Summer Bucket list 2018

Summer Bucket List 2018

Summer is around the corner and with it come longer and nicer weather days, everything is greener and invites you to go out and enjoy the nature.

So many ideas to do while the weather is nice!, it invites to do the best of it.

The view from my window is quite different from the cold wintry days, the country has now those beautiful tones of green with some dots of color here and there from wild flowers.

Weather invites to go out and make the best of it.

No more long days in front of the computer wishing the weather would be nicer, Summer is here and with it so many things to do!

It’s time to sit down for a moment and write all those things you could do during this period of the year, whether you plan for yourself or for your family, there’re so many great activities to do.

How to make a Summer Bucket list.

This year I will make two Summer bucket lists, as at home there’s no more kids around, I will make one bucket list with some ideas to do for my self and with my husband, and the second list will be about things I could do with my children and grand children.

I also think about you, you might belong to one of those bucket lists to do this summer, whether you’re single or living with your partner or you have your family with young kids at home.

Either way, the best thing to do when planning a bucket list is to make a draft, like making a brain storm, write down on a paper everything that comes to your mind to do during the Summer, everything goes on it!!

Later with more time, read everything you wrote on the list, and mark the priorities,

  • what things you would love to do this Summer,
  • what things would be interesting to try for the first time
  • what things you want to do for many years but you haven’t done it because you didn’t have time, money or something else.

You can highlight in different colors your priorities, take a day or to so you can come up with as many ideas about what to do as you want to.

If you have children at home, then you can ask them if they have some ideas about some activities to do, you can talk to them and come up with a list that includes some of their ideas.

How to make a Summer Bucket List Brainstorming:

When you’re working to make a list or a plan of activities, it’s a good idea to take some time with a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen to write down anything you come up with.

Everything goes on the paper, nothing is too crazy or small or not important.

Think about:

  • What do you always wanted to do, but you have never done it
  • What are your favorite things to do?
  • What things give you the feeling of being recharged?
  • Is there any skill you want to get, that you could learn it during the Summer?
  • Make a list of some learning things you could do.
  • Make a list of some fun things to do.
  • Is there any challenge you would love to try this Summer.

Make your Summer Bucket List.

I did mine on my Bullet Journal, and I would love to share how I did it, if you want to copy or steal it, it’s OK.

Some easy steps I follow to make my Summer Bucket List

The steps I follow to work directly on my Bullet Journal are almost the same as I work at when I design a new spread, I use to work with my drawing tools, if you want to read about the tools I use, you can read about them here.

Summer Bucket List

1 – The first step I follow is drawing a sketch of the design with a pencil, I use a pencil for drawing and I draw gently and carefully not to leave strong pencil marks on the paper.

When I’m happy how it looks like, I draw the design with a liner marker.

Summer Bucket List

2 – I Started to write all the things I would love to do this Summer one by one, I let myself to add some small drawings here and there, I draw a small circle at the beginning of each line, so I can check on it after I do each point.

Summer Bucket List

3 – I Decided this time I will add some color on the letters, I started to add some pink in all the “A”.

Summer Bucket List

4 – I added more color to the letters, green to all the “Es”, orange to all the “Ps”, etc.

I wanted to keep it simple but happy, I might add some more ideas to do later, and that is why I left the white space on the right.

I also might add some more doodles here and there, and some notes to remember what places I visited and some small notes on each point of my Summer Bucket List 2018.

Easy to do and it didn’t take lots of time to finish it, it will be ready before Summer gets here.

Another good idea would be if you redo this list but bigger, and place it somewhere in your house so everyone can see it and if you have children at home, would be fun to let them to write some notes after you do that point.

When Summer comes to an end, you’ll have a beautiful poster made by you and your family full with good memories and moments to keep it as a great souvenir of a great Summer!

That is why I love the Bullet Journal!

It can help us to live the best of our lives, take notes and keep it as a souvenir of great and important moments of our lives.


Summer Bucket List

Have a picnic

Visit a new city

Go hiking

Try a new recipe

Try a new BBQ recipe

Eat snow cone

Take a day trip

Watch fireworks

Feed ducks

Paint pottery

Try a new restaurant

Visit a mayor landmark

Plan something

Complete a DIY project

1 day with no technology

Eat from a food truck

Toss some coins in a fountain

Make flavored lemonade

Have a Movie marathon

Explore the city

Visit a relative

Watch the sunset

Find a 4 leaf clover

Pick some wildflowers

Visit a farm

Go to the aquarium

Visit a farmers market

Go fishing

Make homemade pizza

Have a home SPA day

Go to a theme park

Visit a new museum

I’m sure you’ll come up with more ideas to add on your Summer Bucket list.

I would love to hear from you now, what idea would you add to that list?

I would love to know where do you live, from where do you visit my blog? Leave the name of your town and country on a comment!

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Summer Bucket List

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