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I have been bullet journaling for the last four years of my life, and I find this system has helped me to achieve my goals of resolutions every year, as it’s a system that has helped me to discover my dreams and wishes, and turned them into a plan of tasks to work on to make them happen.

Make a plan for each dream and a task for the time to work on, Bullet Journalism will help you to live the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Starting with a regular notebook to work on the first steps you need to follow to learn how to do bullet journalism, and as a second step you might change into a well set up Bullet Journal, higher paper quality, and a few premade pages that will save you lots of time and will give you some already made templates to work on, this system will get easier for you to follow.

As a next step to follow I might say you might want to try to make your own spreads or layouts as you get to know what works best for you while you work on making a plan to follow to achieve your goals.

You might want to try some already made spreads that you can find on the internet, nothing easier that to find a spread already made and tested to help you to save lots of time, you won’t have any problems to find the spread for your Bullet Journal that will help you to keep track on an specific task or event.

The easier way to add these new spreads into your Bullet Journal is to switch into a binder, you will need a new tool to help you to add them to a binder: a hole puncher.

Best hole punchers 2018 will give you a look to some hole punchers that will save lots of time for you and will help you to work efficiently on your Bullet Journal.

3 Holes Puncher

Bazic Portable 3-Holes Puncher. Best Hole Punchers 2018

When you start using a binder as your Bullet Journal, you might carry it with you most of the time, as you work on a new spread or layout; or just simple writing new ideas on a paper, you might want to add it to your Bullet Journal right there, before that paper gets lost or you just simple forget to add it.

The Bazic Portable 3-Holes Puncher can be added to the binder and it will be ready to use it anytime and anywhere.

This puncher will help you to make the holes to a new paper or layout you need to add to your Bullet Journal, it’s made to make holes to one paper at a time, in the best occasions it will help you to make the holes up to 3 paper sheets at a time, don’t expect it will work to make the holes on more paper sheets at a time or it will get broken.

It is made to help you to work more efficiently on your work on the

It’s also made to punch the hole in A4 paper.

I keep one of this portable 3-holes puncher at home and I find it good to make the holes on the paper sheets I need to add to my A4

Check the current price of the Bazic Portable 3-Holes Puncher here

Swingline Precision Pro Desktop 2 or 3 Hole Punch

  • 2 or 3 hole punchers with adjustable punch head.
  • Well made durable metal construction, reliable performance.
  • Semi-adjustable punch head, it will give you punch flexibility.
  • This well-made puncher will give you clean cut of 9/32 holes up to 10 paper sheets at the time.
  • You can use this puncher to make holes on laminated paper also, just make the holes on one laminated paper at the time.

This puncher will help you to organize any binder at home, if you have started to use a binder as your

Get every new spread on your

If you’re looking for a sturdy hole puncher that will not cost you an arm or a leg, the Swingline Precision Pro Desktop hole puncher might be your best choice to get.

Check the current price of the Swinglne Precision Pro Desktop Hole Punch

Swingline M12 Adjustable Hole Puncher Best Hole punchers 2018

This puncher is a fantastic hole puncher to have at home to help you to get all your new

It punches well and accurately every time, you can rely on it.

I bought this hole puncher around three years ago and set the holes to the distance I need to make the holes for my

I can punch up to 3 or 4 paper sheets at the time with no problem at all, easy to set up the distance for the holes on the back of the puncher, it won’t move at all when you use it, so you will get the same hole distance every time you use it.

Easy to clean, its rubber tray on the bottom is easily removable to take out all the punched out paper, no need to clean it every time you use it as the rubber bottom cover can keep lots of punched paper with no problem.

It’s the perfect adjustable hole puncher to have at home for any bullet journalist addict that has moved into a binder system.

This puncher is heavy (748 g) so it will stay on the same place while you punch the paper, by working like this, it will help you to make the holes to many paper sheets as you need without the worry to keep it on the same place while you work with it.

Check the price of the Swingline M12 adjustable Hole Puncher.

Filofax B3440119 Portable Hole Punch

  • Compact and perfect size for your Filofax Planner.
  • Makes 6 punches at the same time.
  • It also has a ruler on the top to help you to make the perfect layouts and spreads on your planner.
  • It’s not to punch thick paper.

If you have change your regular notebook to work on your

You won’t need to keep those paper sheets until you get home to make the holes on them to add them into your planner or into your

Filofax have thought about everything you need to help you to work smarter to accomplish any goal you have in mind, weather it is planning to do some chores or planning your next vacation or even to make the plans you need to change your lifestyle and start your own business.

Everything on the same place, nothing better to have everything you need in the same place, Filofax thinks on everything to help you to make your life easier, and the portable hole punch is another good idea that will help you to keep working with your

Check the price of the Filofax B340119 Portable Hole Punch

Benefits of switching your Bullet Journal To A Binder.

When you start working on the Bullet Journal, you’ll learning the system to use the daily, weekly, and monthly spreads to help you to get everything done is one of the benefits of working day by day planning and organizing your life.

As you learn more about what spreads you need to help you to achieve your goals, you learn how to design and trace the layouts.

When you have masted the art of knowing what spreads you need, you might find yourself working on making the templates you need for the next day, the next week and the next month.

One of the benefits to try to work on your Bullet Journal system on a binder is that you can design a layout and make some copies from it as you need it.

Nothing simpler and time saver than to have an extra copy of the layout you’re currently using and make a new copy of it and add it to the binder.

It doesn’t matter if you work with a daily or weekly spread, it will save you lots of time to make a copy and fill it out, anytime you notice you need to make a change on the layout, you can take your time to change the design of the layout and before you use it, make a copy to be saved as a template.

It has been a big help for many the use of a Bullet Journal as a way to know more about ourselves.

Some templates will not change and you might need them month after month.

It will never fill up again.

As you keep working on your Bullet Journal, you’ll be working on different spreads and your life will get better organized and you will know what to work on every day, but your notebook will be filled with spreads and layout already used and there will come the time to get a new notebook to keep working on your goals and dreams.

When you work with a binder, it will never fill up, you can take the pages you already don’t need, and storage them at home.

As you need more new pages or spreads to work on, you can add them to the binder and it will be ready to keep working on it.

You can separate your Bullet Journal in a Binder.

If your fan of using fancy sections, the bullet journalism system allows you to add different kind of paper for as many sections you have on it.

You can add a few regular paper sheets for regular notes and to make some spreads, but if you like to do some doodles and use different art mediums, you might want to add some sketch paper sheets on the binder, you can even make some nice and artistic watercolor designs on the paper when you get the right paper type on your bullet journal.

You can make your Bullet Journal spreads just once.

Different types of paper.

Don’t you love those fancy already printed paper to add to your bullet journal, a binder will make it easier for you, and get as creative as you want to when you plan and organize the life you want to.

Add to the binder the different types of paper you need to work on, regular paper, paper to make doodles, and sketches and even some arts paper to work with watercolor and acrylics.

More storage space.

You are who decide what to storage on your Bullet Journal and what to keep at home!

You can take out of the binder the sections you won’t need anymore, like events that already have taken place. Just keep in the binder the sections you need and you’ll be working on.

As you finish an event or accomplish a goal, you can take out the binder those sections and keep them in a different binder at home to keep the record of everything you have accomplished.

Find the best way to work.

You can switch thing up as many times as you need to, you don’t need to make a new spread to work on it and keep it all the time in the same place.

Keep it light.

As the time goes by, you will find keeping all the months spreads you already used on a notebook can take lots of space and your notebook will get thicker and heavier to carry it with you all the time.

When you switch into a binder, you can keep the current month and some months to come to work on, the months you already worked on you can take them out of the binder and keep them on a separate binder and keep them at home.

Find More Supplies For Your Bullet Journal Here!


As I keep working on a Bullet Journal to set up goals to achieve my dreams, I keep working to follow the best plan and strategy to work on.

Any work to do is not as hard as I though it would be when I make a plan on paper, getting to know in advance the steps I need to follow and the tasks to do every day, this is the strategy that has helped me to be my own boss and work from home today.

If you’re currently working on your own Bullet Journal you might know about the all benefits you can get when you take the time to set up the goals you want to achieve and also take the time to work on making a plan and a strategy to follow to achieve those goals and dreams.

Carring with you all the time your Bullet Journal or your personal planner sometimes is not easy because its size and weight, switching to a binder will make it easier for you.

Having your Bullet Journal in a binder will make it lighter and practical for you to take it anywhere you go, as you discover this new way to work on it, you will be testing some different types of paper, not all comes ready to be used on a binder, and you will need a hole puncher to get any type of paper ready to be added into your Bullet journal or Personal Planner in a binder.

I hope you find this post helpful to find the right binder you need to have at home, a new tool to help you to keep working in a better organized life!

Take your time to write down on paper anything you want to achieve in life, it will get easier as you keep working on it.

I thank you for stopping by to read my blog, if you have any question, leave a comment and I will reply to it.

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  1. I think setting goals and writing them down is essential to any business, and doing so within a bullet journal is a great way to do so. 

    I haven’t ever really considered looking into the differences between hole punchers before but this was an informative post that definitely helped me learn a lot more about the topic. Which is your personal favorite? Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and I think your Swingline Precision Pro Desktop 2 or 3 Hole Punch check price line isn’t linked yet? Just a heads up (you can edit this bit out). 

    1. Hi Danny,

      You are right when you say that goals must be writting down to help us to achieve them, as you keep a plan to work on or a strategy, a paper and ink record to work on will help you to work on the task you need to and achieve any goal you want to.

      A hole puncher is a tool must people don’t think they need it, but I find it’s a good tool to have at home and it has helped me to kept organized.

      Have a good day!


  2. What do you think of a Day-Timer system? I have used one for years and years, particularly the 2 pages per day version to give me room to write down planned activities as well as journal things I have accomplished or worked on. I really like the idea of having an expandable planner adding pages when needed. I never realized hole punchers could be as expensive as some of them are. I guess it has to do with the specifications and precision of the holes punched.

    1. Hi Glen,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leave a comment.

      The Day-Timer system is a must to have for busy people who need to get organized to get everything done!

      It’s a system that works well and makes things easier to remember and to work on, you might know by now its better to write down the tasks to work on as soon as you know about them when you want to achieve any goals.

      The Day-Timer system will help anyone to get organized and work on every tasks, appointment or event successfully.

      Yes, some hole punchers can be expensive, but it’s not hard to find one for a good price and it will work fine!

      Have a fantastic day.


  3. Someone can say why you need this tool on your desk, but I found that if you are doing anything sitting at the desk than sooner or later, you’ll find that paper hole puncher is a needed tool. I lost it after moving to the new house. 

    A wingline Precision Pro Desktop 3 Hole Punch is my choice, and the price is very friendly.

    1. Hi Andrejs,

      More and more people are working from home, our working tables can get so busy as we keep working on our personal projects or home based business.

      To keep organized will help you to save lots of time just looking for that paper you want to read or to work on,

      A good hole puncher will help you to keep everything organized.

      Glad to know you find the Precision Pro Desktop 3 holes puncher as the choice for you, that is the one I have all the time on my worktable. 

      Have a nice day!


  4. This is exactly what I was looking for, as my 20 year old hole puncher kicked the dust yesterday.

    I know, in this day of everything going digital; emails, file distribution system and digital file storage, Although I’m not doing bullet journaling, I still have a lot of paper administration to work through.

    Do you have more info on how one should start bullet journaling? You’ve made me a bit curious. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jurgen,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leave a comment.

      A good hole puncher will save you lots of time while working on getting all the paper administration for your business. I’m glad you found my article helpful to find the right hole puncher you’re looking for.

      If you want to start your own Bullet Journal you can find some information about how to start it here:

      Have a nice day!


  5. Alejandra, what a great website!  As a writer, I have been jotting down notes in my journal for years now, and one of the biggest problems is finding the right note for the right story.  By switching my journal to a binder, I can reshuffle everything and put the notes I take at the spur of the moment and organize them into the various projects I am working on.  Thank you for your very comprehensive review and sharing your valuable experiences with us.  You are a blessing!


    1. Hi Clay,

      You just described how my journal and personal planner looked before I switched to a binder, papers and notes here and there and so hard to find the note I was looking for.

      Switching to a binder makes it easier to get everything organized and easier to find the paper I want to work on.

      Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comment. 


  6. Yes, bullet journals are so cool! Really useful and helpful in organizing everything that’s going on daily and for planning future goals.

    I really like your idea to have the pages in the binder. It makes so much sense! Pages can be added as you need them and also would be much easier to file and find when you need them.

    Good suggestions for the hole punchers too! Thanks!

    1. Hi Alenka,

      Thanks for your visit and your comment.

      I’m glad you find the idea to switch a journal or a planner to a binder as it makes easier to get organized and find thinks easier, you just keep in the binder the files you’re currently working on.

      Have a nice day and keep it organized to help you to achieve your goals. 


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