Gratitude Journal Guide

Gratitude Journal Guide.


Life in many ways will bring for you good moments and things, a gratitude journal will help you to see them around you!

A gratitude journal is a diary of things for which one is grateful. Gratitude journals are used by individuals who wish to focus their attention on the positive things in their lives.

I’m sure you have noticed as you meet your family members, friends and people you know, as soon as you greet them and ask them how their day has been so far, you will listen them telling you about all kind of problems and difficult moments in their lives.

I don’t deny it, life can be hard and difficult some times! but I have learnt in my own life, hard moments don’t last, and even in the darkest moments of life you can find something good going on at the same time.

I began to write this blog as an idea to help you to do better in life, but this is not a “Personal improvement” blog, you won’t find here what to do and how to do to become better in life.

Even “Personal Improvement” topic has fascinated me, I have seen how it works on myself and my children, even I don’t have the “perfect” life some people sells or want to sell to everyone, where you need to have millions of dollars on your bank account and a big luxury mansion to be happy, I could tell you how my life have improved and now I’m living a better life.

Listen to yourself.

No, I won’t tell you that to you, “listen to yourself” I heard that phrase a few years ago for the first time, I was having tough times in my life and I was talking to a good friend, he allowed me to say this and that and more that, then he looked at me and he told me that phrase!

-What? what do you mean to listen to yourself? what do you want to mean?

With the time I learnt to listen how I used to talk, everything was so wrong in my life! and I just kept talking and talking over and over about it.

I need to say I really had good friends, they listened to me and kindly told me that little phrase!

Then I began to read some books about personal development and I read about “how our own language” can mean a lot to our lives, where was my focus on!

Nothing last a 100 years!

And it’s true, nothing last a 100 years, everything can change for good and for bad too.

I learnt to focus on all the good I had then and all the good I have today!

It doesn’t matter how little or big it could be.

Sometimes you learn this on the bad way, I can remember one day I was talking with some friends about how “terrible” was my life, little did I know, life can bring you the right lesson at the right moment.

I was a crafts teacher then, and that same day I was talking with a student, she was an adult woman and she began to tell me about her life, and as I listened to her, I noticed how big her problem was, how sad her life was, that moment was a real lesson for me.

I could see my life in a different way, my problems were little, nothing compare to hers!

Is Gratitude Journaling for you?

If you’re here, reading my article it’s because you have heard about “Gratitude Journaling” and you’re interested on it, and I’m happy for you.

How come gratitude journaling can change your life?

I’m sure you have good things happening around you at this present moment, even if you don’t see them, I’m pretty sure you have them.

  • You have an internet connection, so you have found this article.
  • You have 10 free minutes to read this article, this means you had at least some free minutes for yourself.
  • You are interested on a better life.
  • You are interested to know more about your own life.
  • You are interested on finding the way to start and keep a Gratitude journal.

All those reasons I told you above means you already have good things going on in your own life.

When you focus on the good things in your life, you will train yourself to find more good in your life.

I think that’s the best thing about keeping a gratitude journal.

Once you start to look at the good things in your life, your eyes and mind will be trained to see the good moments and things that happens everyday around you.

Size is not important here.

No matter how dark you day went, look around you and you will find something good, focus on that moment! and then keep going.

Someday can be hard, and they will require all about you to keep going, relax a problem doesn’t last a 100 years, there will be better days.

Little or big, I’m sure you will find good things going on jn your life.

How to start your own gratitude journal.

You don’t need to make it complicate. Keep it easy!

If you have your own personal planner already, you might have the daily, weekly and monthly pages on it, so you can decide to write down on the daily layout at the end of the day, what happened to you that was good and that you are grateful for.

A short phrase will do it, there will be days that you might need to work harder to find something good, then you might want to write a little bit longer about it, this will mean, this moment it’s really important for you!

Give yourself all the time you need to write about it!

Even a word about gratitude, will do it!

When you start to work on your Personal Planner, you will find it easy to work with a routine, you may want to include on your daily routine a moment for to write about your good moments on that day.

At the end of your day, when you work to schedule for the next day, you might go over your planner on “todays to do list” to check all the things you did, you might wont to take a moment to write down one to three “good” things that happened today.

As an example:

  • sunny day!
  • coffee was good!
  • quiet day!
  • family!
  • friends!
  • etc.

Gratitude journal on your Bullet journal.

A bullet journal is perfect to work on your gratitude journal.

You can keep a whole page for it, all you need to do is to write down the days at the beginning of every month and leave some clear space so you can write down your good moments and things that happens in your life everyday.

You can keep it as simple as you want to, one word, one phrase or even write everything what you think about that moment, even write about your emotions.

You don’t need to be a good writer to write about it, you just need to be you!

Even if you make a mistake while you write it, don’t worry, there will many ways to decorate that mistake,

At the end of a week, you can read your gratitude journal and you will find how your life brings you good moments too.

At the end of a month, you will find out you had many good moments! and at the end of a year, you will be amazed on how many good moment you had this past year.

When you do start a Gratitude Journal.

You don’t need to wait for January First, you can being one any time you want to, today looks like a perfect day to start it!

How fancy should it be?

As fancy as you want to.

Are you good at drawing, then you can draw something every day on each page.

Decorate it with colors and shapes, you will find great inspiration on Pinterest. And here.

You don’t know how to draw?

Don’t worry, just relax and enjoy the moment while you write about your good moment.

The less I want you to be it’s to be worried about working on your gratitude journal.

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There are many ways to decorate it:

  • Use stickers.
  • Use washi tapes.
  • Cut out from magazines and paste the cuts on your journal.
  • Use stamps.
  • Use your own writing.

Public or personal?

This is an important point, a Gratitude journal will be public or personal according to you.

These day, people want to share everything on Social Media. You will be the only one who will decide whether or not to share your GJ. It doesn’t matter what you decide, it will be ok.

My advice will be to keep really personal information for yourself.

I have no idea where to start?

Every beginning could look hard to do, after a while you will find it will become easier and easier to do,

In about days or weeks you might become an expert to find new good things happening into your life! believe me, you will find more and more things to be happy about and you will find more ways to be grateful.

If you sill find hard to begging, how about if I give you some ideas where to start.

How about if you write about:

  • Your house.
  • Your family.
  • Your friends.
  • Your work or your school.
  • Your routine.
  • Presents you received.
  • Your dreams.
  • Your last vacations.
  • Books you read.
  • Music you love to listen.
  • Food you love to eat.
  • Clothing you own.
  • Your good memories.
  • Your favorite flowers.
  • Your own challenges.

And the list could go on and on, I’m sure once you start working on it, you will find more ideas and topics to be grateful for.

I’m sure the more you work on it, it will get easier to do! You will find more and more things to be grateful on your life!

If you have any questions about how to journal about Gratitude, write your question on a comment, I will answer it.

If you are looking for a Gratitude Journal to start your own, you always can check a few of them on Amazon, here is one I like!

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3 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal Guide.”

  1. Expressing my gratitude is only something that I started practicing of late. Life is hard on me for one reason – work takes up a lot of my time and although I earn some good money, I am not happy.

    I couldn’t do the things I love, couldn’t spend more time loving my dog and couldn’t find the right partner in life. In the past, this would have lead me to depression but now I know better that it’s all in the mind.

    Writing down positive things help me to see clearly what’s there and to realize that I’ve got what’s needed to be truly happy.

  2. Hey there, I have always wanted to start a gratitude diary and your article really gave me helpful tips. So often we forget to say thanks to the blessings we encounter everyday and a gratitude journal helps to remind us that there are good things in life everyday. I like the very short and simple “sunny day!” way of using bullets to name my objects of gratitude. Thanks for sharing to start one now!

  3. I love when I find sites like this! I say this because recently I have made some life changes for the better and I think a gratitude journal will be perfect on my journey.
    I’m always trying to stay positive in my life after many negative years, which I’m finding easier and easier every day.
    I enjoyed reading your blog thanks for sharing.

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