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My Favorite Bullet Journal Tools.

Four years ago I started my first Bullet Journal, since that day a new adventure began, it’s amazing how a little regular notebook can become an amazing journal where I’ve worked day by day to set my goals and dreams.

As I’ve been working on each new Bullet Journal, I discover new ideas and new things to help me to work more efficiency and one by one I’ve accomplished my goals and dreams.

I’m convinced now that a notebook and a few regular tools, that mostly all of us have already at home can help a lot to learn to be more organized and work with goals and make plans to achieve more in life.

I’ve discovered a few more tools for journalism in this time, today I want to share some of my favorites, I keep them all the time on my work table ready to be used anytime a new idea comes up to me for my Bullet Journal.

My Favorite Bullet Journal Tools

Steadler Pencil

You can use any pencil you can have at home, or you can get one of these Steadler Pencil and get the best of it, since the first day I work with it, it has become my favorite drawing pencil to have always on my work table and ready to work on some sketches and drawings.

It’s soft to use and easy to erase, it leaves no marks at all after I erase it from the paper, I’m sure you’ll love it, I recommend you to use 2B or 4B.

Steadler Pigment Liner.

There are more brands with great quality liners, but I like to use the steadler liners, they never fail and they last, ink is always good and it doesn’t bleed on most of different kind of paper.

You can buy one by one or get a set of them, my favorite to work on my Bullet Journal is 0.3

Colored Pencils.

I like to keep on my work table a few sets of colored pencils, they are always helpful to add some touches of color on any spread on my Bullet Journal or Planner.

Easy to work with them, and you can add a solid layer of color to any design or add a few layers of color to create beautiful art on your Bullet Journal.

Be as creative as you want to, there’re no limits when you work with colored pencils, they will become your best tool to help you to create the most amazing art anytime.


I have tried a few different brands of markers to work on my Bullet Journal or Planner.

I have no favorite set, I like to work with all the markers I have, some are good for some pages and other sets are good to work on other pages. I will list some of my favorites for you:

Bic Color Collection. 

I love these markers, it’s so easy to add some color to any paper, when the ink is dry it looks like the design was printed and not made by you.

The ink of these markers is great, color tones are lovely and no matter you love pastel or stronger color they all work fantastic.

These markers will help you to create any design you want.

Note: The ink is so strong that will bleed on the back of the paper every time you use them, if you get these markers to work on your bullet journal, be sure to place an extra piece of paper under the page you’ll be working on.

Crayola markers. 

They are fantastic to add color to any planner or Bullet journal, not expensive and you can get them anywhere.

These  Crayola markers will leave a mark of every line when you work with them, it will look made by you, but this will give an extra personal touch to your Bullet Journal.

A bonus for you when you work with these markers is they will help you to create the most amazing fake calligraphy on your pages!

Staedtler Double-ended Fibre-tip pen

This brand is my favorite when I need to pick a new tool to work on my Bullet Journal, and this time I’m happy to say the double-ended Fibre-tip pens didn’t disappointed me at all!

These pens looks more like markers and they work great on regular paper, the ink doesn’t bleed on the back and they leave no line marks when working to add colour on a a new spread. Get them now!

Fountain Pen.

When you write with a fountain pen is like writing with the best tool you could get, if you like to write and you love the feeling of writing on paper, I’m sure you’d love it!

Encourage the writer in you, create the best hand writing, it doesn’t matter if you write just a single line or you start writing your first novel!

You can get different tones of ink bottles and fill up the cartridges, by doing this you’ll get away from just writing in blue or black. Getting some ink bottles is always a good investment.

Washy Tape.

It comes in all colors and design, it will help you to decorate any page in the most beautiful and easy way!

Encourage your creativity and make it easy for you!

Washy Tape will cover any mistake you make on any page and nobody will notice it!

So many good reasons to get not one but a few of them.

My Favorite Bullet Journal ToolsClosing

There’re so many tools to work with on your Bullet Journal to help you to create the most amazing pages, learn to organize and achieve anything you want in your life!

The bullet journal or a personal planner will become the best tool to work with when you build up your dreams and create a better lifestyle!

Start today, and you’ll be so happy you did it in one year!

Any questions about the tools I use to plan and organize my life, leave a comment and I’m happy to reply to you.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Bullet Journal Tools.”

  1. Julia Kossowska

    Hi, great blog.

    I have been meaning for some time to explore Bullet Journalling.
    pencils and pens look lovely. The crayons are a good idea as well. Why should the under fives have all the fun?

    I’ve never heard of washi tape at first when I saw this I thought it was like some sort of tippex paper. I’m in the UK. I’m not sure if we can get it. I’ll have to explore.


  2. Hi Alejandra,

    I have recently started my own business and in the process of making lists of my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. I didn’t even know that there was a term for this! So without knowing it, I am making a bullet journal.

    The pens look great and I’m sure they are very useful for keeping everything tidy and colour coded.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks so much for your visit and leaving a comment,

      As you say, many of us start to do bullet journalism without knowing it, it happened to me too. It was a part to find the way to help me to do more and achieve my goals, small and big.

      I started on a piece of paper and placed it on my work table, soon that paper could vanish in the air, so I started to glue that piece of paper with my notes on a notebook.

      Everything started to work better, I got more organized, at least I had those pieces of paper with my notes and to do list on a notebook and that notebook was easier to find and read it and take more notes and check on things I did!

      One day, searching on the internet I came across to a blog where the blogger talked about how to do a bullet journal!

      Since that day, I started to work on a bullet journal and it has worked much better for me, I can keep everything more organized and achieve my goals.

      I’m happy to know that you do it too and it works for you.

      Welcome to the club!

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