Bullet Journal - Hello April

Bullet Journal – Hello April 2018

April is here so it’s time to work on a new month cover page and on a habit tracker and mood tracker layout so I can be ready to keep working to improve my lifestyle, today I tell you how I did it.

First let me tell you it doesn’t matter if you work to create your own Bullet Journal as I do (really low cost) or if you have one of the best to work on, you can create the monthly layouts you need to continue working on anything you want, to improve and achieve during this year.

How to Setup A New Month On Your Bullet Journal

As April is already here, this means 3 months already have gone and if you wrote down some resolutions or goals to achieve during this year, it’s better to take a moment and go back to that page and read them again.

  • Did you just write down the resolutions, or goals, or did you also write down a plan to work on?
  • Have you been working on each one of the resolutions and have you seen any improvements?
  • If you have been working on them that is great, if you haven’t, first of all; relax you still have time to work on each one of them.

The main point to have a personal planner or a Bullet Journal is to help you to achieve anything you want to in your life, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t work as you should on something, you can always return to your plan of action and keep working at it.

Sometimes you do some plans of action and as you keep working on them, you can see if that plan of action or how to work on something works or not. You can make changes of action or work anytime to help you to achieve your goals.

Bullet Journal Supplies Used:

Permanent Ink Liner – This brand will work great always even if you use watercolor to add some color 🙂

Mechanical pencil – Perfect tool to make any sketch before you use the ink liner.

Markers to add some color

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Today I will share how I set up my first layouts for this new month to help me to work on my resolutions.

bullet journal - hello April

Welcome a new month.

I never did this before, but since I started my Bullet Journal I like to welcome a new month, and also to say good bye to the last month.

March 2018 was a good month for me, I had some work to do, I had been learning more about how to blog and how to monetize my blog in order to work from home, sounds good eh?, I will let you know how it goes as I keep working on it.

Weather was not nice at all, we had a few winter storms with lots of snow and we had to stay at home a few days, if I hadn’t had my March mood tracker I could have gone crazy!

The gratitude journal works wonderful for me and it helps me to stay focused on everything good and nice around me.

bullet journal - hello April

April 2018.

I made my new mood tracker and I got the idea to work with some bees, soon our garden will be colorful with flowers again and we’ll have the visit of these little friends, I love to see how bees visit every single flower in my garden every day.

bullet journal - hello April

April Habit Tracker.

For this month I want to work on 30 minutes daily walk at least, and I’m planning to do a little bit more some days and to visit a few new places while I do my walking.

As doctors recommend at least 30 minutes daily walk in order to stay healthy, I tried my best to keep at it during winter at home, I did some walk work outs inside but I need to say I missed some days, It’s so nice to be able to go outside for a walk again.

1 Carb per day.

I’m working to get rid of some weight and what I want to do it’s to have more vegetables and fewer carbs, I will work on having just one carb per day and I see how this goes. I’ll let you know the results.

Summer is around the corner.

As in just a couple of months Summer will be here and with it comes all those nice clothing, I want to get in shape, I need to start working on it now or I will see how the days go by and I will not reach my goals.

If you want to work to get in shape for Summer I would recommend you to take some time to sit down and write down on your Bullet Journal your plan of action.

You don’t need to starve or to walk a marathon one day, to get better results you need to work on your plan of action every single day, if you get unmotivated you always can go to your Bullet journal and write about it and mainly write why you get to achieve it.

Knowing the reason why you want to achieve a goal is what you need to know to keep working at it!

I know it can sound easy to accomplish and hard to keep at it day after day, but if you don’t start today and keep at it every day. things won’t improve and you can feel so frustrated (I have been there)

bullet journal - hello April

Limiting Beliefs.

I also will work on this topic this month, I have a friend who is a life coach and she told me about this, I believe now if I don’t know about something and how it works, how can I improve it or stop doing that.

I don’t want to talk long here as I think limiting beliefs needs a full article to understand them better, but I just want to write a few words about it.

We all grew up listening to things and we believe on it, but sometimes this can hold us back to reach our dreams, I will write a few of them for you:

  • You born poor, you die poor.
  • You born with some extra weight and you’ll be like that always.
  • You need to work hard every single day.
  • You can’t learn a new language, it’s so difficult to do it!

I’m sure you have heard a few of these limiting beliefs and right now you might be thinking about this one and that one, I did the same that time my friend was telling me about it.

– OK, I was born poor, but I can change that.


Well, first of all you need to know you have a limiting believe, then you can work on it to change it or to do something to improve your situation.

Many people born poor, but as they work they can change their lifestyle, many people right now are jumping to learn a new skill to get a better job or to get a better opportunity in life.

With time and good work they will live a different lifestyle then their parents, then everyone will say about them “he or she was so lucky, now they are wealthy”

And I could say this can happen the same with any limiting belief.

Many people have been struggling with some extra weight, but when they commit to work on that, they go to see a doctor and a nutritionist and they try a new eating habits and do some exercise, I know it’s not easy but they manage to keep at it.

In a few months or even in a few years they can reach their goals and they learn how to live, eat and exercise to stay fit.

So this month I’m adding a new layout, every time I notice myself getting stuck on something because of a limiting belief, I will write it down on the left and on the right I will write a plan of action to change it.

My list doesn’t need to be long, one of two for every month to work on and in one year I will notice the difference, my lifestyle can be improved, and so can yours.


As you keep working on your Bullet Journal, you’ll find more layouts and ideas to help you to build up a better life for you, you don’t need to work on making big changes every day. work on small things to create new habits.

In one year you’ll notice the difference and you will see how many things you have accomplished, but start today, one little thing today = big results tomorrow.

If you have any question about this article, please leave a comment and I will reply to you.

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Bullet Journal - Hello April


3 thoughts on “Bullet Journal – Hello April 2018”

  1. Planning is very important. Imagine your entire weekly plans mixing with medical appointments and work schedule. I always buy a weekly or monthly planner. It is a way to stay organized. Being organized is a big part of being goal oriented as well as having order in life.
    Blessings to all.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your time to read my article and your comment.

      Thanks also for sharing what you do to plan your weeks with medical appointments and work schedule in advance so you can stay well organized, I see you also set up your goals in advance, that is a good point to work on, so you know in advance what to do and when to do it.

      Have a great week!


  2. I love this journaling idea! So often I get bogged down in feeling like I have to write lengthy journal entries. This method would be a good way to stay focused on each month’s goals and to reduce the amount of time needed to make a journal entry every day!

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