how to add color to your Bullet Journal

How To Add Color To Your Bullet Journal


Once you start your Bullet Journal to get organized and to help you to achieve anything you want in life, it will be your best personal tool to find the best way to work on anything you want to.

A new lifestyle, a new career, a new job, the vacations you always dreamed on, some new dishes to try, a new skill to learn… this list will grow as you start thinking about anything you want to do.

One thing I always love to do is to keep working to learn more about color and painting, I used to look at some art made by artist and wondered about how come they could make such a great work!

Art painting and illustration is something I’ve been working at for a few years past, and I don’t stop to learn about some new techniques, as there’s so much to learn and it’s amazing how by learning some steps anyone can achieve more.

I think a Bullet Journal is one of the best tools anyone can have to learn how to be organized and turn any dream into a reality, but I also think it is one of the best things we all have to learn about being creative and developing our artistic side everyone of us has.

You only need to visit to some websites about it, that shares their creativity day by day on their beautiful pages, it doesn’t matter if they are about planning your next month or week, or it’s about planning your next weekly menu or learning how to organize your closet for the season or planning your next trip around the world.

Almost every page you can look at on the internet will display some great art to look at.

I could call one of the most important benefits a Bullet Journal can bring to anyone interested to work on it, it’s sooner or later you’ll be sharing your creativity and you’ll be sharing some beautiful art with everyone on the internet.

Art supplies and your Bullet Journal.

There are so many art techniques you can try on it, some will be perfect for any notebook, and some art techniques will work fine only in some notebooks, you need to find one art technique that is for you and then you need to find the right notebook to work on, watercolors will need a watercolor paper notebook, and it will be better not to try oil colors painting on your notebook, it won’t work just because it needs sometime to dry out.

There’re some art techniques you can try, and they will work perfect on a Bullet Journal with regular paper:

  • Colored pencils (To add color to this cover page I used Crayola 100 colored pencils, you can check price on Amazon)
  • Markers
  • Pens
  • Ball pens
  • Gel pens

On this article I would share with you some good points I find to add some color to your Bullet Journal with colored pencils.

You can get a good set of colored pencils for a few dollars and they will work great to help you to add color to any page.

Today I’m working with Crayola 100 colored pencils set.

There’re also some better quality colored pencil sets, I have tried a few sets and I find the quality of your colored pencils will help you to add more texture and color to any page, but as a start point I would like to share how you can add color to your BuJo even f your colored pencil set is one you got at the super market or you can also use a set your children already have at home.

I did a cover page for May with a Steadler line marker, then I wanted to add some color on it, so I take some pictures as I was working on it, these are the steps I worked on to add some color to it.

how to add color to your bullet journal

As I looked to the month cover page, I decided to add some color, at this moment you can see here the drawing with a marker on a regular paper.

how to add color to your bullet journal
The first layer of color was made with light blue, I use to add a few layers of color to get better results, try to work on each layer gently, try not to work hard to add a solid layer of color.

When you work with colored pencils, and you try to add a strong color layer with a one layer of color, it will be hard to add a second or third layer of color on it. It’s better to work gently and not to make much pressure on every layer of color.

Don’t worry if on this first layer you didn’t make an even work, I use to add the first layer fast.

how to add color to your bullet journal
I did a second layer of color with blue, this time I used a darker shade of blue.

I did this second layer on the center of the page, with two layers of colored pencils, and the work looks better now.

how to add color to your bullet journal
Pink was the color I added to some flowers, I worked on this layer softly, if you want the pink color or any color you’re working with stronger, add two layers of color, it’s always better to add two or three layers of color than work making pressure with the pencil to add a strong layer of color

how to add color to your bullet journal
I added a second layer of pink on the round flowers with a darker pink pencil and as a final touch to those flowers I draw a line with a pink marker.

how to add color to your bullet journal
It was the turn to add some yellow color to this page, first layer of yellow worked soft and gently.

how to add color to your bullet journal
Orange will always be a good match color to work with yellow, add some orange to those flowers, but only on some points, leave some yellow areas, it will look like a light area on every petal.

how to add color to your bullet journal
When you look at flowers in nature, they are not made from a solid color, every flower and every petal is made from different colors, I added some light brown and brown layers to the flowers in just some points, not a solid layer, you can see how the yellow and orange layers are still visible.

I added some yellow layer on the leaves.

how to add color to your bullet journal
It was the next turn to show up to the green color, I added a fine layer of green to every leave on the cover. You can add as I did, some extra layers of two more different shades of green on the leaves, even some blue points will add more texture and interest to your colored page.

how to add color to your bullet journal
A view of the cover after I added some color to it and the colored pencils I used.

I find the Crayola colored pencils set good to work with on my bullet journal when I work with regular paper, you can buy this set of colored pencils on a good range of price anywhere, and I find Crayola pencils are a good option to work with.

The best thing about these colored pencils is you might already have them at home!!!

I hope this tutorial will help you to add color to your Bullet Journal!

If you have any questions about how to work with colored pencils to add color to any drawing, leave a comment here and I will reply to you.

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how to add color to your bullet journal

4 thoughts on “How To Add Color To Your Bullet Journal”

  1. Hallo there,

    I have been a huge fan of bullet journals but I have never thought that there are people who can get as creative as this.

    Surely, you are well on your way to becoming great in arts, as you have always wanted.

    I see we are likeminded and I have bookmarked your website so that I can find it easy to be stopping by every so often. Thanks for the valuable tips here. 🙂

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks so much for your visit and leaving a comment, it’s great to know you’re also a huge fan of bullet journals, as you know a BuJo will always help anyone to get organized and get done anything you want to do in life, but there’s also a part of it that will help each one of us to get creative.

      No spread will be the same, and everything will go on, black and white or some color on it, a month will be different from the rest, that is what I love of this planning method!

      Thanks so much for bookmarked my website!

  2. It’s amazing to me how fast this bullet journal thing is taking off. I feel like all of my friends are doing it now and I love it.

    My favorite part of it, of course, is coloring! It’s so peaceful to sit and color in pages and decorate my bujo, rather than stare at the tv before bed. You have some good ideas for that, and I love your month decoration. Did you draw if from scratch or copy it from somewhere?

  3. I’ve never heard of this ! Thanks for sharing ! Being the owner of 2 businesses gets a little hectic trying to keep things organizes to say the least#
    A bullet journal might be exactly what the doctor ordered and woulD be a fun way to do it !
    Thanks again for sharing this cool idea !

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