Bullet Journal Month Setup – August

Summer always brings nice weather, it’s time to Bullet Journal Month Setup for August and make a list of goals, appointments, task list, but also your Bucket List to have great time this month.

Bullet Journal Month Setup – August

Once again it’s time to take the time to get everything ready before a new month gets here.

From Goals to achieve, to list of task to work on, anniversaries and appointments to attend, also to look to make enough room in a busy agenda to get as much free time to enjoy the good weather and do some outdoor activities.

August brings nice activities to do, as you keep working on your regular job or on your own business, you’ll be busy doing so many things and before you notice, you won’t have any free time to do a few things you wanted to do.

To avoid getting too busy to forget to add to your To Do List a few things you would love to do, the secret is to learn how to get organized in advance and give the right time to every task on your Bullet Journal or on your personal planner to get all those activities you would love to do a date.

Everything is possible when you work day after day with the best tool to get everything done and get as much free time as you can to do many things.

Have you ever wondered why some people can do so many things in a short period of time like a month, and why other people seem that they never can do more than two things in one month?

The secret that has helped the first group of people to do a lot and still get lots of free time, it’s to learn how to get organized and to know in advance what task they will be working on for the next month and the next week and to make priorities.

This is why you should keep working on your Bullet Journal or on your Personal Planner, if you haven’t mastered the art to get organized, don’t worry, keep at it, every day you’ll be doing better.

One day, you’ll master the art of getting organized, get everything done and still get lots of FREE time!

It’s time to Setup a new month on your Bullet Journal.

bullet journal month setup

August 2019 Month Cover.

As you get your time to design August Month Cover, it can be simple or it can be about something that inspires you during the month.

It can be designed by you with some black and white design or you can decide to get some color on it.

There’s great inspiration on the internet that can help you to get some ideas, at the beginning you might need to take a look at a few August month covers to get the inspiration, or you can also get some free download to print it out and add it to your Bullet journal.

I like to keep it simple, the month name on the cover, a small black and white design on it, and a small month calendar on the same page.

Having a small month calendar on the cover will help you to know the date, to write down any appointments or to highlight any event or anniversary that will happen during this month.

Free Printable Month Calendar

August Future Log

The main goal of this spread is to help you to write down anything important that will happen during this month, you can write down on each week the important appointments, events, anniversaries or tasks you need to pay attention to this month.

You can write down everything on just one spread, or have two, one for your work and professional life and the other for your personal life and family.

bullet journal mood tracker

August Mood Tracker

Don’t miss the monthly mood tracker this month, it will help you to know more about your mood and what happened during a particular day that triggered a mood change.

At the end of the month, you’ll have great information that will help you to know more about your mood. This will help you to know yourself better and it will help you to plan some activities during the month when you know you’ll be ok, or if you need to stay at home that day.

August Bucket List

A few months ago I added a Month Bucket List, by doing this, it’ll help me to know in advance what things I would love to do on my Free Time.

It doesn’t need to be something big or expensive, on this spread you can write down all those things you would love to do during this month that will bring some excitement into your life and big memories.

August Gratitude Calendar

Don’t forget to get the Month Gratitude Calendar, where you can write down one to three things you’re grateful for each day or where you can make a doodle on each day that will bring good memories to you.

If you have children at home, a good idea will be to give each one a Month Gratitude Calendar to fill up. At the end of the month you can share with the family your Gratitude Calendar and share good memories.

You might want to take a look to:

How To Draw Summer Doodles.

Weekly Spread.

August 2019 has 5 weeks (4 and a half week) so you will need at least 4 new weekly spreads on your Bullet Journal to fill up as soon as you know what tasks you’ll be working on or what appointments you need to attend.

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July Month Setup where you can download the Free Mood Tracker.


Best tools to design your own Month Setup Spreads.

When you start working on a Bullet Journal to get organized and to make more in a month, you might want to start with the tools you already have at home, this is one of the benefits to work on a Bullet Journal.

Any notebook will be the right one to start, don’t be afraid of not being a good graphic designer, I’m not a graphic designer and many times I need to draw two or three times a spread before I can be happy with the results.

Use any pencil and pen to draw the layout, and use any color pencil or marker to add some color to the different spreads you’ll be using this month.

As you get used to working on your new Bullet Journal, you can start trying some different tools, you’ll need to try a few of them to discover your favorites,

You can take a look to my Bullet Journal favorite tools I use almost every day as I keep working on it.

As you keep working on it, you’ll get better and better every time you design a new layout, you’ll get to know what spreads you need as you know more how to get organized for your personal and professional life.

Take a look to the best notebooks to start your own Bullet Journal

Final Thoughts On Bullet Journal Month Setup – August.

Make the best of this month, get everything on your notebook and make it your own style.

Go simple or go artistic, anyway will look amazing and the best of it is that it will help you to get everything done!

Don’t forget to write down anything on it, from the smallest event to the biggest, everything goes here and everything is important.

Don’t be shy to write down the goals for this month (but be realistic) at the end of the month, you’ll see how far you can get and you’ll be inspired to keep working this way!

Let me know in a comment, what spreads you use on your Bullet Journal and why, I would love to hear from you!

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