to know more April National Days, you can take a look to the list here.

Take a look to more Bullet Journal month setup:

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Don’t forget anything you need to do during April, it’s time to get everything setup for April 2019 on your Bullet Journal.

Vacations, birthdays, appointments and work days, everything should be on your Bullet Journal in time, make the best of April by doing everything you need to do!

Reach that goal, start living your dream!

You can do it and you will do it, you have the best tool to accomplish all your tasks and reach all your goals!

Start working smarter and not harder!

If you want to take a look on the tools I use to design and draw all the spreads I use on my Bullet Journal, you can visit the best Bullet Journal tools page.

By using these tools, I can draw and design everything I need to make my days better and reach all my goals! These tools are the regular tools we all use, but I like to use the best quality tools to write, draw and design the Bullet Journal spreads I will be working on for the next month.

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If you want to download the April weekly spread free printable later, you can save this PIN on your Pinterest account, it will make it easier to find this blog again.

Easy Bullet Journal Month Setup - April

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  1. Hello Alejandra,

    I have read your article on Easy Bullet Journal Month Setup – April. really very interesting and helpful article. you have described about the tools you use for your draw and design. these are really very attractive and useful tools. i will try them foe sure and also will share with my friends. thank you for the article.

  2. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    Planning before time working smart is the most important thing a business person is supposed to do. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail so no business can survive without planning and most importantly planning ahead.your article really is a top notch in aiding anyone that wants to plan

  3. Hi Alejandra

    This post is really educating.  I really like the way you articulated your point and the structure. In everything that human is aspiring to be, He needs proper and smart planning. It is very essential to have some moment jotted down which will really help in getting some plan works in future. The month of April is cool to plan. I will carefully plan it just like the way you highlighted it

  4. Interesting article! I can say Planning with time will be always the best tool to achieve any goal you have in your mind. Planning with time and getting everything ready on my Bullet journal will be great as April will be here in a just a few more days. I can actually say there is more to setup for April 2019. I want to ask on the habit tracker tips, that is there any tendency for an habit changed in a period of a month, to make a reocurrence in the next more as I heard before time that habit can only be modified?

  5. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.iys important to have a plan and more important to achieve those plans. Easy bullet journal needs to be in place in writing down all plans and working towards them.things writing down can’t be forgotten . Work smarter and not harder .thanks for the insight, this article is resourceful. Regards 

  6. In this article, which I loved by the way, I was just a little confused.  You have a write-up about the April Weekly spread, but the link says “download the MARCH weekly spread here” and brings you to the February one, so I wanted to let you know that.  You can edit this comment and just delete this section and I’ll leave the actual comment for your website below here:

    Thanks for sharing this great information and downloads for the journal.   My very favorite part is the April 30 Days of Gratitude.  As a Christian, I try to begin and then end each day thinking of all that I have to be grateful for instead of pining for or worrying about things I don’t have or fear.  Life is short, and keeping in mind all the things we have going right is a great way to stay focused and not let life get us down!  

    I also love the Habit Tracker.  It’s like a goal list to keep on track with important things we should focus on.  Like a short-term “bucket” list, lol.  If you don’t write it down, honestly, I feel like it will never get done.

    1. Hi Babsie Wagner,

      Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog, I just fixed the link to download the April weekly spread for your Bullet journal free printable. You can get it with no problem now. 

  7. Thanks for sharing this review on easy bullet journal month setup. I agree with you everybody must set a goal priority. It’s absolutely correct that success depends on how smart a person can work on desired goal or business. I am happy that I have a special function in April. Easy bullet journal month setup will be very useful to arrange my plan and goals for April. Thanks for mentioning important days to remember in April. I love Easter season. You did a great job

  8. Hi Alejandra,

    This is an awesome article. I know it will make me smarter and more organized. For me, I use the outlook calendar in my work and put even personal stuff that I need to do for the day.

    I like bullet journals because you can write some more aside from schedules, like things to thank for, moods, etc. It is like a diary as well.

    How do you keep them after a month? Do you keep everything on a binder or just stuff aside from schedules?

    Do you have a digital copy of these?


  9. Thanks for this idea, its a wonderful way to start the month of April knowing that April has already been well planned .what you said about working smart really touched me, working smart is really key. But I have an issue with time management, there were times I had planned to do something and I didn’t end up doing it, not because I had other things to do but because of laziness I think. Any help on how to do about that?

  10. Bullet Journal? What a nice App. When I started reading about this write up all what came through my mind is SCALE OF PREFERENCE in Economics, I called it (S.O.P)the arranging or listing of your wants(Goals),  and bringing the most important one to the least. Though S.O.P is basically for material things while to me Bullet Journal focus on building of your characters by doing things that will help you have peace of mind like doing excercise, eating health foods, having a good sleep. I will download this app it will really be of help.

  11. It is very necessary to have a list of all you need in a journal. Yes I buy that Idea of having a bullet journal. It will help me not to miss target as I strategize each day on how to execute my plans. Taking a look at my bullet journal each day will remind me on how to carry out my tasks one after the other and by doing so, I will not leave any task unaccomplished. 

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