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February Month Setup – Bullet Journal

A new month will be here soon and it’s time to work on February month setup for your Bullet Journal, you can’t miss having these spreads ready to make a great month.

February Month Setup – Bullet Journal

February Month Setup - Bullet Journal

It won’t take long to get all the spreads you need ready on your Bullet Journal to plan one more month full with success, gratitude, and good work to accomplish any goal!

Making a better lifestyle is not about luck or just wishing for things to change, making a better life is all about how you make your plans and to make the best strategies to follow to reach success.

Bullet Journal is one of the best tool to help anyone to know in advance what goals will help you to transform your life into the life anyone can dream about.

From becoming better on what you do for a job, to transform your house into the home of your dreams, to make that dream a reality, anything can be part of your Bullet Journal and it will help you to know in advance what steps or task to follow to make any dream come true!

February Month Setup 2020

To plan a month in advance won’t take you long.

Take your time to get all the new spreads for February 2020, as always I have a few pictures here to share what my new month setup looks like.

A new cover month, simple in black and white, if you like the floral motive I did, you can copy it and draw it on your own Bullet Journal, add anything you want to, it will look great!

If you don’t want a floral motive on the month cover, you can keep it simple or you can draw something else, get creative and I’m sure you will come up with a beautiful month cover.

The goal to draw a month cover is to have a cover that motivates you to work on this month from the beginning to the end.

Future log spread.

The future log spread is one of the best tools you can have to plan a new month.

Divided into weeks, you can write your own goals to achieve on this new month. After you get clear on paper what your goals are for this month, it will be easy to write down a plan to work on and from it you will know what tasks you need to work on.

Dream big, because when you work this way, it’s easy to achieve anything!

February Month Setup - Bullet Journal

A monthly mood tracker will help you to know more about you, easy to follow it won’t take lots of time or work to keep working on it day after day.

By the end of the month, you can take a look and know how was this month for you.

You can decide to take your time to draw a new month tracker like I did, easy and nothing too complicated, I just wanted to draw something to help me to track my month during this new month.

But if you want to try something new as a mood tracker, don’t miss the Best Mood tracker FREE printable and have lots of fun drawing cute little faces on it!

30 Days Of Gratitude.

February 2019 has only 28 days, but I have the 30 days of gratitude layout already made to help me to save time while I work on the setup for a new month.

When talking about gratitude having two days extra in the month will be even better, more space to write more good things about your life.

If you’re getting to be a fan of keeping a gratitude journal, you’ll love the gratitude layout, as you keep working on it to write at least 3 things you’re grateful for each day, at the end of the month you will have a page full of things to be grateful again and it will become a nice page to go back to read to know how many good things you already have in life or how many good things happened to you in a month.

Get creative and you can end with a beautiful page to keep, if you want to make some doodles on it as a way to make little pictures of the good in your life!

February Month Setup - Bullet Journal

Habit tracker.

To have a habit tracker is a must on a new month setup, from changing eating habits, to start doing more exercise or to read 10 pages from a new book to anything you want to start doing and to have that as a new habit in your life, the habit tracker is the best tool you can have in your hands.

105 habit tracker ideas will give you some help to find that habit to change that will help you to have a better lifestyle or to accomplish any goal.

Monthly To Do list.

Don’t forget to add a monthly to do list and write down anything that should get your attention on!

Monthly Wish List.

A life without wishes and dreams can turn into a life hard to live, don’t forget to make a list of dreams and wishes to do during this new month, from one to as many as you can do!

If you love the Bullet Journal system, but you want to save more time while you work to get everything ready for a new month, you might be interested to take a look to the Free Printable Blank Month Calendar, it has everything you need to plan a month full of success!


February weekly spread FREE Printable.

February Month Setup - Bullet Journal

If you want to save some time while making plans for February, you can download this cute weekly spread Free printable, in case you have a bullet journal, you can stick it to a page, in case you have a personal planner in a binder, it will be easy to punch some holes and add it to your planner as I do!

If you love it and you use it and you blog about it, I will thank you for credit to me and add a link to my blog 🙂

February weekly spread free printable

You’re new to Bullet Journal and you want to start your own to make your goals and dreams come true, take a look to my favorite Bullet Journal, I’m sure you’ll find one to start to work on it today!

Now you can follow me on Facebook and get more ideas to work on your Bullet Journal or on your Personal planner!

From planning a new month, to learn how to be more creative, working on your Bullet Journal is the best way to accomplish any goal in life!

Now it’s your turn to tell me about what you never miss adding to a new month on your Bullet Journal, I will love to listen to you!



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February month setup bullet journal

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  1. What a good idea personal planners are and I really think your planner is an ideal way of keeping on top of your goals and tasks. I love the art work involved in these planners and ybe downloadable planner is a great way for visitors to test the product before buying.

    The relevance of planners cannot be underestimated as each daily task adds up to a bigger picture – your yearly goal! 

    1. Hi Darren,
      I agree with you 100 % when you say the relevance of planners can’t be underestimated, planners will help anyone to stay focus and to know what tasks to work on to achieve any goal!

  2. Thank you for this great and highly informative post, this is by far the best content I have stumbled on today. February is almost here and I am putting all hands in deck in making the necessary preparations because I believe success doesn’t come accidentally. I will soon draft out my 28 days gratitude list also. 

    1. Hi Clement,

      I’m glad you find this blog post helpful to make February a great month for you, I also believe success doesn’t come accidentally, each one of us need to work to make things happen in life and success is one of them.

      Let me know how the 28 days of gratitude went.


  3. Hello Alejandra,

    I more than liked the blog, I absolutely enjoyed it. There’s a lot to plan for if I go by your planner and I’m ready to do that. 

    I’ll really take the gratitude journal seriously, I think it’s a good habit to keep track of what you’re grateful for everyday. At the end of this days it’s this little things that will get us through the tough periods.

    Thanks for sharing, totally adorable.

    1. Hi Louis,

      As you, I also think the gratitude journal is something that can help anyone to live better and I also take it seriously, it’s a way to help me to see all the good in my life!

      I thank you for stopping by to read my blog today.


  4. 3This is awesome! I’m very glad to come across this write-up. This will go a long way to help me plan out and schedule every of my activities for the month of February. You’ve got an magnificent Bullet Journal there. Also, the February weekly spread FREE Printable is a very nice tool. I really appreciate your gesture for sharing such a wonderful tool. You’re really great, Alejandra

    1. Hi Muhiyb,

      I thank you for your visit to my blog today, I’m glad you find the FREE printable weekly spread for February Bullet Journal a good idea to add to any planner.


  5. This is very beautiful work done you are really doing well. I don’t have a journal yet but I believe this can be one for This year .It will help me in planning my way forward instead of walking in the darkness that is what I am doing with out aplan .so how can get ones of those bullet journals  I really do need ones like know

    1. Hi Charles,
      Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog today.
      You can find a notebook to start your own Bullet Journal on Amazon, You will find a few notebooks for Bullet journal reviews on the Best Bullet Journal page on the menu.

  6. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article.This is a must read for everyone who wants to get something meaningful out of February. Thanks for enlighten me on how to plan for this coming month. I love sites like this and I will keep following you to get more updates .

  7. I love your bullet journals. Did you create them yourself? How do you find the paper for this? Do you design your own layouts or are they preset? Can I create my own? Do I need to be able to draw because I am not a very good artist!

    Thanks for sharing this great and beautiful planning tool and for all the freebies you offer. 

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