7 bullet journal future log ideas

7 Bullet Journal Future Log

7 Bullet Journal Future Log Spread Ideas to help you to design the one that will help you to know in advance all those important dates, appointments and events for the next year.

The Future Log is a spread you must have if you love to work with your Bullet Journal  to get organized and get everything done!

This spread will help you to know everything in advance and it will also to help you to make the plans for each event in another spread with enough time to know exactly what tasks you’ll need to work on.

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Best Tips To Use The Bullet Journal Future Log.

1 – What features do you need to have in the Future Log.

The name of the 12 months should go on this spread, but do you need to have a month calendar for each month on this spread or do you only need to write down the date of the events you’ll have during each month as soon as you know.

Do you need to have a space for each week on each month? This way you can write down an event on each week as soon as you know about it.

2 – Find out what layout works better for you.

You can choose from different layouts to get the right one for you.

12 months in one spread.

There’s a layout for the year future log with the 12 months, this bullet journal layout will help you to have a year at a glance in one spread.

The good points of it is that you can know in one glance all the events you’ll have next year.

The con is that there won’t be much room to write down more information about the events, you might need to make just notes for each event on each month. You might need to have ready another spread to have more room to take more notes for each event that you mark down on this spread.

Six months in one spread.

Whether it’s horizontal or vertical layout, you’ll have six months in one spread, you’ll need two spreads for the full year.

The good points about a layout with six months is that you’ll have more room to write everything important to look at in the next year.

You can add a small calendar on each month.

Get the information based on the importance and on the flexibility.

One of the advantages to work to get organized with a bullet journal is that you can write down in advance all the information you get to have all the important events on it.

You may know when it’s your next vacation period for the next year, as you write it down on the future log, you can start planing what activities you’ll be doing in that month.

The same can work for any event from your family as birthdays or anniversaries.

You can also have some dates and events to attend for your job or for your personal business, everything goes here.

Freelance or self-employed working hand in hand with a Bullet Journal.

Anytime you know about a future event or project you’ll be working on, it should go on this spread.

Write down what event or projects is and the due date. You can make a whole plan for it on a different spread.

Keep the Year Future Log Spread on your notebook and visit it often.

Don’t forget anything important for you and your family during the year.

Try as many layouts until you find what works for you!

No matter how many spreads you use until you find which can help you to get everything done!

How To Design and Draw Your Own Year Future Log.

You can get some inspiration from the Future Log spreads I share on this post and design yours.

Some tips that work for me at the time to design and draw a new Bullet Journal spread:

1 – Use a mechanical pencil  * to draw the design, an HB will work great, as you draw the lines don’t push hard on the mechanical pencil to make soft lines on the paper, if you don’t like one line, it will be easy to erase it.

Check the Mechanical Pencil today’s price on Amazon.com

2 – Once you’re happy with the design, use a Gel Pen  * (Bic Cristal black ink is my current favorite ) or a 0.3 Staedtler pigment liner on Amazon.ca *

Check the Staedtler Permanent Pigment Liner today’s price on Amazon.com

3 – You can keep it minimalistic and just draw the layout.

4 – If you like to work a little bit more creative, this is the time to add some decorations on it, from geometric shapes to flowers or anything you want to draw on it.

Follow the same steps you did when you were designing the layout, first go with the mechanical pencil and then you can add some color or ink on the design.

How to Highlight The Different Events on The Future Log.

One good idea would be to set a color for everything:

  • Yellow – work or personal business
  • Blue – vacations and relax
  • Green – Family events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family travel.
  • Purple – Friends events, vacations with, parties, travel.
  • Red – Really important events!

You can read about the Bullet Journal tools and supplies I use to add color on and highlight any note on  the spreads

When it’s the best moment to set up a Future Log?

To answer this question, I would say the best moment would be at the beginning of every year, this way you can write down anything on it as soon as you get to know about it.

Another good idea would be to have the current year and the next year to come, you might get to know about an event to happen the next year, this way you can write down any event you get to know or you plan to have in advance of two years.

If you haven’t yet worked with a future log, I would say anytime would be a good time to start to work with it, just design the layout with the next month for the current year and make a second future log for the next year.

7 Bullet Journal Future Log Ideas You Can Try.

1 – Minimalist.

7 Bullet Journal Future Log

2 – 12 months in one spread

7 Bullet Journal Future Log

3 – 12 months in one spread

Just some doodles with a Get Pen, let the ink dry and add some color with the Mildliner marker in your favorite colors, this time mine is yellow. 7 Bullet Journal Future Log

4 – 6 months in one spread

7 Bullet Journal Future Log

5 – 6 months in one spread (horizontal)

First you need to design the layout and ink it, then you can get creative and add any motive you like with a mechanical pencil HB and then ink the design with a Gel Pen or with an ink liner.

Let the ink dry for a few minutes and add some color with the Mildliner markers on Amazon.ca *, as you can see these markers leave a line mark on the paper but I think it looks nice.

Check the Mildliner Markers today’s price on Amazon.com here!

7 Bullet Journal Future Log

6 – Future log 4 months vertical

I add some black and white dots in the title and I did some lettering for the months

7 Bullet Journal Future Log

7 – 6 months in one spread (vertical)

You have room for the name, for many notes to take on each month and you have a separated box for the birthdays.

bullet journal future log ideas

Closing Thoughts.

7 bullet journal future log ideasOnce more the Bullet Journal system is here to help us to get everything organized and never forget about an important event whether it is for family or something related with your work or personal business.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes on this spread, if you make one, you always can glue a piece of paper and write over it, add some doodles and nobody will notice it.

It can happen that once you wrote down an event, it can be canceled and you need to erase it.

Use the Future Log to help you to get organized for each event on it, use a new spread to make a plan and work on it.

You can accomplish any goals easily working with it!

You might need to have one or two years in advance and write on them the events as soon as you know about them.

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Have any question about this topic, or you have another different layout for the future log that has helped you to reach your goals, leave a comment, I will read it and you can help everyone who use the Bullet Journal system to reach their goals!

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  1. My life is just one big confusing mess and to have a future journal would help me dramatically and change the way I sort out my business

    I have a problem with remembering what business events I have coming up so I really need help organising things better than I can at the moment 

    Do you know of a realistic way to keep track of what I need to do in the future rather than looking at something I have written down?

  2. Hi Alejandra! I have benefited from this in the past. But during the last couple of years I have drooped this good practice. Reading your post I have been encouraged to start using a Bullet Journal again. My personal preferences is having 6 months in one spread. I liked very much this post so I’ll also follow your Pinterest board.

  3. Love this creative and helpful way with which to plan your life. The gel pen doodles just add that wonderful personal touch. 

    With everything so automated at the moment it is so refreshing to see something hand made or drawn for a change. You have inspired me to go and design my own planner for the next few months. This would also make a lovely and personal gift for someone special. 

  4. This is a very helpful look at bullet journaling for the future. I have been curious about how to get started, but the picures of different examples has made a world of difference in having this make better sense of how to approach it. Great collection on pinterest as well… and as school starts very soon in my area, thanks for the reminder that there is still time to make some great summer memories with the family!

  5. Emmanuel Buysse

    This seems to be a good one for our family. We have a very busy agenda, and we don’t have a planner to be honest, and because of that, we forget things now and then, and that doesn’t make people happy. I’m happy I came across this post, it has good features, I will show it to my wife and I hope that she will like it too. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

  6. This journal future log is something I’m very interested in, I haven’t thought about how helpful this is going to be for me until now, I love this ideas of getting my days planned in a journal to keep me in check on my work and fun time schedule so I don’t forget my plans as I tend to always do.  Thanks for sharing this with me

  7. Hi Alejandra

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post about ideas for the future log.

    I always want to have my own future log to keep me organized but not really sure how to start. I think 12 months in one spread layout is the best for me. It looks simple. Yet, we can know the entire activities for the whole year.

    I hope it’s still not too late for me to make my future log for this year. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I will definitely come back here for reference.


    1. Hi Samm,

      It’s never too late to start working with the Future Log, just make a spread with August to December for 2019 and make a new spread for 2020.

      Let me know how it goes!


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