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The 9 Best Planner Supplies Storage Case 2021

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Best Planner Supplies Storage Case 2021

Whether you work at home on your personal planner or on your Bullet Journal, or you love to take it with you, a storage case will help you to keep all your supplies organized and ready to use them.

As you keep working on journalism and to get more organized, you’ll find one day you own now a good collection of different supplies for the planner to work with, the list can be long.

  • Regular pencils or mechanical pencils
  • Gel pens, fountain pens
  • All kind of markers
  • Washy Tape
  • Stickers
  • Planner rulers

You love to find the best supplies for bullet journalism or to write down everything on your planner

You started to work to get organized because you love to keep everything under control, the same happens with the bullet journal or personal planner supplies.

Whether you love to carry with you just the notebook where you’re currently working and a pen or you love to carry a good selection of different supplies to work with, the good news is you can find the right case to carry all you need in one place.

Storage case is a good idea to have everything you need for journalism in one place, getting all the pencils, pens and other supplies in it will help you to work better and faster while you plan the next day, next week or next month.

I have here a list of Cases you can take a look at, I’m sure you can find the one you’re looking for.

Pencil and Planner Supplies Organizer

Cases For A5 Notebook

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case.

It has a large storage capacity for your A5 notebook and good number of pencils, pens and markers you love to work with.

It’s made with 100 % brand new canvas, sturdy material and a strong zipper, good quality that will last for a long time!

This case will help you to carry your planner and all the supplies you need to work with. It opens flat. Get it now on!

Check the price of the Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case on here!

VASCHY Pencil Case, Pen Holder Pouch With Double Zipper.

This pencil case will help you to keep everything you need to work with bullet journalism well organized, the size is perfect to pack in an A5 notebook and the different pencils, pens and markers you will need to write notes, make plans and make the doodles on it anytime.

It’s well-made of polyester which is sturdy and durable. This pencil case is well constructed with functional layers, it also has 3 pockets to help you to pack everything you need as some washi tapes, stickers a small ruler and erasers.

You can find it on 12 different colors! Get it now on!

Check the price of the Vaschy Pencil Case, Pen Holder Pourch With Double Zipper on here!

Notebook and Pencil Case

This pencil case has the large capacity to storage and organize up to 202 colored pencils and 136 Gel pens, it is made with a beautiful floral printing nubuck leather that is more durable than genuine leather.

When you purchase this pencil case it will come with no pencils or pens in it.

It will help you to keep all your journalism supplies in one place and ready to work with them anytime. Get it now on!

Derwent Canvas Carry-All Bag

Made to carry everything an artist would need to work out of his/her studio, but it’s perfect to pack in it everything you need to keep working to get your life organized.

An A5 notebook will fit perfectly in it as also some pens and markers, get everything well organized and you can work anywhere you go. Get it now on!

Check today’s price of the Derwent Canvas Carry-All Bag on here!

Document Portfolio Bag

Portable and easy to carry, it comes with a neat and simple design that will help you to organize everything you need to keep working on journaling your life when you’re not at home.

Take with you a few Gel Pens, your notebooks and a few stickers, everything will go and you can also pack a small notebook to work on it. Get it now on!

Check today’s price of the Document Portfolio Bag on here!

Erin Condren Large Planner Folio – Daisies

When you’re used to working with a A4 planner, nothing is better to keep everything organized than this planner folio from Erin Condren.

People who use her planners know the high quality of her products and the same is for this folio where there’s enough room to storage everything you need to plan your life and achieve your dreams and goals.

Check today’s price on


BTSKY Multi-Functional A4 Document Bags Portfolio Organizer

It has the perfect size to carry everything you need, a notebook, some pens and pencils and even your IPad!

It’s light as it only weighs 320 g, it’s made from waterproof material, and it comes in 8 different colors so you can pick your favorite Get it now on!

Check today’s price on

Find the Best Pencil Case

When you’re looking to find the way to get organized for your pencils and pens collection, the best option will be a Pencil Case.

Universal Large Colored Pencils Case for 150 Pencils

Everything will be in one place as it has room for 150 pencils and 120 Gel Pens and other supplies that you use almost every day,

It’s multi-layer design makes it easier for you to keep everything well organized.

It’s handle strap makes it easy to carry. Get it now on!

Check the price on

Niutop Canvas Pencil Wrap.

A handy pencil case that will hold up to 72 colored pencils, lightweight, this is a well-made canvas roll, it comes with extra wide elastic bands providing convenience and security.

It’s size makes it portable as it’s small enough to fit perfect in any bag or purse, it will make a great idea for a gift to a bullet journalist.

Pencils are not included. Get it now on!

Closing Thoughts.

Best Planner Supplies Storage CaseAs you keep working with your Bullet Journal or your Personal Planner, you’ll be using almost every day different kinds of pencils, colored pencils, pens and markers.

Soon your desk will be busy with all kind of pencil holders or pencil boxes, one thing you don’t need is a messy desk to work on.

Keep everything well organized in one place and you’re planning routine will be easier and better every day!

There’re different options for a pencil case, from one that will stay at home all the time to the one which you can work with at home or anywhere you go!

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  1. OOh ! I have been looking for a new pencil case now, but couldn’t find any that I liked. I really like the Vaschy pencil case, very clean and responsible. It’s always great to have a pencil case that’s a little bigger than the others on the market. The one I has last year was really tiny and I had problem using it.

  2. Hello,

         It’s been some time since I’ve had an actual paper-based planner.  I shifted away from one several years ago when I got my iPad. That said, I still have a need for the tactile response I get from touching pencil to paper from time to time.

    Yes, I can do quite a bit with my iPad and Apple Pencil but the feel just sometimes isn’t right and I have a need to write or sketch as I once did.  To that end, I’m actually loving the Niutop Canvas Pencil Wrap!  It’s perfect to carry all of my colored pencils securely.  Right now, I still have them in the tin case they came with that gets all dinged up and the lid pops off of all the time.  What’s worse is I usually find them all over the place because that lid just won’t stay put.

    Thank you so much.  I now have a perfect replacement!


  3. Hello Alejandra, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I think that this can be a great gift for a person who enjoys making cartoons. One of my best friends has a birthday this week so Derwent Canvas Carry-All Bag would be a perfect fit for her. Thanks so much for sharing.

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