Why You Need Your Word Of The Year

Why You Need Your Word Of The Year

To choose a word for a year could be the best way to start any year and by doing it, it will help you to achieve your goals.

In this post, I will give you a few reasons that will help you to choose a word for yourself, so you can focus on what is needed to work on to make it the best year of your life.

Why having a word of the year is a good idea?

As you have been working to get more organized and do every plan on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner, you have seen today it’s easier to plan a day, a week, a month and even a year.

By knowing your plans, it’s easier to know what work you have to do and more specific, what tasks to work on to achieve your goals.

Life has been better since you started to work with a planner, and it’s easier to know every thing important for you in advance. No more days when you had to just work as it shows. You know everything you need to do, and you can decide if a task is important or not, and if you need to do a job or not to achieve your goal.

You are today more in control of what to do and why to do it.

Tips for choosing the Word of the Year

I started to work with a “word of the year” about four years ago, the beginning was not easy, and I didn’t see a good reason to do it then, but as I was part of a group of women who wanted to do better in life, I have to be part of the group and I had no choice then.

As I wrote down the word for that year, I didn’t think i had any reason to do it, as I kept working to make my plans for that year, with that work in my mind and on my personal planner, it was easy for me to know what direction to take and how to write down my goals and make a plan for any goal I wanted to achieve that year.

After that year came to an end, I could see how that work helped me to stay in track and not to lose my focus on my goals and all the plans I did that year helped me to make one year a good year.

I could achieve my goals, and I could stay on track.

After that year, I have no problem to chose a new work for the next year. By the end of that year, it was easier for me to pick the right word for the year, as I knew how it works and I also knew what direction to take to make another good year for me.

Today, as I keep working week after week on my Bullet Journal or my personal planner, it’s time to get a word of the year for me.

And this time I want to share some steps I am following to make this year even better!

Now that we know how a word of the year can help anyone to stay focused and make plans for a good year.

You need to take a moment to think and write about your last year.

Yes, write down how it went, as you work on it, you can write down a few notes about how last year was for you, you can make it as a whole, or you can write down some notes about your personal life and your professional life.

Sometimes, the word of the year for your personal life will be different for the word of the year for your professional life, then you can have two or three words of the year, and that is OK.

The important point here is that this word will help you to make a better year for you.

Now, that you have all the notes about last year on paper, you can take a moment to think, where do you want to get to this year.

Be realistic, if you made 10 or 20K last year, don’t think this year you can reach a million, but you can think about making a plan to reach 30, 40 or even 50K

If you’re thinking about getting healthier and lose some weight, but last year you didn’t reach your goals here, think about making a plan for a healthier eating habits and start to exercise more, but you will need to think about reaching your goal or part of your goal in 12 months, not in one month.

When you know your year’s goals, it will be easier for you to chose a word to help you to stay on track to achieve your goals this year.

Here you can find some ideas of words that will help you to choose your own word of the year.

1. Adjust

2. Acceptance

3. Achieve

4. Authenticity

5. Awake

6. Balance

7. Be

8. Believe

9. Better

10. Blossom

11 Brave

12. Breath

13. Care

14. Change

15. Commitment

16. Confident

17. Consistent

18. Control

19. Determined

20. Discipline

21. Engage

22. Enough

23. Essence

24. Enthusiasm

25. Generous

26. Grounded


28. Fearless

29. Finish

30. Focus

31. Forward

32. Freedom

34. Generous

35. Grace

36. Growth

37. Impact

38. Inspire

39. Intentional

40. Happy

41. Heal

42. Humility

43. Intentionally

44. Joy

45. Learn

46. Love

47. Loyalty

48. Minimize

49. More

50. Move

51. Open

52. Patience

53. Passion

54. Pause

55. Peace

56. Persistence

57. Perspective

58. Perseverance

59. Positive

60. Presence

61. Prepare

62. Prosper

63. Purpose

64. Relax

65. Renew

66. Rich

67. See

68. Serve

69. Strategic

70. Strong

71. Time

72. Tranquility

73. Trust

74. Valuable

75. Willing

76. Wise

Take a look to  my one word to find what people have picket to make the best year ever!

Now, that you have chosen the word for this year, it’s time to write down that word where you can see it often.

Most of the time this “word of the year” won’t work or won’t help you to stay on track is because you came up with that word but you never wrote it down on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner at all.

You had that word in your mind this minute, but you never thought about it again.

Puff… vanish!

Why You Need Your Word Of The Year

The secret that will help you to stay on track this year, it’s to write down that word anywhere you can see it.

The more you can see this word, it will be better for you.

Ah… Discipline! (I will say that every time I see that word everywhere!)

Write your own word here and there, in blue, in yellow, in red and in any color that keeps your attention on it!

Write it down on any paper, every time you start planning a new weekly layout… write it down.

When you make next week plans… write your word down on the top of the page!

Make some drawings of your word, small, medium and big size and place them where you can see them.

Make some plans and write them on your notebook.

It’s time to make the plans the year to be the best year ever!

This word will be good as a compass, it will lead wherever you need to be or to go.

You need discipline for this year, make your plans with this word in your mind, how your days need to be.

You need more freedom, it’s good to make your plans to be more free this year.

You need some calm in your life, don’t make any crazy plans for this year.

And this way, any word you choose will be the right one.

Why You Need Your Word Of The Year

Word of the year Spread FREE printable.

Yes, today I have a free printable, it can be downloaded it here, and make as many copies as you need to, there is a space where to draw your own word and color it.

There is enough space to write down why to choose this word for this year and what goals to achieve and write down any ideas about how this word can help you to achieve your goals.

There’s a monthly calendar, so you can write down anything important to do or to work on each month, there’s enough space to make little notes about how that month went and if you need to make any changes on your plans for next month.

Why You Need Your Word Of The Year

By the end of the year, you will have a whole picture of your year in one page!

How cool is this?

Like my idea for this layout for your Bullet Journal or personal planner, and it’s free!!!

Well, keep working on planning the lifestyle you want to live, there’s nothing better than a Bullet Journal or a personal planner to achieve any goal you want in life!

What word is your word for you for this year?

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Why You Need Your Word Of The Year

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea. I believe it is a great idea to find the word for the year and stick to it, just like what we do with the goal for the year. I think mine will be Achieve, Commitment and Focus for the year of 2019. One quick question, how do I measure if the word of the year helps me achieve what I have aimed in the beginning of the year? Could you please share more about it? Thank you. 

  2. It was a good article. I think writing the word for the year entails setting down a written and specific goals which are well defined and by so doing it enables us to prioritize our goals and know what is more important to us. Having a word of the year can help one achieve faster in life.

  3. I really like the concept! Word(s) of the year to stay infocus, and on track! The word list you provide is AWESOME! It got me thinking about my word for the year… Thank You for that!

    Have you considered a tutorial on how you did this? I understand the idea, but to see it, and how you used it in daily life, throughout the year, and where you ended up with it.


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