How To Draw Flag Banners


If you’re looking to learn how to draw flag banners for your Bullet Journal, planner, notes or doodles, today I will share with you the easy steps I follow.

Banners are easy to draw, even if you think you’re not good at drawing, you’ll find how easy it is to draw them and in a few steps you can become a total expert.

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An easy way to highlight any entry on your Bullet Journal or planner is by adding a flag banner, add some color and write down a title or an inspiration quote and you’ll have a personalized page!

Be unique, draw them small, big, colorful or just in black and white, any banner will add that touch of your own to any or your planners.

This morning I took sometime to draw a page with a few different styles of banners, I plan to add it to my Bullet Journal and write on them some inspirational quotes.

The tools I used to draw the banners are:

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2b Steadler pencil

Steadler liner 0.3

A small ruler for journalism

Steadler eraser

Dotted paper.


To draw the banners I always do some sketches with the help of a pencil, try to draw the lines gently and softly, by doing this it will be easy to erase the pencil marks later, and you won’t leave any mark on the paper.

If you do any mistake while drawing with the pencil, don’t erase it and don’t worry, on the next step you can erase all the pencil after you draw the banners with the ink liner.

How To Draw Flag Banners

2 When you’re happy with the drawing display on your paper, draw the lines with the ink liner marker. Add small lines to add the shade on some areas.

How To Draw Flag Banners
3 It’s time to use the eraser and erase all the pencil lines.

How To Draw Flag Banners
4 – Once you’re happy with the design if you want to use it more than one time, you can make a copy of it and save the original to make more copies any time you need an extra copy of it.

How To Draw Flag Banners
5 – You can use this page like Black and White and write in the banners a note or a quote.

How To Draw Flag Banners
6 – This time I decided to add some color to the banners, I made a test of the colors I chose to work with on an extra piece of paper.

I’m using Bic Marking markers this time to add some color in the banners, what I like of these markers is the ink once it dries it looks like it was a printed paper, no markers marks on the paper, the color will be nice and solid.

If you want to use these markers to add some color on a planner, agenda or bullet journal, you need to know the ink is quite strong and it will bleed not only on the back of the paper but it will bleed on the paper below.

Every time I use these markers I make sure I place an extra piece of paper under the paper I’ll be working on.

How To Draw Flag Banners
7 – I first add one color to some banners.

How To Draw Flag Banners
8 – Then I add a second color to some banners, I decided to add solid color to some banners and I add only a line of color to some banners, both ways color looks nice.

How To Draw Flag Banners
9 Finally I add the third color on some banners and my new page looks ready to be added to my Bullet journal.

This time I decided to work with cold colors, blue and green, but you can add any color you like to, some nice color combination will be:

  • Pink and green
  • Pink and purple
  • Blue and orange
  • Pink and beige
  • Black and white with some tones of Grey.

You can make one or as many copies of your new page, you can make copies of this page once you added the color on it, (if your printer prints colors)

When you work on a new page on your Bullet Journal, you have now some ideas that will help you to add some banners to that particular page, use them to highlight the date or some important event.

I want to share with you some steps I follow when I draw flag banners, you can practice them on a paper and get familiar to them, once you draw your first banners I’m sure you’ll get so familiar to draw them that you’ll draw them almost with your eyes closed.

How To Draw Flag Banners
Adding some doodles and drawings to your journal or to your planner is not hard to do and it’s so fun to work on that.

I hope I inspire you to start drawing flag banners on your Bullet Journal, if you’re familiar to add them to your journal, you can share some tips on a comment, I’m sure everyone will love to learn more about how to draw and decorate a journal.

If you have any question about how to draw banners on your journal, write a comment and I will reply to you.

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How To Draw Flag Banners

4 thoughts on “How To Draw Flag Banners”

  1. THis article is so informative. I mean getting someone to get the banner done for is a lot of money and it cost a lot. Never knew it was something that could be done on my own and even make some stipend or much more from. Thank you this is absolutely great.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your visit, and yes it’s so true, sometimes you need to pay some money to get some design made on your journal, or pay to get some stickers that are always a good idea to decorate a journal, but when you learn how to draw or design the banners on your own, it will be no limits.

      You can decorate your own journal or planner your own way and it will be unique.


  2. Oh my, I love your site. My daughter is into journaling and I knew she would love this post, so I copied the link and sent it to her. I’ve always wondered how people drew creative things like this in their journal and now I know. Really great information, so I just wanted to let you know and say THANK YOU!

    1. Hey Jackie,

      I’m glad to hear you found my site great and helpful, yes, making draws on your journal is fun and it will help you to get organized and do more on what you want to do!

      Thanks so much for coping the link and sent it to your daughter 🙂

      It’s me who thanks you!


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