Calligraphy For Beginners

  Bullet Journal is a great way to declutter your mind, get everything done and let your creative side shine out. One thing must of us could be worried about when working on a Bullet Journal or a planner is “I don’t like my handwriting” or “my handwriting is not pretty enough”. Calligraphy for beginners. But … Read more Calligraphy For Beginners

Best 7 Bullet Journals 2020

Best 7 Bullet Journals

The Best 7 Bullet Journals 2020l are the next generation on personal organization and life planning methods, as you work on it you will find a way to get everything on it: lists, to do list, appointments, calendars, agenda, but it also can be your notebook, doodling book or your sketchbook as well. As you … Read more Best 7 Bullet Journals 2020

Best Bullet Journal Tools 2020

best bullet journal tools 2018

It’s not hard to  get more organized and work smarter than harder, today I share these best bullet journal tools  for 2018, that will help you to achieve your goals. If you’re new to Bullet Journaling, as you work on it you’ll find how to plan your to do list of different task to do … Read more Best Bullet Journal Tools 2020

Bullet Journal Master Plan

Bullet Journal Master Plan

  If you have a 2018 resolutions list, don’t let the time go by to fast and make it happen this year. That is my plan for this year, I’ll make it happen for everyone of my resolutions list for this year, it doesn’t matter if it’s for my personal life, for my job or for my dreams, … Read more Bullet Journal Master Plan

6 Tips To Start Your Bullet Journal

6 tips to start your Bullet Journal

You might have come with the idea to start your Bullet Journal, but you might think it might be a little complicated, these 6 tips will help you to get started. What I love about Bullet Journaling is that you don’t need to follow anything or anybody, it will be perfect just the way you are and … Read more 6 Tips To Start Your Bullet Journal

How To Start A New Habit

How to start a new habit

  The purpose of wanting a new habit in your life is to make your life easier. On my previous article I shared a habit tracker and I talked about what is an “habit” and how you can start working on getting a new habit. This time and as a complement to help you get … Read more How To Start A New Habit